GreenPan Lima Frypan Review

GreenPan Lima Frypan Review

Choosing the right GreenPan Lima frypan cookware can be very difficult due to the different types and brands available. You must know exactly what you want, what you will do with it, and how much you can afford. Simple frying pans can cost anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars. Where is the difference?

Most cooks prefer the non-stick or Teflon type of cookware due to its ease of use and easy cleaning. There are many factors to consider when shopping for non-stick cookware. That is why we are introducing you to the GreenPan Lima frypan of cookware.

GreenPan Lima Frypan

What is so Special about GreenPan?

The “GreenPan” company is a pioneer in the field of ceramic non-stick cookware that contains no toxic chemicals or pollutants. There is no PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium in Thermolon’s ceramic coating. It won’t blister, flake, give off toxic fumes or transfer to food even if it’s accidentally overheated.

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We focus on protecting the environment and reusing materials at GreenPan. The carbon footprint of the factory where the pans are coated is 60% lower than that of other factories. This is why GreenPan has won several environmental and eco awards.

Why a GreenPan Lima Thermolon Fry Pan?

GreenPan Lima Frypan Thermolon

With many different frypans of cookware at a variety of price points, GreenPan is one of many producers of cookware. Its Lima frypan is designed for someone who likes to cook at home. Using these products on a daily basis and maintaining them correctly will enable them to last for many years.

Due to the way GreenPan’s products are constructed, it is a bit more costly than other well-known brands. A hard-anodized aluminum base and a heavy aluminum base are used to make it, and it has a ceramic coating for even heating. The use of different colors gives the pan some character and makes it scratch-resistant.

A healthy alternative to Teflon is then added in the form of a Thermolon coating. It features a riveted stainless steel handle that is easy to use and transfer. This pan and handle can be used on the stovetop or in the oven.

What is the Difference?

Most non-stick and Teflon-coated pans cannot be heated to moderate or high temperatures. As the chemicals used to create the nonstick surface break down at higher temperatures, toxic fumes and flakes may escape into your food.

Thermolon was created by GreenPan to address the harsh environmental and health issues caused by chemical preservatives in traditional nonstick cookware. If maintained properly, it can withstand heat up to 600F (degrees) and is made from natural minerals that are heat resistant.

Thermolon is not completely non-stick, so you will need to use oil or butter to prepare meals. You need not be concerned about the use of butter or oil if you are health conscious. It takes about a quarter of a teaspoon to make the pan non-stick.

You can maintain it easily by using warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Using a gloss pad, wire brush, or placing it in the dishwasher will significantly diminish the lifetime of the product.

GreenPan Lima – Is it worth?

GreenPan Lima Frypan Worth

If you care about the planet and your body, the non-stick pan is the only choice. It is true that the pan isn’t strictly nonstick, but most people, when using it with butter and a little oil, have been completely satisfied with the versatility of the pan.

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Even a small amount of oil or butter can enhance the flavor of whatever you are making, and a quarter teaspoon does not have that many calories.

  • Healthy non-stick ceramic Thermolon coating.
  • Oven safe; up to 600F.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Must always pre-heat.
  • Not 100% stick-free surface.


People with an interest in both health and the environment will find GreenPan’s award-winning eco-friendly cookware the perfect solution to their cookware needs.

Their patented Thermolon coating makes the GreenPan Lima frypan product scratch-resistant using anodized aluminum coated in ceramic. The products have a heavy aluminum base that provides even heating as well as solid stainless steel ergonomic handles that have been riveted for strength and ease of use.

This cookware is superior to Teflon and other non-stick materials. Heat is no match for the GreenPan Lima frypan, which can be used from stovetop to oven without a problem. Moreover, there are no chemicals that may be harmful to our health or the environment when peeling off the coatings.

GreenPan Lima frypans can last for many years if you are willing to pay a bit more than normal and maintain them regularly.

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