How To Cook Spinach In Microwave?

How To Cook Spinach In Microwave
How To Cook Spinach In Microwave

This post contains a detailed guide on how to microwave spinach for the best results. I personally think this technique works like a charm.

Let’s get started and you’ll soon find that steaming this green, leafy and iron-rich vegetable is easy. No matter how mature the leaves are, or what kind of baby spinach you can find at the supermarket, spinach cooks up quickly, making it perfect for steaming.

Microwaving spinach is a moist-heat cooking method, like steaming food on the stove. Microwaving spinach is also a low-fat method of cooking. Microwave-safe casserole dishes, microwave steamers, and food-grade meal prep bags work well for steaming spinach. It’s a quick and efficient method for getting food from the fridge to the dinner table in a matter of minutes, whatever the vessel.

Spinach: Cleaning and Choosing

Spinach stems are more flexible when they are young. When you cook vegetables, the tough fibers in the vegetables soften, so you don’t have to choose only young, tender leaves. You want leaves that are bright green without any bruising, dark spots, or yellow areas.

Soak and swish spinach in cold water for a few minutes to remove any dirt on the leaves. Until the leaves are clean and debris is not visible at the bottom of the soaking bowl, repeat soaking with fresh water. Cut off the stems if they are particularly tough.

Microwave Spinach in a Bag

Microwave spinach in a bag is generally not recommended. Microwaveable Ziploc bags even come with manufacturer guidelines that suggest defrosting and reheating temperatures rather than cooking and steaming.

Microwaving spinach in a bag is possible, but even microwave-safe plastic bags will not withstand the high temperatures generated within. There is no recommendation to use any plastic bag.

Prepare spinach in a bag with caution if you’ve cooked spinach in a bag without any harm coming to you. Using a microwave-proof bag is the first and foremost thing you should do.

It is not necessary to microwave the spinach for a long period of time. You must follow the temperature and timing carefully to avoid overcooking the leafy greens, so set the microwave to high and be prepared to eat your microwaved spinach immediately. Let the spinach leaves remain limp, but be sure they are not overcooked.

You should place spinach in a microwave-safe glass or ceramic dish rather than in a plastic bag. Set the microwave timer for 2 minutes at high temperature with a microwave cover.

Spinach Microwave Danger

One danger of microwaving spinach is that it can cause bacterial growth. Microwaved spinach releases a lot of steam when the lid is removed, causing you to get burns on your arms, hands, and face.

Water makes up the majority of spinach, which becomes steam when heated to the right temperature. Because of this, it is important to slowly remove the lid and allow the steam to escape.

Spinach Cooking Instructions

  1. After soaking, rinsing and inspecting leaves, dry them. Identify the tough stalks and remove them.
  2. Placing the spinach in a bowl that can be microwaved while it’s still wet should prevent it from turning into a mush. Make sure the bowl is covered. Use a ceramic or glass dinner plate. You do not need to add any additional water to the spinach if it isn’t dry.
  3. All leaves should be dark green (but not brown) when cooked on HIGH.  A smaller package should take 3 minutes to prepare, and a larger package should take 7 minutes. Adjust cooking time if necessary.
  4. After the spinach has cooled, store it in a plastic container with the liquid. The spinach can also be chopped finely before storing. This will preserve the spinach for several days. You can freeze some of it if you have too much.
  5. Prepare your favorite dish with this seasoning. Spinach is sometimes squeezed to remove its moisture in recipes. Make soup or use the green water in other ways after you do this.

The spinach may also be steamed over the stove using either a steamer or a double boiler if you don’t have a microwave. When spinach is boiled directly in water, its folic acid is destroyed and its flavor is lost.

My go-to method for putting cooked spinach on pasta, rice, or pizza is to layer it in or on top of quiche or lasagna. The children are all likely to eat it if I chop it and add it to soup.


Microwaving spinach is an easy, quick, and nutrient-rich method of cooking it. Cooking spinach is an easy task, because this green vegetable is leafy and takes a short time to cook. Microwave ovens cooking is very convenient and you can complete it in a short period of time.

