Breville Tea Maker Review 2022

Breville Tea Maker Review 2022

What is the easiest and most fool-proof ways to prepare tea and other beverages? A Breville Tea Maker is an innovative tea brewer and steeper that automatically steeps and brews tea. The tea maker eliminates the guesswork in the process of making tea and delivers a perfect cup of tea every time.

It is designed to be compatible with any granulated tea type. You’re encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with different kinds of infusions.

We will go over the Breville Tea Maker to find out what makes it so special, so let’s get started.

Breville Tea Maker

What You Get

Choosing this tea maker provides you with a large power base complete with different controls. A durable jug with a lid rests on the power base, and an elegant tea basket and cup lid are stowed inside the basket. There is also an owner’s manual and a tea scoop included.

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1. The Power Base

Breville Tea Maker Base

The main foundation of this model is the power base, which delivers 1,500 Watts and 110-120 volts. An attractive stainless steel power base with a few clear buttons is set up on the base.

An overview of the different buttons is provided below:

  • The Auto Start button automatically starts the brewing process at a preselected time. Pressing the Keep Warm button keeps your tea warm for up to an hour. Pressing the Basket button lifts or lowers the basket.
  • You can choose Tea Type to select different preset brew temperatures for different types of tea. The Tea Strength button allows you to select a mild, medium, or strong brew. Hot Water heats the water, while the Tea button activates the brewing cycle.
  • The power base also features a large backlit LCD screen that displays the brew temperature. There are also Time Control and Temp Control buttons that allow you to manually change the brew time and temperature.

2. The Jug and Jug Lid

There is a 1,500-milliliter capacity to the glass jug, which is fitted with a clear plastic handle. There are five different amounts of liquid marked on the side of the jug as a guide. Fill levels start at 500ml, while you can go up to 750ml, 1,000ml, 1,200ml, and the maximum is 1,500ml.

3. The Basket and Basket Lid

Breville Tea Maker Basket

A basket made of perforated stainless steel is provided for the storage of loose tea leaves. Large enough to hold 112 cups of tea leaves, the basket has plenty of storage space. Magnets in the basket are attached to a post inside the jug, which contains a lid that holds the leaves in place while the leaves are being brewed.

4. The Scoop

With a 1-tbsp capacity, this small plastic scoop is clear and small. With it, you can measure out your loose tea leaves and other ingredients to a high degree of accuracy.

5. The Owner’s Manual

A detailed owner’s manual describes all the basic functions and operations. You can also find troubleshooting suggestions in the manual. There is a guide in the manual that walks you through the different kinds of tea and gives you tips on brewing and infusing them.

You should keep the owner’s manual close by while familiarizing yourself with the machine. You may also access an online owner’s manual by visiting the Breville website.

The Settings

Breville Tea Maker Setting

This machine has five pre-programmed settings for creating your favorite brew. It is possible to choose the correct parameters for black, green, white, herbal, or oolong tea, just by pressing a button. Depending on the type of tea you drink, you may need to adjust the temperature or amount of water used during the brewing process.

Choosing the tea type is followed by selecting the strength. The strong brew is brewed for four minutes, the medium brew for three minutes, and the mild brew is brewed for just two minutes.

Manual adjustments can be made if the pre-programmed settings do not quite suit your preferences. You’ll find up and down buttons next to the Time Control and Temperature Control buttons. You can change the brewing time and temperature by doing this.

The Brewing Experience

Breville Tea Maker Experience

In a few simple steps, you can turn your teapot into the perfect cup of tea thanks to the special settings. The jug should be filled with your chosen amount of water before it is attached to the middle of the power base. Put your tea leaves in the basket with the scoop provided.

Placing the lid on the basket and attaching the basket to the magnetic pole will allow the basket to be placed on the jug. The jug lid should be inserted into the jug, the desired settings should be selected, and then the brewing process can begin.

It will heat up to the temperature set. After reaching the correct temperature, the basket will automatically descend into the pool. The basket will remain submerged for the duration of the brewing process.

There will be a loud beep from the machine at the end of brewing. Likewise, the basket will be removed from the water. The tea is now ready for consumption, or you can choose the Auto Warm button to keep the temperature the same.

The Auto Start setting allows you to enjoy freshly brewed tea in the morning. In addition, the Hot Water button allows you to boil water as you would with a kettle.

Care and Cleaning

This model is recommended to be used for the first time by running one boiling cycle and discarding the water. During this process, all protective residues and dust from the manufacturing process are removed.

Several parts of the Breville Tea Maker are dishwasher safe-the scoop, basket, basket lid, as well as the lid of the jug. If you prefer to clean them by hand, then you should use soapy warm water and a soft sponge.

We would like to remind you that the power base and jug cannot be placed in a dishwasher. A damp cloth should be used to wipe the base clean. You should dry the power base completely before plugging it in and starting the brewing process. It is advisable to empty the jug of left-over liquid after each use. The jug should be wiped and rinsed thoroughly to remove any residue.

Cleaning the jug with abrasive cleaners, chemicals, or steel wool can scratch it. Ensure that all Breville Tea Maker components are thoroughly dried before storing.

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The Warranty

Nevertheless, this model comes with a limited product warranty of only one year. In light of the functionalities of this tea maker, the warranty seems rather inadequate. This model is durable, so you can be sure you’ll be able to use it for many years.

  • Five pre-programmed settings.
  • Large stainless steel infuser.
  • Dishwasher safe components.
  • Detailed owner’s manual.
  • Only labeled in metric units.

What we think?

Especially if you’re very particular about every single detail of your tea, then you’re sure to love this model. A tea maker from Breville is an absolute must for those who appreciate high-quality loose tea. The correct temperature will always be used to brew your tea and you will never have to worry about over steeping it.

It makes the perfect gift for your tea-loving friend who already has everything. In spite of the high price tag and accuracy of this model, not everyone can afford it. There may be no need for this machine if you already have a tea-making method that you enjoy.

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