Top 29 Halloween Cupcakes Recipe

Halloween Cupcakes

Our Halloween cupcake ideas are perfect for those who want to dress up their cupcakes. Halloween desserts and Halloween candy are basically an open invitation to eat them all day on October 31st. When planning a Halloween party, make sure to include festive and fun Halloween cupcakes. There isn’t a single one of these adorable ideas that won’t give your holiday festivities a certain fright. Halloween is just around the corner, and you and your little monsters can keep yourselves amused by decorating these cute treats.

You can use these easy recipes as Halloween decorations at your bash, in addition to making them tasty. These Halloween party treats will wow your guests with their mummies, creepy spiders, and flying bats. If you have any extra candy left over from your bite-size cakes, pile them up as a double sweet dessert. We recommend washing down these adorable desserts with our Halloween cocktails for a creepy, creative holiday. Make these fun Halloween cupcakes for your family and friends!

1. Ghostly Cupcakes

The idea of using lollipops and fondant to make ghost cupcakes is one of the reasons my kids love them. Wedding cakes usually feature fondant, which is a smooth, rollable icing that mimics playdough. If you don’t have access to a craft store, don’t worry, you don’t have to make fondant from scratch. Kids will enjoy making these ghost cupcakes with lollipops and fondant from the store.

This beautiful cupcake is topped with chocolate ghosts that will scare your guests. Using melted dark and white chocolate, you glaze plain cupcakes for the design. If you prefer cupcakes, try red velvet, peanut butter, or chocolate instead of the cake recipe described here. Here is a recipe for one of our favorite Halloween cupcakes!

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2. Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes

The joy of baking and creating new recipes is one of my favorite things about it! Besides being made for the spookiest holiday, these Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes taste delicious, too! Besides the chocolate frosting, I topped them with oreo soil, chocolate-covered Lotus biscuits, chocolate buttercream grass, and chocolate-covered oreo cheesecake. Kids will enjoy helping you make these cupcakes in so many ways!

Perfect for Halloween parties, these cupcakes are the perfect dessert. To make the cupcakes look like a graveyard, they are topped with milk chocolate crumbles, chocolate tombstones, and creamy white frosting. You can finish the look by adding candy pumpkins and a chocolate tree to your spooky cupcakes. In the end, everyone will love eating the finished product!

3. Pumpkin Cupcakes

These pumpkin-flavored cupcakes are a must-try if you’ve stocked up on pumpkin puree. It’s easy to make these pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, which are light, fluffy, and full of pumpkin flavor. You’ll be surprised at how fast and easy they are to make, using pantry staples and pumpkin spice latte flavors. Each bite of these cupcakes feels as if it melts in your mouth because the crumb is so soft.

In addition to my Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls and Pumpkin Donuts, you also might want to make my Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. Every meal will be filled with pumpkin treats now. Pumpkin lovers will love these cupcakes with creamy cream cheese frosting and plenty of pumpkin flavor. Not only spiced with pumpkin pie spice, but with pumpkin puree as well, these cupcakes are absolutely delicious.

4. Devil’s Food Cupcakes

I am always excited about cupcakes because there’s just something nostalgic about them. These cupcakes were inspired by my delicious Classic Devils Food Cake with Ganache Frosting, but I added cream cheese icing! I promise you that these little beauties will taste just as good as they look, and when a cupcake is pretty it just screams taste me, and these little beauties will not disappoint.

This cupcake is perfect for chocolate lovers because it has just the right amount of sweetness and deep chocolate flavor. These Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Frosting will satisfy your cravings. Dark chocolate and cream cheese frosting are beautifully topped on top of this heavenly moist, and fudgy chocolate cupcake. Just a few strokes with a vegetable peeler will make chocolate curls.

5. Spider Bite Cupcake

These creatures are creepy, crawly, and cute. Halloween is just around the corner, so here are bite-size spider cupcakes to enjoy. As well as being easy to decorate, they are also quite affordable. Having a cup miniature baking pan handy is essential as they are minis. In this case, I would rather use melted candy coating to give the canvas a smoother finish, to facilitate the making of spiders later on. Nothing to worry about, I’ll show you how. This picture makes me think you could totally turn them into bugs as well.

