Cutco Knives Review In 2022

Cutco Knives Review In 2022

The company has long been known for creating kitchen products that are a cut above. A particular feature of this company is its range of Cutco knives that are suitable for any occasion. A wide selection of kitchen knives can be found here, together with single items designed to meet specific needs.

A Cutco Knife has become a household name, and not only that, it is used by professional chefs. These cutting-edge cooking tools will satisfy any gourmet. Discover what makes each of these knives so special in this detailed Cutco knives review.


Cutco Knives Overview

A branch of the New York-based Cutco Cutlery Corporation, Cutco was founded in 1949. The company provides a variety of products that are designed to make life easier, such as gardening tools, pocket knives, and kitchen knives. More than a hundred kitchen cutlery items have been created for the company’s customers.

In the past, Cutco’s products were available primarily through door-to-door salesmen. Since the company had no retail outlets, its representatives built their customer bases one by one. Without flashy advertising to fall back on, the products’ success was due primarily to their quality.

The Cutco Warranty

We are known for offering very long and comprehensive warranties for Cutco products. Even though they are built to be durable, the damage is sometimes inevitable. When this is the case, Cutco will gladly replace the damaged products or parts on a free of charge basis.

The reason for this is that most Cutco knives and other products carry lifetime warranties. It even extends to damage that the user causes rather than the damage that is a result of manufacture. In this respect, Cutco knives are a real investment, and many people consider them worth paying a higher price for.

The Chef’s Knife

One of the notable features of Cutco knives is that they are very popular among professional chefs. They are durable and well-balanced, so they are very popular with chefs. The chef knife has a wide range of uses and can be used for a number of different culinary tasks.

Cutting Edge Technology

A Cutco knife’s blades are specially honed to ensure they stay sharper for longer. Consequently, knife users are able to go for long periods without the need to sharpen them. The blades are also prevented from getting too thin and subsequently wearing out.

Owning Cutco knives means that the user will not have to sharpen them. Knives with straight edges and Double-D®-edges are made of strong materials that last for a long time. As soon as the edge starts becoming dull, the user simply sends the knife away for free sharpening.

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Where Substance Meets Style

As well as having practical features, Cutco knives also feature unique and appealing styles. This special cheese knife will surely impress its users with its innovative design and very striking look. Cutting knives from Cutco feature a variety of matching handles that add a touch of style to any kitchen.

Cutco Knives Review – Plus Top 5 Best To Afford

  1. CUTCO #1865 Set Of 4 Classic Brown Model 1759 Table Knives
  2. Cutco Knives 4 Piece Table Knife Set
  3. CUTCO #1865 Set Of 4 White (Pearl) Model 1759 Table Knives
  4. Model 1764 CUTCO Traditional Cheese Knives
  5. Cutco 1728 7-5/8″ Petite Chef Knife

1. CUTCO #1865 Set Of 4 Classic Brown Model 1759 Table Knives

CUTCO Set Of 4 Classic Brown Model 1759 Table Knives

The gift box included with this knife set makes it the perfect gift for passionate cooks. In this set, each knife has a special Cutco Double-D edge. This knife is serrated and designed to make slicing meat easier.

Edges like these are designed to remain sharp for a long time. This CUTCO #1865 Set of 4 Classic Brown Model 1759 Table Knives comes with a lifetime warranty, as do all Cutco products. They can even be thrown into the garbage disposal unit accidentally, and they will be replaced completely free of charge.

This set is accompanied by four matching knives. These utensils feature dark brown handles that instantly give mealtimes a sophisticated touch. In spite of the set’s good quality, families that consist of four or five people may find it lacking in size.

Cool housewarming gifts for someone special are sure to be appreciated by people who have a hard time choosing. This set of four Classic Brown Model 1759 Table Knives by CUTCO comes with a special presentation box. They look even better with this, and it is a cool set that is sure to satisfy.

  • Boasts the patented Double – D edge.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Includes a special presentation box.
  • Not ideal for large families.

2. Cutco Knives 4 Piece Table Knife Set

Cutco Knives 4 Piece Table Knife Set

A knife set this fine is sure to last a lifetime if kept in great condition. It is available with a special polishing cloth that is microfiber. Those who polish their knives to a high shine will be pleased with the results.

A lifetime warranty is sure to be appreciated by users of this set of knives. The set can therefore serve as a real collector’s item. With the Cutco Knives 4 Piece Table Knife Set and the Westwood Gourmet Microfiber Polishing Cloth, it is sure to last for generations.

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Those searching for knives suitable for everyday use will find that this is a good option. These knives from Cutco Knives offer a 4 piece set with a Westwood Gourmet Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth that is equally sharp for steak and other tough meats. In addition to eating just about any food that they come across, they can also digest oil and fat.

