How to Clean an Electric Griddle?

How to Clean an Electric Griddle

It’s one of the best things about electric griddles that they are extremely durable. In order to keep your electric griddle in perfect working order, you must regularly clean it.

Cooking greasy foods like eggs, bacon, and pancakes on a griddle is common. Grease and burnt food particles can accumulate on the surface of your griddle if you don’t keep them in check.

We’re going to go over some tips on how to make an electric griddle shine like new with our cleaning tips…

The Right Tools for The Job

How to Clean an Electric Griddle Tool

Putting everything in its place before you begin cleaning is a good idea.

The first step is to choose a sponge cloth that is soft yet will not fall apart too quickly. Prepare warm soapy water in one bowl and cold water in another. In addition to heat-resistant gloves, a flat spatula and your favorite cleaning product will come in handy.

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Selecting the right cleaning product is crucial. Griddles may damage if the oil is too strong. Consequently, some people choose to use dish soap or wash their dishes in warm, soapy water.

Safety First

It is important to be extra careful when cleaning your griddle, as you should with all-electric appliances. Before you start cleaning the griddle, make sure that it has been unplugged and shut off. You should also keep the plug away from water as much as possible.

Getting Started

You should first heat up your griddle and clean off any excess grease before you begin. It’s best to use a flat-head spatula for this task. Unplug the griddle once it has been cleaned and allowed to cool down.

Cleaning the Griddle Surface

How to Clean an Electric Griddle Surface

You should choose a smooth cloth or sponge to avoid damaging the non-stick coating. Wash your griddle with warm soapy water and gently scrub the surface with your sponge. You will need to leave the soapy water on the griddle for at least 30 minutes to loosen stubborn grease.

Then wipe off the grease and water from the griddle’s surface. It is important to make sure that all the water has been dried out. You are likely to end up with streaks on your griddle otherwise.

Removing Stubborn Grease

Grease that is too thick to scrape away can usually only be removed in another way. By setting your griddle on low heat, you will be able to finish the job faster. As soon as the grease has melted, you can gently scrape it away with your spatula.

If you are close to your griddle, grease will likely splatter and make a mess. It is recommended that you wear heat-resistant gloves during this activity. Having removed the excess grease, turn off the griddle and wait until it has cooled.

Cleaning the Drip Tray

Griddle drip trays are used to catch grease and keep surfaces clean during cooking. Most people forget they also need to clean the drip tray from time to time. Many models allow the drip tray to be removed and thrown in the dishwasher.

Your drip tray can also be cleaned by hand in a basin if you prefer. The drip tray should be filled with hot soapy water and soaked for at least twenty minutes. Grease can be removed from drip trays by rubbing them with a sponge or cloth after they have been lifted.

How to Clean an Electric Griddle – The Perfect Finish

How to Clean an Electric Griddle Finish

Even though streaks and marks on your griddle’s surface won’t harm its cleanliness, they may not be pleasing to you. After cleaning your griddle, you should make time to polish the surface. Doing so will give you an extra sense of satisfaction.

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Put a clean cloth in cold water and let it soak for a few minutes. The cloth should be run across the griddle surface, wrung out, and repeated three or four times. The process can also be repeated on your drip tray if you want to be more precise.

Practice Makes Perfect

You should be careful when cleaning your griddle to prevent damaging the surface. Even though you may need to use a little extra elbow grease, you do not want to scrub the griddle. It will take patience but the results will be worth it when your griddle shines like new.

Preventing the Buildup of Grease

It’s important that your griddle remains grease-free for a long time after you have cleaned it thoroughly. You will save a lot of hassle and time in the long run by using a nonstick surface on your griddle. The more you clean your griddle each time you use it, the more time you’ll save down the road.

Final Thoughts

The task of cleaning an electric griddle is not one most people look forward to. The cleaning process for your electric griddle is not difficult when done regularly. Finding the right products and tools to use is half the battle.

Certain cleaning products are likely to perform better than others. Polishing your griddle with high-performance cleaning products can make it look as good as new. You can also find them with dirt repelling properties, which means you will need to clean your electric griddle less frequently.

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