There’s no mess with this little trick, and it’s a quick way to cover all your cupcakes. Despite how pretty this step is, it’s totally unnecessary as I discovered once these cupcakes were done. I would like to show you nonetheless in case you use this method in the future. Originally, I wanted the webs to be as smooth as the tops of the cupcakes, so I made them using the melted candy coating.

It looks cute and works in theory. It’s not that you can’t see the webs, but you can’t see them once the spiders are on top. Ultimately, I wasted my time on this. Please let us know if you would like to do this for another reason. Make sure the candy coating is melted and fluid before you dip the cupcakes. Add a single candy and tiny piping legs to these and you could create tiny tiny spiders. Also, you’d be able to see the webs underneath with that approach.

6. Brain Cupcakes

Halloween is the season when cute becomes creepy instead of cute. When Halloween rolls around, we get really scared with our sweets. It’s time to celebrate Halloween with equal parts of healthy and tasty treats! This brain cupcake is another addition to our Halloween dessert library. Our family favorite cake and buttercream combination is a moist spice cupcake with almond buttercream on top.

Making bleeding brain cupcakes is super easy and they will slowly bleed so you can give the impression that you have freshly harvested brains. Because corn syrup blood eventually bleeds out of the cupcakes, they must be served immediately. These brain cupcakes are genius because the easy decorating technique works with any cupcake and frosting combination, so feel free to use your favorite recipe if you already have one.

7. Frankenstein Cupcakes

Okay, I already talked about my horrible childhood Halloween costumes, but let’s go back to first grade. My choice was to wear a black 80s dress from Goodwill rather than a pink princess costume. Those shoulder pads were there, too. This was topped off with a black wig, black lipstick, dark blush, and a veil. First-graders must have thought I was the most troubled in their class, according to my teacher. Step-by-step photos are always popular, but when those eyes were fixed on me, I could not help but laugh out loud because I felt like he was staring at me!

This is a video that I made demonstrating how to make these cuties, along with an updated blog post about Frankenstein Cupcakes. In my experience, I’ve found that melting chocolate or almond bark doesn’t burn in the microwave and meltdown really thinly, making them perfect for candy-making. To create creepy Frankensteins, I picked out all my brown ones before I started, but feel free to use any color! It’s hard to eat Halloween cupcakes because they’re covered in fondant or have huge ice cream cones on top.

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8. Owl Cupcakes

Are you searching for fun ideas for kids’ birthday parties, bake sales, or Halloween celebrations? Create your own cookie art with a little creativity and a few cookies! Make these cute owl cupcakes at home for your kids to enjoy after school and they will love them. No one will even know how easy you made it for your kids, you’ll easily win the award for a best parent!

You can make these cute owl cupcakes with any cupcake recipe, plus a frosting recipe, but I used the chocolate box cake mix and the chocolate frosting from a can. However, you may use yours and yours as well. These owls are brown, but they would look great as white, yellow, blue, or any other fun color you can think of. If you’d like to decorate your owl cupcakes with Oreos, you’ll just need a box of regular-sized cookies.

9. Wicked Cupcakes

If you’ve been reading Kitchen Snob for a while, you know I occasionally write about cupcakes. Now, even those of us outside Boston can enjoy these wickedly delicious treats whenever we like. Having seen the Wicked Good Cupcakes on Shark Tank, my cake-enabling husband ordered some for me. It was impossible for me to stop him regardless of my efforts. My initial reaction to cupcakes in a jar was not favorable. The little paper cups in which cupcakes are served are always so adorable. The thought of one smashed up in a jar simply didn’t make any sense to me.

It was impressively nice looking when I first saw the package. Yes, it had that rich heavenly chocolate flavor with generous sprinkles, and yes, it was moist and fresh. Between spoonfuls, I seemed to be muttering wow. Alternatively, you can visit the Wicked Good Cupcakes website where gluten-free cupcakes, brownies, cheesecake, and macaroons are available. Listed below are all the flavors available.

