Presto 01781 23-quart Pressure Canner And Cooker Review – [2021 UPDATED]

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Good morning all. Now this time we’re going to take a look at some neat cookware. A device that takes you to the top of the game as a home cook and curator.

The subject of this review is the pot and pressure cooker offered by leading manufacturer National Presto Industries. 1939. is a company with a long history of developing, designing, and manufacturing kitchen appliances. Men living in Wisconsin, USA really know what they’re working for!

We will present this 23 liters Presto 01781 tube and plate to you later, we will check it carefully and see if this device is really good (or not).

What Can The Presto 01781 Offer You?

Presto 01781

To prepare a pressure cooker, rather than using the electric pressure cooker currently available, many believe it is the safest way to cook under pressure at home. When it comes to food storage, kitchens now have many electric competitors. However, kitchen use is the only recommended way to use canned foods that have been actively approved by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The Presto 01781 kitchen has one of the largest capacities on the market. This model can hold 23 liters of ingredients. You can cook and prepare quality food for yourself, your family, or many party groups.

The 01781 phones can be used to make jams, fruits, pickles, pickles, meats, and especially foods with mild acidity.

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Construction And Safety Features

Presto 01781 23 Construction And Safety Features

If you are using a pressure cooker, there is some danger. The main thing is the safety of cooking not only under high pressure but also with hot steam and temperature. Some brands of low-pressure pressure cookers may not be as large as Presto. Because they really take it seriously.

The material for making the panels and covers is high-quality, heavy-weight aluminum light glass.

Presto closes the mechanism against failure of the cover. It is not possible to remove the cover during cooking. Anyone can be crazy to try, but at least you can’t get it exactly on the 01781 model.

There is a plug, an easy-to-read pressure gauge, to check your own pressure. And there is a pressure relief valve that prevents excessive steam pressure. Airtightness from the inside to the back prevents the escape of hot steam.

Large side handles allow you to safely store and move so many devices in hot weather.

Pressure Cooking

The basic idea of ​​pressure cooking is to put all the ingredients in a pot and close the pot completely. The 01781 phone works by expelling all the air. Extremely high temperatures and steam pressures are created in the pan that surrounds and cooks your dish. The heat generated is intense, which makes cooking faster than in a conventional oven.

All the nutrients and tastes from the inside are present and highlighted. The dishes you prepare in this way are also chewy, creamy, and very tasty.

With the 01781 Presto, you can prepare meals that you can keep for free during the day or for a special occasion if you wish. Cooking time can be reduced to two-thirds of normal oven cooking.

A striking feature of the 01781 is the size of the vessel. She quickly prepared meals for low-income families. However, if you want to prepare a large amount of food for dinner or want to pack and freeze it, Presto Dishes can take a large amount of it quickly and easily.


Presto 01781 23 Canning

The preservative capacity of Presto 01781 gives the device a real shine. This is the model you are looking for anyone who wants to keep foods low in acid.

The USDA says you should do this in a 16-gallon pot or the fastest pot. With a capacity of 23 liters, the 01781 meets many requirements.

Once the cans are filled with the required amount of water and the lid is closed, the process begins. The hot steam generated by the oven heats the interior to about 240 degrees. This is enough to completely sterilize food containers and bottles.

Cottage Industry?

Foodstuffs such as meat, fish, pickles, jam, chutney, vegetables can be listed, you can find all of them in Presto 01781 section using this box. The options, access, and quantity that save these models are the main draws of 01781.

The tank can initially process 24 half-liter bottles, 20 bottles, or seven liters.


Presto 01781 23 Overview

Presto 01781 is professional cookware. The safety devices provided do not guarantee any risk at all levels of the cooking process. In addition to the safety points mentioned above, we like the “keep cool” side handles. We want to use every pressure cooker wisely.

For the canning process, there is a zipper that keeps the containers under the container so that the liquid can be completely rounded. Customers can also collect the hot water bottles after being guided. And the measuring plate gives you precise readings to determine internal pressure and keep it constant while canning or baking.

In addition to canning, this is a versatile pressure cooker that lets you cook more dishes than you could ever dream of. And all this in a much faster time than when using the oven. The process is closed during cooking and the rotation of the steam is much more pleasant, including nutrients, moisture, and flavor. It tastes better and has healthier dishes.

Presto offers you an additional recipe full of ideas and inspiration. Irish stew, Jamaican casserole, Thia curry, Mexican pepper, Italian plague, the world cooks its oysters 01781.

The large size of the kitchen utensils allows you to bring many friends or family members at the same time. Surprise local guests with the pride of MasterChef Gordon Ramsey!

Canning can be a hobby when you buy this device. It is an excellent device for distributing production costs for the hygienic and safe storage of household products.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Presto 01781 23 Maintenance And Cleaning

Presto recommends the use of non-hazardous washing machines to clean jars and cans. Note that the cover cannot be submerged in water. Do not put in an ordinary dishwasher and certainly not in a washing machine. A damp sponge or cloth should be used for cleaning. The cover pressure gauge is good. Remember not to play or not to play it.

You need to make sure the tube is clean and unopened. Pressing down on the hose with a washing machine or a small brush is enough. The air cover and the pressure relief cover can be closed for cleaning. Read the owner’s manual if you don’t know how to use these functions.

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After each cooking process, there is a seal with an inner ring that needs to be removed and cleaned. To avoid bacterial contamination and prevent complete closure when reusing.

If the only part you want to use on your device is back up and the rest don’t seem to interest you, it’s worth checking out reviews of the best printers.

  • Very good safety features.
  • Canning and cooking abilities.
  • Built to commercial standards.
  • Maybe too large for some people’s needs.


Let your thoughts and comments help you see what Presto 01781 has to offer. It is definitely a high-quality appliance offered by a reputed kitchen appliance company.

The size of this tank may be too large for the needs of some customers. However, this is the best way to cook if you are serious about cooking, having fun, and proudly offering a wide variety of meals for multiple groups.

Then, of course, you have the opportunity to find and store all the different foods in relatively large quantities. You can also sell canned food with this model. Homemade pickles, jam, cornstarch, or chutney can be stored and offered to friends and family. You can export supplies to your area at local markets, trade shows, or farmers’ markets to sell to the community. Lots of oven options 01781.

Here we are. Check out our Presto 01781 23 liter cans and kitchens to find out what features this appliance has.

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