How to Cook Eggs on a Griddle?

How to Cook Eggs on a Griddle?

Almost everyone enjoys eggs every day for breakfast, and many people enjoy them every day. Because eggs can be prepared in so many different ways, one of their best qualities is that they can be prepared for a wide range of different dishes.

When you know how to do it, cooking eggs on a griddle is simple and quick. Your griddle can cook everything from almost instant eggs to heaven-sent omelets.

Here are some tips on how to cook eggs on a griddle, including ways to enhance your technique…

Why are Eggs Cooked on The Griddle so Good?

Many people believe that eggs are best when griddle-cooked. The main reason behind this may be personal preference, but there are a couple of other reasons.

The Non-stick Surface

Since seasoning results in a non-stick surface, griddle pans are naturally non-stick. This prevents the metallic taste that is sometimes left behind by non-stick coatings such as Teflon.

Precise Heat Control

How to Cook Eggs Heat Control

You can easily burn eggs in a frying pan because the heat cannot be controlled effectively. Griddles, however, offer you consistent and even heat so that you get consistent results every time. If you set the heat to what you prefer, your eggs will be perfectly cooked.

Infused Flavors

The advantage of griddles is that seasonings can be applied to the surface. The flavor of your eggs is enhanced as they cook. Oregano, thyme, paprika, and cumin come to mind as herbs that pair well with eggs, along with salt and pepper.

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Substantial Cooking Area

Cooking with a griddle provides you with a flat and broad surface. With this method, you can cook multiple eggs at once. A griddle with a diameter of 18 inches can cook up to 24 eggs simultaneously.

Different Ways of Cooking Eggs on a Griddle

Those of you who enjoy eggs probably already have a favorite type. In spite of this, variety is the spice of life, and learning new skills will always be beneficial. Listed here are some of the more popular egg styles worth trying when learning about griddle-cooking eggs.

Sunny-Side Up

How to Cook Eggs Sunny-Side

Griddles should be preheated by placing oil or butter on them just before they are used. Your egg should be cracked and poured onto the griddle. Put the egg on slightly reduced heat and let it cook for about five minutes.

You can remove the egg from the griddle if you desire a runny yolk when the white has set. You can also wait a minute or two for the yolk to firm up. You can remove the egg from the griddle with a spatula and serve it.

Over Easy, Over Medium, and Over Well

To cook a Sunny Side Up egg, follow the steps as if you were to cook it on a stovetop. After the white has firmly set, cook your egg on its other side for around one minute and then serve it.

You should cook the other side of the egg for two minutes instead of one if you want the egg over medium-well. It is also possible to cook the other side of the egg for three minutes to create a well-done egg. It’s just a general rule that the longer you cook an egg, the firmer the yolk will be.

Scrambled Eggs

How to Cook Eggs Scrambled

Crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk them until smooth before making your scrambled egg mixture. If you add a little milk to your scrambled eggs, they will become creamier and fluffier. Season the mixture with salt, pepper, as well as a generous pinch of paprika or oregano.

Make sure your griddle is preheated and that it is well oiled before cooking. You want to stir your scrambled egg mixture frequently to ensure that it does not form lumps. However, if you want to make large pieces, you can allow the mixture to be set before stirring gently.

Stir the mixture constantly until all the liquid at the top has evaporated. Do not overcook your scrambled eggs, as this can lead to them becoming mushy. Slide the scrambled eggs off the griddle when you have reached the desired consistency and serve.


How to Cook Eggs Omelets

A bowl of two eggs, a teaspoon of water, and salt and pepper should be smooth when combined. You can cook your food on a griddle with oil or butter just before it gets hot. The mixture should be poured onto the griddle and shaped using a spatula.

You should cook the omelet for around a minute or two until the edges are set and the center is still a little moist. You must flip your omelet with a spatula after it has been cooked for a minute. Adding a filling to an omelet is as simple as sizzling the ingredients on the griddle and then adding them.

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Mini Frittatas

An omelet is an Italian dish that requires essentially the same ingredients. There is one major difference since you mix your components with the eggs before cooking. For the egg mixture, mix four eggs with 1 1/4 cups of milk, 1/8 teaspoon of thyme, and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Filling ingredients can be pretty much anything you want, including cheese, tomato, onion, spinach, and mushrooms. You can form mini frittatas by shaping egg rings on the griddle. You need to put the egg rings on the griddle and fill them carefully. The mini frittatas need five to ten minutes of cooking, then the egg rings are removed and they can be served.

Egg Tools

Chefs should not put their skills down to their tools, but specific egg tools will improve egg cooking on a griddle. The following are some of the tools that every egg lover should have at hand.

Egg Rings

How to Cook Eggs Ring

You will be able to cook perfectly round fried eggs by using egg rings. Using egg rings is also necessary for making mini frittatas. You can use the egg rings as a vessel to pour your egg mixture into after you create it.


With the help of a large and flat spatula, flipping eggs is a breeze. It is better to use a spatula with beveled edges in order to slide it under your eggs easily. An added benefit of stainless steel is its additional stability, but the handles should remain cool to the touch.

Batter Dispensers

The use of a batter dispenser removes the guesswork from pouring eggs onto a griddle. This kitchen tool delivers the exact amount of mixture you need right where you need it. You can forget about misshapen omelets forever.

The Right Bowl

It is not possible to create scrambled eggs, omelets, or many other dishes without bowls. To avoid contamination, you should choose a high-quality metal or glass bowl that can be used for a long time. You will use the bowl time and time again, so investing in a quality item is worthwhile.

How to Crack Open Eggs?

How to Cook Eggs Crack

Cracking eggs on the side of a mixing bowl or even on a griddle is a common practice. The downside to this is that you may have eggshells in your egg mixture. Your egg must first be gently tapped against a cutting board or some other type of flat surface.

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Many people crack eggs by holding them by the side of their bowl or by shattering them on the griddle. Push down with your thumb on the egg indent, and gently peel the shell apart. During this process, the egg will fall into the bowl, while the shell remains in your hands.

Final Thoughts

Cooking eggs on a griddle not only is possible but is also particularly fast and easy. You may find that certain techniques take a couple of tries to master if you are a reluctant chef. It only takes a little practice and persistence to learn how to cook a variety of eggs on your griddle.

Then, when you have mastered your basic skills, you can experiment with the addition of additional ingredients. Among the benefits of eggs is the fact that they can be paired with almost anything. Alternatively, you could try cooking duck and quail eggs if you want to be fancy.

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