10. Monster Claw Cupcakes

However, not everyone enjoys creepy Halloweens, so I whipped up a less creepy version of these clawed cupcakes. These monster claws have no words to describe their awesomeness. My creepy cupcakes were frosted using a large round tip to give them a clawed effect. Adding the claws to each cupcake was the final step. Homemade marshmallow fondant was used to make the claws. The final step was to curvature each teardrop down to form claws.

In addition to the red frosting, I also added a little more to the claw tips for an even spookier appearance. I think these turned out amazing, despite me being totally creeped out by them! Probably their greatness is the fact that they totally creep me out. It would make a great Halloween treat for older kids, and would be a great party favor for adults too. Kids would probably find them cool, too, but that’s something that parents decide for themselves.

11. Campfire Cupcakes

Campouts are one of my favorite activities and they’re something I grew up doing. Growing up, we would spend several weeks camping at Ontario Provincial Parks in the summer. We often get joined by my grandparents and aunts and uncles, so it becomes a family affair. With these simple treats that you can make ahead, you’ll be transported back to a time when marshmallows were toasted over an open flame.

There is nothing better than a campfire when camping, and I still love it. Taking a hike through the forest or swimming in a cool freshwater lake is a great way to spend an afternoon. My favorite summer activity is sitting in front of a fire in the dark, so the campfire is my favorite way to celebrate summer. It’s all perfectly summery, which makes these Camp Fire Cupcakes perfect for summer parties. Make these Campfire Cupcakes for a summer treat that’s sure to please. You can take this dessert along on a camping trip or to a camping-themed party! It’s so cute!

12. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Adding cream cheese frosting to a cake is a delicious way to make it sweet and tangy, plus it’s creamy, luscious, and quick to prepare. This frosting is delicious on nearly everything, but it creates a unique combination when it’s spread on a slightly chocolatey cake! A big dollop of cream cheese frosting tops off these moist and fluffy cupcakes, making them absolutely delicious and so easy to make! You’ll want to make double the amount of this recipe in order to satisfy everyone’s craving!

The instructions below include instructions for making these into a big Red Velvet cake, but I like them best cupackes. The ruby hue can be achieved by using paste rather than liquid food coloring, so I advise going for paste rather than liquid. Once you’ve found the food coloring pastes in baking supply shops and online, you can make these deliciously pretty treats.

13. Caramel Corn Cupcakes

Whether you’re a caramel popcorn fan or not, these cupcakes will definitely delight you! A unique and fun treat packed with caramel popcorn flavor, these Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes are a must-try! An early version of this recipe consists of a fluffy caramel cupcake that is mixed with finely crushed caramel popcorn. Make it even more delicious by adding even more caramel, caramel buttercream, caramel popcorn, and, of course, more caramel!

There have been several friends of mine have expressed the same sentiment. But when confused and excited friends both took bites, they agreed that it was delicious. It was utter disgust that made my friend refuse even to have a nibble. However you feel about these, I would still recommend giving them a try at least once to see if you change your mind. It didn’t take me long to make my own homemade caramel popcorn not long after I made these cupcakes! This recipe only takes a few minutes to prepare.

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14. Angel’s Food Cupcakes

Seasonal desserts are abundant in summer, especially in the form of frozen desserts. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for these angel food cupcakes. It’s enjoyable to eat them because they’re so soft, fluffy, and delicate. Biting into a cloud feels like biting into a cloud! The popular recipe is perfect for potlucks, barbecues, and picnics, where they are always a crowd-pleaser. Another popular summertime cake is angel food cake.

At this time of year, there are many tasty treats to enjoy, such as key lime pie, peach cobbler, cherry pie, strawberry shortcake, and many others. For a party angel food cake decorated with chocolate ganache and sprinkles, it’s a summer sweet that’s light and topped with whipped cream. You can also try my angel food cake or chiffon cake recipes if you’re craving something cloudy.

