10 Best Madeleine Pan In 2024

Best Madeleine Pan

Although madeleines are simply sponge cakes, their apparent simplicity doesn’t detract from their elegant appearance. This piece’s first and foremost feature is its beautiful shape, which is shaped to look like an ivory fan. It is also due to its feathery texture that is almost melted like excellent madeleines.

You can make Madeleines in a matter of minutes, and they are ideal for breakfast, snacks, or desserts at any time of the day. When you have everything you need – the best pan, the best ingredients, and the willpower – it won’t be hard to form a madeleine habit. That’s a positive sign.

Several of the best madeleine pans available on the market enable you to make your own madeleines.

1. MasterClass KCMCHB66 Madeleine Tray with Non Stick

MasterClass KCMCHB66 Madeleine Tray

There are less expensive skills and quality pieces than Masterclass bread. The carbon steel and rolled edges are designed with heavy steel makeup and cookware that bakers dream of. In addition to the two-layer Quantum II coating, Masterclass uses PFOA, PTFE, and BPA-free nonstick coating.

As with the Master Class Small Casserole, this ensures smooth release and use, and the galvanized finish will protect against rust and corrosion over time. The Master Class Small Casserole is backed by a twenty-year warranty, along with a five-year seafood warranty. For anyone who bakes, this is an essential ingredient.

It encloses the hemisphere, combining a durable weight with the same traditional design for professional and home use. The saucepan has the same traditional design, but is more durable. Tinplate containers can be tedious to maintain, especially if they are made of iron and steel. However, melting bread in this pan is ingenious because it has a potent base that can be used for years to come.

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2. OAMCEG 2 Pack Madeleine Pan

OAMCEG Madeleine Pan

This two-pack OAMCEG Nonstick Madeleine Pan differs from the crepe pan and springform pan by having twelve shell-shaped molds that provide a defined integral shape and seamless weld. In addition to being durable, the pan is coated on the bottom with non-stick material to prevent madeleines from sticking. Due to the pan’s heavy construction, it is durable for a long time.

The non-stick characteristics of non-stick pans also make them easy to clean. You can use the OAMCEG Nonstick Madeleine Pan for a variety of purposes due to its dishwasher safety. Due to its dishwasher safety, you can wash it either manually or in the dishwasher. They are not just for making madeleines; you can also make chocolates, shortbreads, cookies, and candies with them.

3. Bellemain 12-Well Madeleine Pan

Bellemain Madeleine Pan

Due to its heavy-duty carbon steel construction, the Bellemain 12-Cup Nonstick Madeleine pan is durable. Carbon steel is an excellent heat conductor, which ensures a fast and even heat transfer. As a result of its nonstick surface, carbon steel pans resist dents and distortions much better than aluminum pans when hit on the counter. This pan makes it easier for you to remove cookies easily.

It is easy to clean the Bellemain Nonstick Madeleine Pans because they are coated with nonstick. This pan is my favorite madeleine pan because it is made of durable carbon steel and has a nonstick coating. Along with serving you for many years, it is also easy to remove the cake with its dishwasher-safe nature. There is no need to scrape or scrub the pan because of its dishwasher-safe nature.

4. USA Pan Bakeware Madeleine Pan

USA Pan Bakeware Madeleine Pan

Over the past 50 years, USA Pan Bakeware has been dedicated to focusing on American factories and adapting American craftsmen to best French design while focusing on American factories. Non-stick ovens are hard to damage since they have a lacquer coating and are free of harmful chemicals like PTFE, PFOA, and BPA. Aluminum and silicone lighting are used to create a smooth exterior instead of harmful chemicals.

Due to its rapid heating and cooling properties as well as durability, aluminum steel has been extensively improved in bakeries around the world. Madeline’s output in a drawer and cooling are greatly improved as a result of these factors. There is no doubt about the safety of the baked goods made by the nonstick coating. Each hole is eight inches long, but the cookies are cut down after baking to 2.75 inches.

