Tramontina Professional Fry Pan Of 2022

Tramontina Professional Fry Pan Of 2022

As far as cooking equipment is concerned, few items see as much use as a Tramontina professional fry pan. With a skillet, you can fry, scramble, and sauté your food.

All cooks, from casual cooks to gourmet chefs, agree that nonstick surfaces are necessary for frying pans. There is much more convenience in browning or searing your food this way, and cleaning up is easier afterward.

Pans available on the market in 2022 display large differences in heat distribution, material quality, and durability. A new fry pan from Tramontina Professional promises to meet the needs of all those people.

This Tramontina Professional Fry Pan Review is going to reveal everything…

Tramontina Professional Fry Pan

Top Features

  • Made from NSF-Certified commercial-grade aluminum.
  • Has a non-stick coating with Eclipse quality base-coat. PFOA-free.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

First Impressions

Tramontina Professional Fry Pan Impression

We package it with cardboard and bubble wrap so that it is well protected and arrives in perfect condition. The first thing that we noticed was the shiny satin finish of the exterior. This red, soft-grip handle cover is comforting to hold, and it can be hung on a rack in front of the stove if you have one. This can even serve as a wall hanging for the kitchen!

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It turned out to be the 12-inch diameter pan we tried, but other sizes are available as well. Having collected this one, you may want to collect more. As this is a nonstick pan, there is no need to season it, as there would be with an iron skillet. It is ready to use straight out of the box.

What Can I Use it For?

Tramontina Professional Fry Pan Use

Tramontina Professional Fry Pan is marketed as being suitable both for restaurant use and for home use. It should be good enough for a professional chef, so it should probably be good enough for us! Cooking with this skillet is very easy: you can sear, sauté, crack an egg, or brown some meat.

And that’s not all!

There is also the possibility of oven baking it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 204 °C), so frittatas may be an option. The silicone handle cover only needs to be removed.

This product works with gas stovetops, electric stovetops, and ceramic stovetops, but cannot be used with induction stovetops. A disk with an induction interface can be inserted into it, however.

Is it Well Built?

Tramontina Professional Fry Pan Built

Our 12-inch aluminum skillet is much more durable than other pans we have used. It also has a longer handle than the average. Our non-stick surface is filled with natural oils and is free of PFOA.

Why does this matter?

Non-stick surfaces treated with Teflon are coated with PFOA. Recently, they’ve been avoided because of a concern that they might be carcinogenic. You and your family can use this kind of skillet with much greater safety.

Eclipse Coating System makes this surface non-stick, which is why it is highly regarded. FDA approved in the US and Europe, it is proven to be more durable than other brands. The coating is designed to be 3-layers thick, with a very tough base coat and a top coat that withstands abrasion well.

How well does it hold up over time? We will discuss this in more detail later.

How Does it Perform?

Because the pan is a bit heavier and more durable than the average, it is more robust than most. This, along with its long handle, might make it a little difficult for those with weak arms to use. But once you get it on your stove, you’ll find that it’s well balanced and has an even distribution of heat you’ll need to whip up your favorite dishes.

Its size makes this extremely versatile and it can be used for cooking vegetables or large pieces of meat. Consequently, you can produce a delicious dinner party feast within no time! You may not need Tramontina Professional Fry Pan if you only need to cook an egg or two in the mornings. The smaller size in the same range would be an option, however.

The best part?

Tramontina Professional Fry Pan Part

With their long handle and non-stick surface, flipped eggs are easy to accomplish with just a flick of the wrist. Thus, it passes the pancake toss test with flying colors! With its stainless steel handle and silicone cover, you’ll never have to worry about painful burns.

One issue we had was removing it for the skillet to be put in the oven. Although it took a bit of effort, we succeeded, and we’re sure you will too.

Grabbing the non-stick surface of the pan made cleaning it a breeze as well. It was important to follow the care instructions, and we’ll get to that in a moment.

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How Should I Take Care of it?

As with all non-stick frying pans, this one will require some care and love to keep it in good shape and continue to provide the same results. Use the pan at a low or medium heat as it could cause warping, which is a particular problem for glass stovetops. One more error would be to clean the pan before it has cooled down.

For best results, use softer utensils such as wooden or plastic, and clean them with a gentle sponge. There were still some users who were disappointed to discover scratches on their pans. Those who tend to abuse their cooking equipment in the kitchen may not like this one.

Despite claims that the non-stick coating is dishwasher-safe, some buyers have reported damage after washing. For this reason, it’s a good idea to hand wash with SoftScrub products.

So, What’s the Catch?

It’s been a few months since you bought your Pan. You notice that the surface is peeling. We talked before about the lifetime warranty, didn’t we?

When you return faulty products to the manufacturer, the cost could be the same or more than a replacement, depending on your postal fees. Moreover, they do not cover wear and tear, like scratches you may cause if you’re a little too rough with your appliances while cooking or cleaning.

It is also possible for your pan to warp over time. Rather than worry about temperature, opt for an indestructible material like steel instead, if you don’t much care about the temperature.

Furthermore, the skillet lacks a glass lid, which one needs to properly sauté certain foods. Nevertheless, you can purchase an individual one at a reasonable price.

  • Good fuel storage.
  • Four baffles.
  • Combination cooking.
  • Excellent temperature control.
  • Removable smoke stack.
  • You may need to take time for modifications.

Our Final Verdict…

This is a top choice for serious cooks looking for an affordable pan. Nonetheless, if you are not willing to follow the care instructions or require a very light piece of cooking equipment, this may not be the right choice.

Yet it offers excellent value for money considering that it is made from top-notch materials and is extremely affordable. It should remain your chef’s choice companion for many years to come if you treat it properly.

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