The 6 Best Milk Frothers In 2022

The 6 Best Milk Frothers In 2022

With the best milk frother, drinks like coffee, just black or with a splash of creamer do not have the same allure as they once did. All these beverages can be made at home in a few minutes: lattes, cappuccinos, and cold foam brews. An electric milk frother makes an ordinary morning feel like a treat. Go ahead and enjoy some light and fluffy milk to make your beverages more refreshing.

A true barista can even be achieved. You can add your favorite syrups to your coffee to enhance the experience. While latte art isn’t something you’ll be able to master right away, frothing milk itself isn’t very difficult. The step is almost guaranteed to go smoothly.

The milk frother has become a necessary part of our coffee set up since the first time we got one. Let’s just say we’re spoiled now. Listed below are some of the milk frothers we reviewed. All of them offer great value for money and work perfectly. So let’s take a look and see what works best for you…

1. Aerolatte Milk Frother

Aerolatte Milk Frother
Aerolatte Milk Frother

Depending on your preference, you can get the milk drink with a chrome or satin finish. Aerolatte milk frother operates with a button easily accessible with a finger. Insert the batteries and soak the end of the foam in lukewarm, lukewarm, or cold milk.

Depending on your needs, you can achieve the consistency you want in around 30-60 seconds. If you want to keep the device upright, you can opt for the Aerolatte with stainless steel stand. In any case, the milk container is made of 18/8 stainless steel and high-quality plastic, so it is not easy to damage it.

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Easy to use and reliable, with this product you get two more freebies. The first is the set of batteries you should use. The second is a recipe magazine that offers a new perspective on discovering dairy products, fruit drinks, and coffee potatoes.

  • Simple to use.
  • Materially superior.
  • Battery included.
  • A pulse switch is often touched with your hand.

2. Bodum 1446-01US4 Latteo Manual Milk Frother

Bodum Latteo Manual Milk Frother
Bodum Latteo Manual Milk Frother

A manual milk frother from Bodum is just as simple and easy to use as the brand’s French presses, and although it does require some effort to use, it’s one of the nicer options available. Bodum makes its French presses using borosilicate glass jugs and plastic plunger lids, and the Latteo is made the same way.

However, using a manual milk frother requires a bit of elbow grease. You will need to run the plunger anywhere between 60-90 times within 30 seconds, which can be quite a workout for many. If you want to microwave the foam, you will probably need to heat it for 30 to 50 seconds, depending on the brand. Our top pick above froths milk more readily if you warm it first (just as you would with a handheld electric model).

The great thing about glass is that it can withstand serious heat and even be used in a microwave, and it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. As an alternative, if you are concerned about it breaking, or about heat retention, HIC makes a great stainless steel cooker that’s durable and has a top rack that makes it dishwasher safe, but you obviously can’t microwave it.

Bodium Latteo milk frother is an affordable and easy-to-clean alternative to electronic frother for those who do not want one. With this device, you can produce foamed or frothed milk just as effectively as with any of the other machines we recommend, but it does require a little more effort.

  • 8 ounces in capacity.
  • Microwave-safe pitcher.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts.
  • A broken glass handle can be dangerous.

3. Fino HIC Stainless Steel Frother

Fino HIC Stainless Steel Frother
Fino HIC Stainless Steel Frother

The Fino HIC milk jug has a capacity of 2 glasses. Getting your beautiful milk in about 60 seconds is awesome – no electricity, no battery, or no voltage! A piston is attached to the cover. Once the milk enters the jug, put the lid back on.

Once the handle has been pumped up and down, release it. You will immediately notice that your milk has become aerated. You can do it whenever you want. As I said, it doesn’t take long to build consistency.

Fino HIC milk frother is safe for washing high shelves. The handle fits well in the hand in terms of ergonomics. The edges of the jug also have a shape that allows you to transfer the flowing milk as you pour it.

  • Batteries and electricity-free.
  • Easy to use handle and pouring edges.
  • Not compatible with induction stovetops.

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4. Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother
Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

Small size is the most attractive feature of Nespresso milk frother. Its rapid heating and frothing time are additional advantages. There is no doubt that the Nespresso Aeroccino3 is one of the best milk frothers on the market, albeit a bit pricey, but slick and compact.

The machine comes with several Nespresso machines, but it can also be purchased separately. The Nespresso milk frother can be used both for cold and hot milk foam. Unlike a regular coffee maker that you have to keep an eye on, this one turns off automatically when it’s done, so you don’t have to keep standing over it. It also works with alternative milk just as well as your regular 2 percent.

Nespresso Aeroccino3’s sleek design is completely handle-free. This may be difficult for some to operate. This coffee maker has only one button, making the operation very simple.

  • Small size.
  • Suitable for plant-based milk.
  • The operation that is quiet.
  • High temperatures can scorch some milk.

5. Norpro Glass Froth Master

Norpro Glass Froth Master
Norpro Glass Froth Master

The Norpro milk jug contains a glass container. Norpro glass froth master does not require batteries or electricity, so it is easy to use. To use Norpro foam, it fills one-third of its capacity. Cover the jar with the cover. An integrated pump and handle are built into the cover.

You start by milking the air with several pumps and this will give you the desired result. Have the confidence you want to achieve, 10-20 seconds is enough. One of the reasons this unit is the best choice for most is because of its glass construction. This allows you to observe the milk without stopping the bubble process.

Best of all, it ensures you get the results you want. When you are done, the sewage will give you a fair amount of sewage. If you want to heat the milk, you can use a microwave before pouring in the milk. For maximum use, free prescriptions and a manual are included with the purchase.

  • Quick action.
  • Easily viewed with transparency.
  • Pouring spout with no drips.
  • Microwave-safe glass.
  • Brittle, fragile glass.
  • Users prefer a larger screen.