15. Monster Eye Cupcakes

It’s hard to beat a dessert that’s festive, adorable, and easy to make! It takes only neon food coloring and candy monster eyes to make these monster eye cupcakes look so good! Their cuteness, not their fear, is my favorite thing about them. You can make Easy Monster Eye Cupcakes for Halloween parties, afterschool snacks or just to add a bit of fun and festiveness to your menu! Halloween is just around the corner! A cute costume, a scary monster, and a courageous superhero are all part of the fun!

Make some cupcakes of your favorite flavors! You can also let your kids have fun creating their own monster cupcakes! These turned out so cute- perfect to send to school, take to work, or give as a Halloween gift! Here is a recipe for buttercream frosting that you can use instead of your favorite! Immediately after piping on the icing, I added monster eyes. Here is the ultimate book to get you in the mood for your spookiest Halloween yet!

16. Sorting Hat Cupcakes

You’ll love these Sorting Hat cupcakes whether you’re a kid or an adult. Nevertheless, the Sorting Hat knows everything, and now it can even place mere muggles into Hogwarts houses. Butterbeer Hot Cocoa allows you to discover which house you belong to while enjoying your cupcake. There is no better time to indulge in these treats than during Halloween. This gooey chocolate cupcake is topped with the Harry Potter sorting hat so that you’ll know your Hogwarts house when you bite into it. Discover your Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff type!

Treat your guests to these Harry Potter-themed Sorting Hat cupcakes. You can fill them with sugar-coated chocolates in the colors of red, blue, yellow, and green to create a surprise Hogwarts house reveal. These butterbeer cupcakes can tell you which Hogwarts house you belong to! With different colors of Hogwarts house colors along the top, each hat is topped with a chocolate-covered sorting hat. Take a look at one and tell us what you think! You can also enjoy butterbeer cupcakes topped with butterscotch buttercream and homemade butterscotch sauce.

17. Blood Drip Cupcakes

They’re perfect for a party or just for your family if you’re looking for something fun to make. Halloween is just around the corner, so I’m gearing up for the holiday! A sweet red gel glaze tops these vanilla cupcakes, which are soft and fluffy, topped with a velvety buttercream. All things Halloween are made better with the gel, which looks just like drops of blood!

Halloween is not complete without these delicious bloody cupcakes. The homemade fake blood, moist vanilla cupcakes, and smooth vanilla buttercream really elevate the spooky mood! My favorite Halloween recipe is below, which you won’t want to miss! Premade gel is available for those who don’t want to make their own blood. Although I prefer my cupcakes made from scratch, these are ultimately yours to enjoy.

18. Witch Silhouette Cupcakes

You wouldn’t believe this, but rubber stamps were used to make these silhouettes! You can use a cookie cutter or a glass to cut circles out of fondant that you will leave out overnight to stiffen. Stamp the image onto the circles with a clean rubber stamp and paint black food coloring on them. Use a small paintbrush dipped in food coloring to fill in any bare spots.

The cupcakes should then be frosted with Buttercream and circles should be placed on top just before serving. Various colors of fondant can be found at craft stores. Using rubber stamps and black fondant, you can turn witchy cupcakes into Victorian-style treats. When you make witchly cupcakes with a cake mix, frosting, and candy, they aren’t scary at all.

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19. Potato Pie Cupcakes

It will no longer be necessary to cut and portion a big cake or pie, simply arrange them on a tray and you’re done. The fall season is fast approaching, so sweet potato recipes such as these are being made more often. You’re right, that’s for a good reason! There is nothing wrong with a traditional Sweet Potato Pie, but if you want something a little different, you can make these cupcakes. Party guests will love this recipe since it is already made in individual portions.

To give all real chefs a bad name, I also made sweet potato pie cupcakes since I take pictures of my food and pretend I know what I’m doing. I think it is a gold-star achievement to make a dessert that contains vegetables. Perfect for Thanksgiving and fall parties, Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes are a fun seasonal dessert! You will love the moistness and fall flavors in these cupcakes! Below are the video tutorial instructions to help you get started!

