How to Cook Acorn Squash?

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Here we are again at that time of year. Winter produce has taken over at the local grocery store. There are many new recipes that can be made to take advantage of all that the season has to offer.

It is common in the winter to think of spaghetti squash and butternut squash first. There are some excellent winter squash varieties that are often overlooked.

Putting acorn squash on your next shopping list is a good idea. The squash has a lot of flavors and is very healthy.

Knowing how to prepare acorn squash is beneficial. Keep reading to find out why…

What is Acorn Squash?

How to Cook Acorn Squash Guide

The pepper squash or Des Moines squash is also known as acorn squash is also called acorn squash. An acorn is a shape it takes, as you might have guessed already!

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It is most commonly found in dark green hues. Inside will usually be yellow and contain some seeds. Those seeds can be cooked and eaten. I will talk about this more later.

The fruit is botanically classified as such. Vegetables are more commonly known and considered as such. Vegetables are very nutritious and easy to prepare.

Produce like this is inexpensive. Many different recipes are available for it.

Cooking it is most commonly done in the oven, but you can use other methods too.

We are about to teach you the best roasting technique.

How to Cook Acorn Squash: Step by Step

You must first purchase an acorn squash! Make sure it has turned a deep dark green. This is your indication that it is ripe. It is then time to have fun!

Cut the Squash in Half

How to Cook Acorn Squash Cut

The first thing you can do is cut it in half. It is important to take care of this step since the skin will be tough. You will also find a stem here.

The cut should be made near the top of the stem. The divots of the ridges can be quite easy to cut into when cutting around the stem.

The end result will be two pieces once you have cut all the way through.

Carefully Remove the Seeds

How to Cook Acorn Squash Seed

Using a spoon will suffice to remove the seeds. You do not want to throw any away. Earlier, we mentioned that the seeds can be best baked for eating. Rub the vegetables with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then bake them.

As soon as the seeds are out, you can cut the squash into even smaller pieces.

Decide – Sweet or Savory Acorn Squash?

Get creative with your acorn squash – decide which way you want to go!

Those who prefer a savory alternative will find a few spices suitable. You can start by adding a drizzle of olive oil. If you’re looking for a flavorful match for Paprika or Curry powder, they’re both a good choice. Make sure you add some softener salt and pepper as well.

You’re sure to enjoy a sweet treat if you choose to go the sweet route! Butter the squash thoroughly to begin. Top it with brown sugar and cinnamon and bake for 50 minutes.

Roasting Time for Acorn Squash

How to Cook Acorn Squash Roasting

After you have dressed your vegetables as you like, you may begin roasting them.

Bake the squash with the cut side up on the best baking sheet or pan.

Once baked, you can put it in an oven at 400 degrees for an hour. The inside of the fork can be easily pulled through and shredded. You can now adjust the toppings as necessary.

Storing and Preserving Acorn Squash

The squash should be used within a two-week period from the date it was purchased. It should be stored properly so it will last up to a month.

To keep the produce fresh, you should store it in a cool, dark place before cooking or cutting. High temperatures and dry heat reduce shelf life.

You should only store acorn squash that has been cut or cooked in the refrigerator.

As long as you store the product properly, you can enjoy it for up to 4 days if you have leftovers.

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Storage should be tightly sealed or covered with plastic wrap.

It is possible to freeze the delicious produce as well. When you remove the seeds, you would then cut up or mash them and store them in small airtight containers. Your product will last for about 10-12 months.


Acorn squash is a tasty and nutritious food you should add to your shopping list.

This is a relatively inexpensive produce option. There are many different ways to make it even tastier. You can either refrigerate or freeze cooked squash before freezing.

The roasting of squash entails a few steps.

The first thing you need to do is cut it in half and remove its seeds.

Afterward, you can choose how you want to dress it up. It does not matter if you sprinkle paprika on top or if you use brown sugar.

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