This set of elegant knives will add an extra touch of class to any mealtime. It has a good balance and fits comfortably in the hand. It has a slightly tapered handle that complements the steel blades.

  • Boasts a microfiber polishing cloth.
  • Supplied as a set of four.
  • Designed to be extremely durable.
  • The storage case looks rather cheap.

3. CUTCO #1865 Set Of 4 White (Pearl) Model 1759 Table Knives

CUTCO Set Of 4 White (Pearl) Model 1759 Table Knives

The stunning knife set is sure to add a special touch to every meal. These elegant knives are a perfect addition to any special occasion. These knives are also suitable for use on a daily basis.

Having seventy years of experience under its belt, Cutco is one of the leading experts in the industry. A large part of this is due to innovation created by the company over the years. Special attention should be drawn to the company’s Double-D® edge blade technology.

Serrated edges make it easy to cut steaks without having to apply too much pressure. The knives included in this set have this type of edge. This set of CUTCO #1865 White (Pearl) Model 1759 Table Knives makes playing with them fun and easy.

The only disadvantage of this serrated edge is that many people have difficulty sharpening it correctly. This knife’s edge is designed not to need sharpening for many years without losing its sharpness. Also provided by Cutco is a free knife sharpening service when the edge becomes dull.

Also included in this warranty is any other type of damage the knives might sustain. No matter whether this issue was the result of user error, Cutco will still honor the warranty. All users need to do is send in their damaged knives for repair or replacement.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Features the patented Double-D® edge.
  • Very rarely need to be sharpened.
  • Can be difficult to sharpen these knives but you do have the option of getting Cutco to do it for free.

4. Model 1764 CUTCO Traditional Cheese Knives

Model CUTCO Traditional Cheese Knives

Have you been looking for the perfect present for your favorite cheese lover? With a 5.5″ Micro-D serrated edge, the CUTCO Traditional Cheese Knife Model 1764 is an exquisite knife made only for cheese. The cheese slicer is designed for soft or hard cheese, making it suitable for both.

Its distinctive design is one of the great aspects of this knife. 5.5′′ Micro-D serrated edge of the Model 1764 CUTCO Traditional Cheese Knives stands out in a crowded field. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that this model is much more than a pretty face.

A cheese knife like this is actually a pleasure to use. Using this device, you can cut thin cheese slices if you wish, and the cheese will not stick to the blade. By virtue of its slightly serrated edge, cheese can be sliced without any effort at all.

It goes without saying that the Model 1764 CUTCO Traditional Cheese Knives with 5.5′′ Micro-D serrated edge aren’t just for cheese. The versatile model can also be used for cutting fruit, vegetables, and various food items. Users will find that it fits so well in their hands that they will want to use it whenever possible.

  • Suitable for soft and hard cheese.
  • Boasts a very elegant design.
  • Features a slightly serrated edge.
  • The supplied gift box looks rather cheap.

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5. Cutco 1728 7-5/8″ Petite Chef Knife

Cutco Petite Chef Knife

Is there a chef’s knife that you’re looking for that is very versatile? This solid and durable Cutco 1728 7-1/2″ Petite Chef Knife can do all your cutting needs. We designed this compact yet mighty knife to be very easy to use, as well as to maintain. You can easily clean the special edge and keep it sharp for a long time.

Among the excellent features of this knife is that it is intended for everyone to use. It is possible to use the Cutco 1728 7-5/8′′ Petite Chef Knife either right-handed or left-handed. As well as being suitable for large and small hands alike.

For anyone who loves to cook, this knife will probably be the only one they will ever need. With a length of 7-5/8 inches, the Cutco 1728 7-5/8′′ Petite Chef Knife is versatile enough to handle delicate tasks as well. It is also able to handle all types of heavy-duty tasks with ease.

Additionally, the chef’s knife is backed by a lifetime guarantee. It is therefore the ideal kitchen companion for all types of cooks. Accidentally broken models can be repaired or replaced free of charge.

It gives users an opportunity to practice handling this knife and hone their skills. Knives such as the Cutco 1728 7-5/8′′ Petite Chef Knife are usually lighter than usual. The result is less pressure you need to apply to get perfect cuts.

  • Designed to fit everyone.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Made of durable 440A steel.
  • The handle is quite thin.


Those who are looking for knives should pay closer attention to Cutco knives. With the Cutco knives range, you’ll find a variety of beautifully crafted knives designed for durability. The materials used in making these knives are of top quality and are known to be extremely durable.

People who purchase knives from Cutco will likely find that they cost a lot less over time. Cutco knives are expensive to come with a great warranty and excellent customer service. Cutco’s combined experience of more than 70 years can be relied upon to contribute a lot to your project.

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