20. Cinderella Cupcakes

However, my oldest daughter will be celebrating her birthday at home this year. It will still be memorable if I try my best. As a Disney family, we are even more proud of it. Considering how much I love her, I’ve got some tricks for her. In reality, I am a little down about not being able to visit Disney World on our summer vacation as we had originally planned. It was definitely a difficult decision that required a wide range of emotions. The decision was also not taken lightly.

As part of the project, I am baking cupcakes and decorating them to look like characters from fairy tales, especially Cinderella. Yes, her special birthday cake will include Cinderella Cupcakes. Since we are not able to enjoy Disney-themed food or cupcakes at Disney, we must make them ourselves. We are also reminded of Disney World when we watch Cinderella.

21. Christmas Lights Cupcakes

It is nothing better than being able to spend the holidays with family from out of town. Last year, our annual traditions were less likely to be celebrated as we usually do due to the global pandemic. A contestant made a cake with Christmas lights all around it at the Holiday Baking Championship. There was nothing cuter than that. I was inspired to make these Christmas Light Cupcakes after reading it. Try to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones this holiday season!

Our household has turned baking into a Christmas tradition, where we listen to Christmas music and decorate every surface with flour and icing. We love these Christmas Lights Chocolate Cupcakes, so if you do a baking day, give them a try. Taking your decorating skills beyond sugar cookies will give you an edge over the competition. The best vanilla cupcake buttercream frosting and chocolate cake mix combine to make these Christmas Light Cupcakes. They are perfect for bake sales and are perfect for Christmas.

22. Fangtastic Dracula Cupcake

While many of you probably think it’s too early to share Halloween treats, I just can’t resist. Using Reese’s Cups to design cupcakes is something I have been doing for the past few years. There is just something about Reese’s Cups that adds dimension to cupcakes. This Dracula Cupcake recipe was so much fun for me to create. They go perfectly with an animal head or in this case, a vampire head since they are atop a swirl of frosting.

Ingeniously combining Tootsie Rolls, licorice strings, and frosting to create Dracula’s features, this cupcake will have you hooked on the cake. Here are some fangtastic cupcakes made from cake mix. The frosting should be colored with food coloring, and the face should be made with candies. These creepy Dracula Cupcakes were made from Reese’s Cups White Chocolate. Their pale color suited the pale-faced vampires perfectly.

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23. Batman Cupcakes

This quick and easy Batman cupcake is the ideal bake for little superheroes! Here are some super easy Batman cupcakes you can make today! You can make these easy superhero cupcakes for a superhero party or even for Halloween with your children. This cupcake recipe was made in the summer at the request of my younger son for his birthday party. The snake cake I baked for his birthday may have caught your attention, but I continued baking for his birthday. The party was on a different day than his actual birthday, so there was more cake to go around!

The Batman theme was a fairly last-minute decision, and I didn’t have time to order a special cutter, so I used a bat-shaped knife from my Halloween cookie cutter collection. Apparently, the shape of the bat is pretty close to the Lego Batman logo, which is why I’m pretending I’ve been making Lego Batman cupcakes. By happy coincidence, one of my friends pointed out that the bat shape is incorrect for the Batman logo.

24. Skeleton Cupcakes

Easily made skeleton cupcakes made with marshmallows, yogurt-covered pretzels, and straws. There are a lot of Halloween recipes waiting for you, so I hope you’re up for spooky treats and Frankensteins! My Reese’s Frankenstein Cupcakes and Monster Whoopie Pies from Halloween past are still worth remembering!

The origin of this fun idea is unknown to me since I saw it online in a few places, but I am not sure where it came from. After finishing up a few baking projects, I decided to give this one a try at the last minute. I apologize for the process shots! My next birthday cake will have marshmallows written on them and frosting around them. The greaseproof liners and straws were purchased from Sweets & Treats!

