Breville Smart Oven Pro Review

Breville Smart Oven Pro Review

A glance around the average kitchen shows a host of appliances performing a variety of tasks. Most kitchens have an underrated appliance you will most frequently find in them: the toaster oven. In just one glance, this appliance does more than anyone could ever presume to be possible.

In the race to be the toaster oven, many names are competing. Which one is the clear winner today? The Breville Smart Oven Pro, which combines a convection toaster oven and microwave, is currently on our wish list.

This compact oven has Element IQ technology, which can handle a variety of tasks.

We’re going to learn everything about the Breville Smart Oven Pro in our review…

Breville Smart Oven Pro

The Perfect Dimensions for any Kitchen

Whether you have a small or a large kitchen, the Smart Oven Pro with Element IQ is the perfect appliance for your countertop. Are you currently struggling with squealing voices screaming for breakfast during your hectic mornings? Compared to conventional ovens, the Breville Smart Oven Pro cooks in 30 percent less time.

Consider what would happen if you loved baking, but just downsized everything for everyday adventures from a tiny camper. The Smart Oven Pro allows you to enjoy your hobby wherever you are, provided that you have the right electrical setup. The dimensions of the Smart Oven Pro are 14.5″ x 18.5″ x 11″, so you can arrange the countertop arrangements accordingly.

No matter if you want to save time or not heat your house with a full-sized oven, the compact Smart Oven Pro might be right for you.

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Functionality You Can’t Beat

Breville Smart Oven Pro Function

So let’s rewind a little bit and tell you what exactly Element IQ is. Element IQ is a product that uses five quartz elements to provide even and continuous heating to any meal. You can put dinner on the table faster than your kids can wash their hands in the Smart Oven Pro’s 1800W of power.

With ten settings to choose from, from toaster to roast to broil to slow cook, there is definitely something to suit your mood. The convection setting can be used if you’d like to speed up the cooking process. With the slow cook option, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner for one over the course of the day. The slow cooker can cook for up to 10 hours, before switching to “keep warm”.

Oven lighting…

The integrated oven light will never take away the feeling of checking on your grandmother’s apple pie mid-cycle. Upon the expiration of your timer, the oven light will automatically come on to illuminate your fabulous creation. If you want to peek inside and see for yourself, there is a switch you can use to switch the light on and off as much as you wish.


We need to focus on some specifics, such as the largest amount of food that can fit inside the toaster oven. There is plenty of room to fit six slices of toast, a big pizza, and nine muffins in this bad boy with a 13.25-inch x 11.25-inch x 5.25-inch interior.

With this product, you won’t need to use scratched-off symbols to figure out what to do. It has an LED display that will ensure that you make the proper selections easily.


Let’s say you’ve baked all this dough and what typically happens? A little cleanup. This oven features a nonstick coating on its internal surface for the easiest cleanup possible and no burnt-on bits.

One oven rack that’s easy to clean, as well as baking pans, broiling racks, and pizza pan, are all included for a lower price than a set of new tires. Additionally, the removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean those pieces that are too hot to pick up.

The device is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and has a lot of functions, but how about its efficiency? It is known that using the convection setting will reduce cooking time by up to 30%, which means that you will have extra time to plan tomorrow’s meal. Should you forget about dinner or not have heard the alarm, the keep warm setting keeps your food ready to eat for two hours after the oven has finished cooking.

How do you use it?

Breville Smart Oven Pro Use

The Smart Oven Pro makes the cut for being the toaster convection oven due to its ease of use. Having a large LCD screen, ensuring that you don’t need to look for your glasses at first, and easy-to-use dials make it even more attractive.

Under the display screen, the start/cancel button is located between the function dial and the main unit button. On the top panel, there is a couple of large dials. On the top dial, you can control the toast’s temperature (or its darkness), while on the bottom dial you can control the toast’s timer. Between the medium dials on top and the large dial on the bottom are the buttons for selecting Celsius or Fahrenheit.


This toaster oven has a stainless-steel exterior, so it will match virtually any kitchen design. It allows you to watch your bagels crisp up in real-time because of the glass door. A guide is included on the door for the placement of racks according to your selected cook setting.

The door is pulled down from the top with an easy-to-grasp handle. A cleaning notch can be found under the door for the removable crumb tray. In order to ventilate the oven properly, air vents are situated on both sides.

Special Features

Breville Smart Oven Pro Features

When compared to other models, the convection setting is what sets this toaster oven apart.

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Nonetheless, how do convection heating systems work, and why is it necessary in the kitchen?

In terms of convection heating, a fan circulates the air within the oven. Your food finishes faster, and it cooks more uniformly inside and out, giving it consistent crispiness.

Take advantage of your convection setting while cooking bagels, cookies, pizzas, and Sunday roast dinners. When you bake in the Smart Oven Pro, the sky’s the limit with a temperature range of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Easy to use.
  • Compact size.
  • Large LCD.
  • Slow cook setting.
  • Stainless steel finish.
  • Functional and versatile design.
  • Interior light.
  • Exterior can get hot when running for long periods.

Want to Compare Models?

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Final Thoughts

Can you really live without this toaster oven? If you’re looking for functionality and versatility all wrapped up together, then The Breville Smart Oven Pro is your next purchase.

Cooking settings, temperature range, and of course, the beautiful display are features we appreciate. No matter if you’re upgrading your toaster oven or just downsizing and are searching for the right investment, this toaster convection oven will not disappoint.

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