Igloo ICE103 Countertop Ice Maker Review

Igloo ICE103 Countertop Ice Maker Review

I hope you are having a great day. Today we will be reviewing a hot selling item that no home should overlook. We are discussing a portable countertop ice maker.

This is no ordinary ice maker, this is a machine offered by an industry-leading producer of refrigerators, freezers, and ice makers – Igloo. Despite their designs and ingenuity, the U.S. company Igloo Products Corporation leads the way in the world of ice maker machines.

If you are interested in an ice maker that is easy to use and portable, then you will definitely want to consider the Igloo ICE103 countertop unit. A built-in fridge or undercounter ice machine is becoming a thing of the past with modern-day technologies. Several years ago, speed and quantity increased a great deal, so now the product to own is a separate ice-making unit.

We’re going to take a closer look at the Igloo ICE103 Countertop Ice Maker Review and give you the rundown on this stylish, compact ice maker.

Igloo ICE103 Countertop Ice Maker

Best Features

We feel that there are some very good features that make this machine stand out. In the beginning, the oversized ice buckets can hold up to 2.2 lbs. A few more benefits to the ICE301 are that it can produce ice cubes in three different sizes.

Making a batch of cubes is extremely fast as well. Making a bucket’s worth will only take 6 minutes. You wouldn’t have to waste time waiting for the kettle for your morning coffee to boil.

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If you are in need of continuous ice production for the whole day, this machine can produce up to 26 lbs in the short term if kept full of water. That is quite the amount of ice.


ICE301 is a stylish and compact design with a stainless steel finish, white trim, and a black lid. Although this is a portable ice maker, it is rather large. Unit dimensions are 12 inches high by 15 inches wide and 14 inches deep. The unit can be comfortably positioned on a kitchen countertop.

In addition, if you would like to take it somewhere else, you will have to consider its weight. At 25.9 pounds, it is a bit heavier than average for a portable ice maker. You will need to leave a space of five inches all around the machine as it is a compressor-based device.

With the great portability of the ICE301, it is ideal for use in all kinds of situations. The machine can be brought to the party instead of having to run to the kitchen each time a refill is needed. Take it with you while you travel in your RV and get some ice where you may park up, where normally you would not have any access to it.

There are many other places where the maneuverability of this ice machine would be useful.

Lastly, Igloo’s reputation for quality is well earned, producing trustworthy products that last.


Those who use portable ice machines will find that setting them up is a simple process. A simple digital panel is provided for quick and easy control of the unit, as well as the on/off switch.

There is a light indicator that indicates when water needs to be added as well as when ice cubes are ready. If you don’t refill it or don’t remove the ice from the basket, it will shut off automatically.

The only thing you have to do is fill up the reservoir with water. Once that’s done, simply select the size of cubes you’d like to use. It is as simple as that. Then you just have to wait a few minutes until the ice forms.

The machine has a drain for any residual water after use, rather than having to tip it up to pour the water out.

Ice Production Speed

Igloo ICE103 Countertop Ice Maker Speed

As already mentioned, the truly remarkable feature of the ICE301 is its relatively high capacity and speed. The large size of the machine facilitates the speed and production of the product. With regular water replacement, this ice maker keeps your pool party or BBQ guests in constant supply for the entire duration of their stay.

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Designed to make eight ice bullets in under six minutes, this unit can produce eight in no time at all. Due to this, it is far superior to a standard refrigerator ice maker. Running out of ice would only happen if you were going through an abnormally high amount.

However, we will point out that about six minutes is the time it takes to form smaller-sized cubes. When you choose a larger size cube, the batch run-time will be longer. Nonetheless, they will still be ready within 10 minutes, which is still far faster than fridge ice makers.

  • Can produce three sizes of ice cube.
  • Portable unit.
  • Very quick ice production.
  • Heavier than other portable units.


Is it important that you have an easy and quick solution to get your ice at any time? The ICE301 is a sensible purchase if you enjoy an iced gin and tonic or make cool, refreshing lemonade in the evening.

Igloo, which has produced excellent cooling products for decades, is an established, highly experienced manufacturer. It has been pushed to the limit with the ice-making technology utilized in an ICE301. The machine is able to produce ice at an incredible pace.

Even cooler is the fact that it can keep on making ice all day. Even if you are serving the largest gatherings, you will not lack ice cubes. If you keep the water level high, it will keep turning to ice.

Here we have it, we hope we have given you a few things to consider in our review of the Igloo ICE301 Countertop Ice Maker. In terms of portable ice maker machines at home, I would recommend that you go with this offering from Igloo.


The reservoir just needs to be filled with water, a couple of buttons are pressed, and voilà! Ice is produced! The first batch of ice will be ready in 6 minutes, and the unit can produce 26 pounds of ice per day. There are also three types of ice available, small, medium, and large.

Using the control panel and LED indicators, you are able to make all controls. It can be moved around your countertop, or taken to the pool, boat, or anywhere else where you want access to ice at a moment’s notice. With this addition to your summer party, the fun will never be the same again!

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