While this baking dish is slightly above the French standard, it does not stand out to an untrained observer. American Madeleine Pan baking dishes come with a limited lifetime warranty and are highly resistant to large thermal deformations. With its many wells, La Madeleine is an excellent pan for cooking and tasting.

5. Gobel 12 Count Heavy Tinned Steel Madeleine Sheet Pan

Gobel 12 Count Heavy Tinned Steel Madeleine Sheet Pan

This lightweight casserole echoes back to the basics with a bit of an upgrade on the look of the classic macaroni, known as the main snack for making tea. To amplify the art of soft and chewy cookies, this casserole echoes the classic. In order for the casserole to work, bakers who have experience with cookies are more likely to succeed.

Furthermore, the non-stick coating does not imply the presence of Tefloia or other hazardous chemicals in the recipes, in addition to the benefits of the experiment. It’s a delicious casserole, but there’s a catch! It’s in French, so it’s in French, so you’ll need a translator app. To get the thickness you need, the wells themselves are five inches deep.

Madeleine is therefore lighter than black Teflon pans, which conduct heat better than light ones. The cookies are thin and fresh, with a pillowy interior despite the color scheme. A pan of 9.9 grams weighs a lot, so the oven is able to carry a lot of air, and the outside dimensions are similar to most ovens, so this is a classically designed bread that will last for years to come.

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6. Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

This durable madeleine pan is perfect for creating the traditional shell-like shape of madeleines. Aluminized steel provides this pan with excellent heat conductivity, ensuring that your desserts bake correctly and have the desired texture. It is made of heavy-gauge aluminized steel, making it durable.

In addition to being professionally crafted, the Chicago Metallic Professional 12-cup madeleine pan is suitable for commercial use. Moreover, the carbon steel mix guarantees durability no matter how long you use it, so you don’t have to worry about the pan bending or breaking.

The madeleine pan is dishwasher safe, so you do not have to spend much time cleaning it after you are done baking. Because of its nonstick coating, it can be easily cleaned after you are finished baking. A hanger is also included with the pan, so if you do not have room in your kitchen drawers, you can hang it.

7. Fox Run Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

Fox Run Non-Stick Madeleine Pan

One-third the price of most boxes of madeleine boxes, this bowl can be used by the average consumer. It has a thin carbon steel coating that prevents the pan from sticking. There is an adhesive layer on the carbon steel that protects the cakes from the surface. The pan is at a maximum temperature of 445 degrees F and is very efficient at distributing heat.

The deep edges of the pan make the cookies cook faster than they should. We recommend lowering the temperature and reducing the butter to prevent the cookies from turning red. In spite of the fact that nonstick coatings are so effective, butter is usually added to enhance flavor when it is not possible without it, even when it is not necessary to lubricate.

After the madeleines have hardened, you can either place them in the pan or dip them in chocolate. Most homeowners recommend washing their hands after using caustic soap to prevent long-term damage to the anticorrosion coating. Those who want to learn about the French oven without purchasing a traditional box should use La Madeleine.

8. Caketime 9 Cups Silicone Madeleine Pans

Caketime Silicone Madeleine Pans

These two pans are made of food grade silicone with dimensions of 11.6 x 6.7 x 0.78 inches each. They are free from chemical contaminants and are made of silicon which is food grade and BPA free. It can be used in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher because it’s heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to being non-stick, it’s also easy to remove cookies with your index finger thanks to its nonstick surface. A 30-day money-back guarantee makes it clear that the manufacturer is confident in the product.

9. Paderno World Cuisine Non-Stick Madeleine Sheet

Paderno World Cuisine Non-Stick Madeleine Sheet

The Paderno World Cuisine Nonstick Sheet is an ideal option for bakers looking to expand their Madeleine repertoire. It is still a delicious snack to eat with tea, as it is made from very balanced forms of seafood produced in France. This pan measures 15.5 x 7.875 inches long and is wide enough for compact ovens. Before purchasing, check the oven’s size to ensure the pan is suitable.

