PUR Classic 11-Cup Pitcher with LED Review

PUR Classic 11-Cup Pitcher with LED Review

If you live in Flint, Michigan, or downtown New York City, getting clean water can be a big deal. According to a News 21 survey, 63 million Americans, or one in five, have had clean drinking water in the past ten years. All five!

Even if your spring water isn’t badly polluted, that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. And that doesn’t mean your water is clean and tidy!

How many homes have to choose between expensive bottled water and fountains or fountains with chemical scents?

Many families are considering the benefits of household water filters, which can be used as tone filters or as cheaper tone filters.

In this PUR Classic 11 Cup Pitcher with LED Preview, we want to focus on the popular pitcher style filter that has become popular in American homes.

We are ready to deliver the products in a PUR LED 11 class packaging box.

Top Features

PUR Classic 11-Cup

This PUR product is a water cup with an integrated variable filter containing 11 cups of water. This is about two-thirds of a liquid or a liter of 88 grams.

The housing is made of BPA-free plastic (if not, what’s causing the water to filter ?!), and is separated by a large filter tank and filtered under a water tank.

The handle has a spherical rubber backing which makes it easy to hold and comfortable to hold. To fill the tank, you can hold the lid high with your thumb and place it under the lid to fill the tank. The lid fits well in the pot and has a special feature you won’t find in any other pot.

An LED Light!


Like a traffic light, this LED filter turns from green to red to indicate when to replace the filter. Other products use confirmation systems or just tell you to enter a date in the calendar, so this is a big step for your convenience.

Finally, the filters can be easily replaced by closing the bottom of the tank from above. This product has a standard Maxion filter. According to the manufacturer, the elimination of “96% of mercury, 95% of certain industrial pollutants and 94% of certain pharmaceutical products” is guaranteed. Look for biological pathogens and the taste of chlorine that is often found in spring water!

PUR claims its filters reduce pollution twice as much as UK filters, which are the most competitive in the world for household filters. In any case from mid-2020.

PUR filters are rated for two months of use or for 40-liter filters, whichever comes first. In the contents of this jug, you can look at almost 60 additions before replacing the filter.

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For starters, drinking filtered water can help reduce environmental impact by storing nearly 1,800 plastic bottles per year! It’s cheaper than drinking bottled water and saves about $ 1,000 per year!

The PUR Classic 11 pitcher is large enough to hold water for a couple or a small to medium family. It fits easily into any fridge, with a fairly compact print measuring 25 x 30cm and a height of 30cm. This way you always have clean, fresh water on hand for family use, but also fun!

It’s easier to write a label or put the date the filter was changed on the label or count the number of liters you filtered (who did this ??). All you have to do is insert a new filter and press the button at the top of the cover once. It turns green and then slowly turns yellow and eventually changes at the end of your filter’s life.

Speaking of filters, this launcher has an inexpensive and easy-to-replace standard PUR filter. This gives the basic filtering a very good value, but it filters slowly. You’re in luck because PUR also offers quick filters and lead reducers that can fit into these.

Quick filters have different internal and external contents, so they regularly filter twice as fast. Suitable for several families or plenty of drinking water. In areas where lead contamination is intimidating, a lead reduction filter protects you and your family.

All of these alternative filter variations cost 40 liters and cost between $ 5 and $ 10, depending on whether you buy them individually or in bulk.

Overall, we think this jug with PUR 11 cup is a high-quality product at a great price – under $ 30. More and more families can get them to store water in the refrigerator at any time, but it is easy to fill. foundry



What, do you think we’re done? Even though we see it as a solid product, what’s the review without mentioning its shortcomings?

For this price and quality, nothing is expected of him other than the work he does and does well.

Our first complaint is that he did a good job. Our experience is that this jug takes almost 30 minutes to filter the water in the tank. It’s a bit slow, and their fast filtering can work a lot better. Why not include a quick filter in this product?

In our opinion, the price change is less than $ 2 than expected.

If you try to let the water out of the pitcher until the large reservoir filters the water, or if the pitcher is full, find a different problem. The whole package can be printed and then has a large stock. Or usually on the counter and the floor anywhere!

The cover is not large enough to support the weight of the water and the low flow rate makes this difficult to avoid.

You can of course grab the handle with one hand and the lid with the other, but you cannot hold the glass or the bottle. Even children and older users cannot hold the entire bowl in one hand, so they cannot hold the lid freely.

A very sturdy rubber O-ring solves the problem or even a more advanced manual extraction system (think Reebok pumps!).

But the only solution we can provide is not to fill the jar. Or have a third hand! Obviously, this is not ideal. If you want a small capacity pitcher, buy one with a large empty container, instead of taking up space in the refrigerator.

What about Durability?

Even though in the long run we haven’t had a chance to test it by pulling, we’ve been searching the internet for a long time to see what users would say. We often see objections to the length of the pot.

Users of jars say that a plastic container can usually explode after being used. Some cracks appear cosmetic, but others seem to have disappeared later.

In this case, we think it’s a compromise. These cans are inexpensive, so strong, durable plastic will definitely be more expensive.

PUR filters 40 liters or two months. This means that the average user will need five replacement filters in the first year. We thought it was good, but some companies offer longer filters that last up to six months. It’s clearly more comfortable, even if it costs less.

Even though the LED lighting is very good, we want to offer a filter option that lasts longer through the PUR to be the most comfortable product.

  • High quality filter provides you with healthy and clean water.
  • Easy-fill lid allows for convenient filling.
  • Long term durability concerns.

Final Thoughts

In general, we give the classic 11 LED round jug a positive rating. This LED light adds comfort to this launcher and pushes it to a high position in the market.

On the other hand, smooth casting can be a trick to master, and the filter isn’t that fast.

However, the size and price of the replacement pitcher and filters have changed and we believe you will get value for this product.

You can get safe, clean, and fresh-tasting water for a very reasonable price for your family, and that is exactly what you are looking for in a cost-effective solution to getting a water filter for your home.

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