The meat can be cooked whole or chopped up before cooking. To prevent loss of nutrition, you must use the right timing and temperature. Next, you must set the microwave to the proper timing and temperature and cook spinach quickly. It will take you no time at all to make a tasty and healthy side dish! Thanks for reading!


Does microwaving spinach kill bacteria?

Microwaving spinach or heating spinach can kill bacteria and bad pathogens as well. 99% of germs on spinach can be killed by a microwave at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can kill bacteria and nasty pathogens by microwave-cooking spinach. 4 ounces of spinach should be steamed for two minutes in the microwave on a plate with a cover to keep the steam enclosed and prevent the greens from cooking too quickly.

Can you cook spinach in a microwave?

Microwaves are great for cooking spinach! That way, you can cook it quickly without doing any additional cleanup. Additionally, microwave cooking helps keep the spinach leaves’ nutrients intact.

Is it better to steam or microwave spinach?

As with any cooking method, steaming or microwaving spinach has pros and cons. Spaghetti can be steamed or microwaved and will retain more nutrients, while microwaves are faster and don’t require additional dishes. Which cooking method you prefer is up to you.

How do you steam the microwave?

Because microwaves cook quickly and evenly, they are extremely convenient. Microwaves are only limited by the fact that they lack an outer layer capable of keeping heat or moisture inside, so you’ll need a dish or vessel whose bottom can hold water.

How do you Blanch spinach in the microwave?

Cooking vegetables briefly in boiling water is called blanching. The purpose of this procedure is to preserve vegetables, soften them, and make them more appealing to eat. In the microwave, spinach can be blenched simply by adding water and a microwave-safe ramen bowls.

Can you warm up spinach?

The answer is yes, spinach can be heated. This is best accomplished by microwaving it. Add a little water to a microwave-safe bowl and microwave it for about 30 seconds.

Cook the spinach in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or until it is hot. In addition, it can be heated in an oven or on the stovetop.

Does spinach lose nutrients in a microwave?

It is believed by some people that microwaving spinach causes it to lose some nutrients, but there is no scientific evidence that this is true. In addition to being a quick and easy method of cooking spinach, microwaving ensures that it retains its nutritional value.

Is cooked or raw spinach healthier?

When spinach is cooked, some of its vitamins are destroyed, making the nutrients more easily absorbable. The vitamin C and folate in raw spinach is much higher than in cooked spinach, which is higher in calcium, iron, and beta-carotene. You have to look at what you’re looking for in a meal.

Ensure your spinach is cooked if you want it to absorb nutrients easily. Go raw if you want to get the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals.

Should baby spinach be cooked?

Cooking baby spinach helps it to soften and make eating it more pleasant for some people. Those who disagree with this claim say baby spinach does not need cooking since it is already soft and easily digestible. Whatever you decide to do with your baby spinach is up to you.

What vegetables can you steam in the microwave?

The microwave can be used to steam broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, and many other kinds of vegetables. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes in a microwaveable dish with a little water and plastic wrap.
Check your vegetables periodically for doneness, since microwaving times can vary from one vegetable to another.

How long do you microwave frozen spinach?

The duration of heating frozen spinach in the microwave isn’t specified. The vitamins and minerals found in frozen vegetables have already been extracted by blanching in hot water, resulting in a lowered nutritional value. As a consequence, they’re traditionally only partially cooked, meaning that they’re meant to be consumed after being thawed.

What happens if I eat spinach every day?

The consumption of spinach every day is not associated with any adverse health effects. This vegetable is very healthy and contains a wide range of nutrients that are beneficial for your body. Spinach is rich in folate, vitamin K, magnesium, and potassium, among other nutrients.

Does cooking spinach destroy nutrients?

The nutrients in spinach are destroyed when they are cooked. But in the long run, this may not be such a bad thing. Phytates and lectins play an important role in making plant-based foods more digestible and easier to absorb, but prevent nutrients from being absorbed until they’re cooked.

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