During cooking, cushion sheets should be lubricated or drained and cleaned constantly. Despite the tediousness of this process, it can result in more authentic, safer homemade cookies that are subtly penetrated with additional butter. The casserole offers delicious madeleine dishes at the same time by heating and baking bread differently.

If you want to clean these dishes without too much effort, just use soap and water. It’s important to dry the container before storing them to prevent rotting, because metal products tend to rot. This recipe is quick, but it also works in French, so you’ll have to translate it first. There are health benefits associated with Paderno Madeleine casserole, despite the fact that it requires more exercise and fitness than Teflon does.

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Buying Guide: Best Madeleine Pans

If you’re just beginning to bake, you can certainly create classic madeleines on a smaller budget. A professional baker, however, may need to purchase bakeware that is resistant to discoloration over time. When choosing the perfect bread for Madeleines, you should consider some important factors:


If the pan is made of the right material, it will be more conductive, which in turn will help bake the dessert better. Aluminum-coated and carbon steel pans are both good at conducting heat well, so they should be used for cooking tasks. Because of their corrosion- and bend-resistant properties, these materials are also ideal for commercial applications.


When choosing a cake pan, make sure it has the same exterior dimensions as your oven. For best results, choose a cake pan with deep cavities rather than shallow ones.

Madeleine humps cannot be formed in most metal pans due to their narrow depth. A supermarket will have small, medium, and large madeleine baking sheets.

Temperature resistance

You should bake these mini cakes at a high temperature, but first determine how high the oven can be heated to get the best results. The Lekue madeleine pan can withstand temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the De Buyer pan can withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees.

A refrigerator is a good place to know silicone and other materials can withstand the cold. If the mold is not chilled, batter will not flow out.


Before you buy a madeleine cookie pan, keep in mind that it is necessary to purchase a specific pan (the mold can be used for other dishes as well). It may be worthwhile investing in a high-quality madeleine pan if you are an experienced baker who makes madeleines often, even if you’re just starting out and still want the traditional madeleine form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do madeleine pans work?

A madeleine pan is a one-piece pan with shell-shaped cavities for creating the traditional look of this French cookie. Each cookie is about 2 inches wide and 3 inches long; they shrink slightly when baked. By baking the cookies upside down, the bottom is shaped like a seashell, while the top expands slightly to form the hump shape.

Is there a method for removing madeleines from their pans?

When removing baked goods from molded pans, it can be difficult, particularly with madeleines. To ensure all grooves are evenly coated, grease metal pans thoroughly with butter. It is also helpful to sprinkle flour over the butter. Silicone does not require grease, depending on the manufacturer.

Invert the madeleines after they have been baked over a wire rack. You will be able to pull the cookies out easily if the pan has been adequately greased. If you need help prying them out, an offset spatula will help. Make sure you do not use metal utensils when cooking in silicone or nonstick pans.

Can I substitute a madeleine pan for something else?

It’s important to note that, since madeleine pans are a specialty tool, not everyone can use them in their kitchen. If you want to try the treats without getting committed, you can also pour the batter into mini muffin, tart, scone or popover tins.

You can bake the cookies in diamond shapes by lining a baking sheet with cupcake liners, adding batter, and gently folding the lid. If you don’t want them to be as beautiful as a madeleine, you can bake them anyway.

How should a madeleine pan be cleaned?

Many manufacturers recommend handwashing madeleine pans to prevent scratches. Although silicone pans and some other materials may be cleaned in the dishwasher, many recommend handwashing for these purposes. Avoid using metal tools or abrasives when washing nonstick or silicone baking pans.

The pan will need to be thoroughly dried before it can be stored. If you intend to store the pan, wipe clean all the crevices with a soft cloth or sponge after soaking it in warm soapy water for a few minutes. If you are putting it away for storage, be sure it has been thoroughly dried.

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