25. Belle Cupcakes

You can use these treats as a treat for your favorite Beauty and the Beast fan, whether you’re planning a party or simply looking for a fun treat. Make some cupcakes inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast! Make these adorable Belle Cupcakes at home instead of booking a table for afternoon tea, starting with a Tale As Old As Time afternoon tea.

This picture doesn’t reflect the excitement she had when meeting Belle at our first Disney World character meal. It was overwhelming and nerve-wracking for her to pose with Belle, but afterward, her thoughts would only focus on it. She became a Disney pro just a few years later after another Disney trip. As a child, she loved posing with Disney princesses and still had a soft spot for Belle. With the help of your favorite mini prince or princess, these Belle cupcakes are incredibly easy to make!

26. Mummy Cupcakes

This is the perfect project to get started with if you have never used a piping bag before! Getting creative cupcakes with a simple and cute idea is easy! Halloween Mummy Cupcakes are the perfect way to decorate cupcakes for Halloween. The fun mummy cupcakes you’ll love making for Halloween are so cute and easy to make. Just buttercream icing, candy eyeballs, and a piping bag are all you need for these simple treats.

Your holiday schedule is probably filled with a lot of activities! There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy a yummier taste if you do! With Halloween just around the corner, we can have some fun baking. Mummy Cupcakes are a cute, not-so-frightening twist on the ordinary chocolate cupcake. The top of each cupcake is simply decorated with two candy eyes after piping white frosting in uneven lines. You’ll have a blast with these at your kid’s next Halloween party, and the adults will too.

27. Carrot Cake Cupcakes

In fact, the presence of carrots in these cupcakes is not so much about sneaking in virtuous vegetables as it is about enhancing their flavor. The answer to this question is that it softens upon baking, giving the crumb that signature tenderness without crumbling everywhere. Similar to Chocolate Zucchini Bread, zucchini is used here. Neither the zucchini nor its taste can be discerned. However, it will be the most chocolatey, moist bread you have ever eaten.

Besides not contributing to color, it does nothing else. You won’t taste carrots at all. You can also achieve this with carrots. Carrot Cake is everyone’s favorite cake, now in cupcake form! There’s a light cream cheese frosting adorning the moist, spiced cakes. There’s something irresistible about making these little friends, and they’re incredibly easy to do, too.

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28. Sugared Lavender Cupcakes

Originally published in May 2018, The Argument For Herbs was updated in August 2019 due to overwhelming popularity. This article was written when I was a newbie blogger, but if you are a novice kitchen gardener, you will find it valuable. For pricing and shipping information on kitchen garden necessities, click on the image below. These cute cakes are topped with pretty candied lavender, which you can make by brushing egg white on a lavender sprig, coating it with sugar, and letting it dry.

Every time I hear of lavender cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, I feel transported back to my trip to France. Cupcakes topped with lavender flowers have a sweet-floral aroma from the lavender glaze and honeyed cream cheese frosting. That recipe will be coming very soon to Not Entirely Average!

29. Mouse Cupcakes

The mice can be made in any color by tinting desiccated coconut with food coloring and spreading it on waxed paper to dry. When our 3-year-old grandson Robert visited us several years ago, we let him help me trim some Mice Cupcakes I was making for a party. He enjoyed every minute of it, even though it was quite a project!

A scoop of ice cream and some simple decorations top off these cute treats from packaged cake mixes. In order to make these adorable desserts, you’ll need two types of frosting: chocolate icing and Swiss meringue buttercream. Introducing these kid-friendly critters disguised as vanilla cupcakes.
Halloween Cupcakes

29 Halloween Cupcakes Recipe

Our Halloween cupcake ideas are perfect for those who want to dress up their cupcakes. When planning a Halloween party, make sure to include festive and fun Halloween cupcakes. Halloween is just around the corner, and you and your little monsters can keep yourselves amused by decorating these cute treats. These Halloween party treats will wow your guests with their mummies, creepy spiders, and flying bats. Make these fun Halloween cupcakes for your family and friends!
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