6. Smeg Milk Frother

Smeg Milk Frother
Smeg Milk Frother

High-quality appliances made by the Italian manufacturer Smeg are known for their 1950s-style aesthetic. While high-priced items, like this milk frother, typically last for years due to their workmanship.

You can enjoy café-quality drinks with this milk frother because it is equipped with a number of useful features. Start by choosing from seven different settings on the dial, all of which can be changed. Options range from controlling the temperature to adjusting the consistency of the milk. For hot chocolate, customers particularly enjoy the preset function.

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Throughout the Smeg milk frother, you’ll find two different whisk attachments: a notched whisk designed for frothing and a flat whisk intended for simply warming up milk without frothing. In addition to frother milk, the stainless steel jug can also heat water up to 20 ounces at once. Additionally, it’s dishwasher-proof, so it’s easy to clean after you’ve enjoyed a latte, cappuccino, or hot chocolate.

  • Various settings.
  • Capacity is large.
  • Whisk attachments.
  • The plastic base is lightweight.

Buying Guide: Best Milk Frothers

Using a milk frother, a tasty and creamy mousse can be prepared for coffee specialties. However, we all have different preferences. You can choose the best milk frother by following these few tips.

The Different Types Of Milk Frothers

You can choose between an electric and a manual milk frother. It is great to have an electric model because it is automatic and convenient to use. Although the price is more expensive than manual models, it is still convenient.

As for manual models, they require more effort since they need to be operated manually. The problem is that they can tire you out if you have to make lots of froth. A number of manual models don’t have heating options.

You should ensure that the manual model you choose is compatible with the heating source you have. These devices usually work with either induction stovetops or microwaves. Those without a microwave should not purchase units with this feature.


Most of us will not use our frothers more than once in a blue moon. Our review of the larger models demonstrates that they’re certainly not for every household (or every kitchen, for that matter). With the quality that can be achieved with simple handhelds, they are the best choice for most users. However, if you have lots of space and are into frothed drinks, then our picks for upgrades and stovetops will be worth the investment.


It is important to consider the features that a milk frother offers before making a final choice. The more features a milk frother offers, the more effective it will be.

The best milk frothers offer adjustable temperatures so you can adjust them to suit your needs. You should also be able to make all your favorite drinks with hot foam and cold foam.

Also interesting is the automatic shut-off feature. It shuts down the device when the froth has been created. Therefore, you will no longer have to pay close attention to the device.


Accessories are also essential because they expand the possibilities of the milk frother. Although most models only come with one whip, some models come with several whips so that you can create different types of foam depending on your needs.

Ease Of Use

In order to save time, it is important to choose a device that is easy to use. The majority of milk frothers are ergonomic in design. However, in order to make sure you are making a good choice, learn how to use the devices you desire and their control panels. Make sure you also know how long the process takes. Overly lengthy processes may leave you bored.

Quick and easy milk frothing units have the advantage of being able to produce a beautiful milk froth in mere seconds, which is an incredible benefit!

Ease Of Cleaning

Keeping the milk frother clean after each use is essential, as it is an appliance in the kitchen. If you want to cut down on the time spent on this task, choose an easy-to-maintain device. Whisks, pitchers, and lids with dishwasher compatibility are preferred. Unless it is non-stick, it should at least have a non-stick surface.

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In our tests, we found two handheld devices with lifetime warranties, and after scanning the web and browsing Amazon reviews, it appears these devices are good choices. As many other alternatives only offer a year, they quickly became out of the running.


What is the best way to use a milk frother?

You might need a different milk frother depending on what you have. If you are using an electric milk frother, pour milk into the machine (pay attention to the machine’s minimum and maximum capacities), put the cap on, and then select how you want the milk frothed before turning it on.

Use a handheld milk frother by filling a container with milk, sticking the whisk end of the appliance into the milk, and using an upward and downward motion to froth the milk. The problem with handheld frothers is that they can’t heat milk, so if you need hot-frothed milk (like for a latte), you’ll need to heat the milk before frothing it.

How can I make drinks with a milk frother?

Drinks that combine milk and espresso or milk and coffee concentrate are common in coffeehouses, and you’ll see many of them on menus. These are just a few of the most popular drinks. Let’s start with the cappuccino. It’s an Italian specialty made from espresso, steamed milk, and whipped cream, all of which are equal parts.

A latte is a coffee drink that is similar to a cappuccino but is made by mixing one part espresso with two parts steamed milk and then adding a thin layer of milk foam on top. Macchiato is a simple, but delicious drink containing an espresso shot and milk foam. But there are more drinks to choose from. You can also choose from mochas, latte macchiatos, cortados, café au lait, and other beverages. 

Milk frothers can be used to froth oat milk?

Of course, you can! Using a milk frother, you can froth all non-dairy milk; a few non-dairy kinds of milk may not froth as well as dairy milk, while others may take longer.

How does frothed milk differ from steamed milk?

The freshly frothed milk has always been injected with air. As compared to steamed milk, it typically contains larger bubbles, is more volumetric, and has a softer mouthfeel. On the other hand, steamed milk doesn’t always contain air. It has a creamier texture when it is aerated delicately, so the air bubbles are smaller.

One more difference between steamed and frothed milk is that heated milk is always steamed. In addition to pitcher-style milk frothers and steam wands similar to those found in espresso machines, there are several other devices that can steamed milk.

Is it worth buying a milk frother?

If you’re wondering whether a milk frother is worth the cost, what else can it do? One of the unitasking kitchen tools totally worth it, and milk frothers are two of them. First, milk frothers aren’t single-use items. Second, even if they were, if you make coffee every morning, they are totally worth it. 

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