Breville Juice Fountain Cold Review [2022]

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Review [2022]

Have you ever heard of the world of juicing and its benefits? Since there are so many kinds and brands of juicers available, picking one can almost be like choosing a minefield.

Asking yourself the following questions is the only way to make the right choice. It will depend entirely on how much time and effort you want to put into your juice, as well as how seriously you take it.

An Australian company, Breville has been making kitchen appliances for over 80 years and is well known for its superior quality. Breville makes a series of juicers, and we will review one of them in-depth in our Breville Juice Fountain Cold Review.

Breville Juice Fountain Cold

What is meant by ‘cold.’

A normal juicing process can damage the delicate vitamins and minerals within the juiced fruits and vegetables due to the heat used in processing.

Therefore, “Cold” refers to Breville’s method of halting heat transfer to less than 1.8 degrees Celsius during processing. This is designed to keep the vitamin and mineral content of the juice intact.

Why is the Juice Fountain Cold one of the best on the market?

If you compare the Breville Juice Fountain Cold with other micro-blade juicers, the main differences are the power settings, juicing capacity, pre-preparation, and ease of cleaning.

Compared to auger press juicers, micro-blade juicers take less time but require more preparation.

Breville Juice Fountain Cold is one of the most popular juice makers on the market, even though it isn’t new; its ‘cold’ technology, two speeds, and large capacity keep it popular.

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Juice more, store more, clean less…

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Why

Owners of the Breville Juicer Fountain Cold abide by this maxim.

Juicers are powered by 850-watt motors that spin at two speeds. Slower speeds are reserved for softer fruits and vegetables. The juice is not damaged by the slow speed, as the vitamins and minerals in the juice are intact.

The highest setting of 13000 rpm is typically suited to root vegetables and fruits with a harder texture. It is here that cold technology shines. By doing so, the micro-cutting blades and spin basket will not heat up, so that the vitamins and minerals remain intact.

Plenty of juice…

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Best

A seal is included on the Juicer Fountain Cold, as well as space to store 70 oz. The juice jug easily fits into your refrigerator’s door or shelf. Furthermore, the pulp bin has a capacity of 3.4 liters. They both allow for a great deal of processing at the same time.

Other features of the machine include a 3-inch feeder chute and press arm that allow the processing of whole fruits or larger quantities of fruits and vegetables simultaneously. As well as that, it has a safety arm lock that prevents the motor from running unless the cover is properly secured.

Consumer feedback!

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Feedback

It is the reviews of people on the move and families with large children that are mostly positive. Making juice with these fruits and vegetables is quick and easy, and they have little time to prepare for their entire family.

There are also positive reviews focused on the feeder chute and press arm. They are happy with the strength and capacity of the chute and the 3-inch wide arm of the press. Then emphasize the fact that these vegetables and fruits can be processed in these devices, and they are easy and simple to clean.

Multiple speeds prevent the juicing machine from having to grind tougher root vegetables and fruit into micro-blades and spin baskets, which could cause the device to malfunction.

On the downside…

In most cases, people have an issue with the pulp being too wet. Due to the motor’s high speed, this is the case. 13000 rpm results in a small amount of juice falling back with the pulp.

Other statements have been made that you must have the press arm ready when you run the machine at 13000 rpm. Unless you move quickly, you may end up with the fruits and vegetables being kicked back up and out of the chute, perhaps hitting you. Therefore, you need to move fast when working with leafy greens.

Not that quiet…

Moreover, since it’s a motor that generates high RPMs, it can be quite noisy. A 13000rpm setting has measured around 80dB in decibels. The noise level is quite low compared to a household blender, but 20% louder than a juicer operating on the auger-press method.

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  • Choice of slow or high speed.
  • Large juice and pulp bin capacity.
  • A lot of juice with little foam.
  • Excellent safety measures.
  • The speed of the motor creates some kick-back.

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The Final Decision

There are a lot of appliances available on the market that promote health. As a result, you, the consumer, must make decisions based on your own personal wants and needs. Learn about the different types of juicers available. A juicer is different from a processor that makes smoothies – it only juices.

It is important to think about the amount of time you are willing to devote to every juicing session. Juicers work differently and require different preparation techniques, and depending upon the type of juicer, time is an important factor.

Quick as a flash…

With the Breville Juice Fountain Cold, most people can juice easily and efficiently. Having ‘cold’ technology allows the juice to retain the integrity of vitamins and minerals while being fast. Juice can be produced enough to last for 2 people for 2-3 days with this juicer (per family).

Juice Fountain Cold has been on the market for years. This juicer is also not equipped with the newest juicer technology. Nevertheless, what it’s equipped with is what most people are looking for. For those new to juicing, those juicing for the whole family, or for those on the go, the Breville Juicer Fountain Cold is definitely worth consideration.

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