25 Boozy Cupcakes Recipes

Boozy Cupcakes Recipes

You can make some boozy baked goods to make your party even more fun this weekend! My favorite type of cupcake to make is a boozy cupcake, especially when it’s homemade. Even though I don’t drink, adding liquor to cupcakes is an interesting and easy way to make them more flavorful. Having a taste of these boozy cupcakes won’t get you tipsy, but it’s sure to make you feel like you’re in heaven!

Your favorite drinks are infused with the flavors of these little beauties but without the hangover. The tradition of making boozy desserts has been around for a long time in my house. Among these boozy cupcakes are some pretty impressive ones. With flavors ranging from delicate champagne and pia colada goodies to beer-infused delights, everyone will find something they like. This cupcake is only for adults, sorry kids! Don’t hesitate to read on and you’ll thank me later!

1. White Russian Cupcakes

Having become a fan of creamy cocktails and especially the White Russian, when asked a few weeks ago to create a recipe based on an existing drink, I instantly decided to do the White Russian. This classic cocktail is made with Bailey’s Coffee, Vodka, Cream, and Chocolate topped with a dusting of cocoa powder. Those who have never tasted one should not miss out! These cakes have been made to represent the original cocktail as closely as possible.

Cakes are made with whipping cream instead of butter and topped with White Russian buttercream instead of frosting. It means that they contain a fair amount of alcohol, so if you’re driving, don’t eat one! Although I love creamy cocktails, I also love cupcakes with hidden centers, so I thought it didn’t seem too out of character to add dark chocolate and vodka ganache center to the White Russian.

2. Rum Coconut Cupcakes

The rum you use in this recipe doesn’t need to be finicky. This cupcake recipe calls for dark rum, which I usually have in my liquor cabinet. Back when I was working on cruise ships, I would use Tortuga coconut rum if I could find any. It doesn’t usually happen to me since I always choose both! My taste in boozy recipes became apparent to me when I sat down to write this post. Do not worry if I have not included your favorite, I have a few more in development! I love making these coconut rum cupcakes because they are so flavorful!

These treats become adult-friendly when you add liquor, so they’re fun to share with friends. It is especially noteworthy that these cupcakes contain only rum in the cupcakes and not in the frosting. Delicious and moist, these cupcakes will blow your mind! We are heading into the holiday season soon, so these are the perfect desserts for the season. Combining these flavors creates a magical combination. This is a complete comfort food that you can make in a cupcake tin. They can also easily be prepared ahead of time if necessary. Cupcakes and frosting can both be made ahead of time, and then saved until you’re ready to frost.

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3. Moscato Cupcakes

Today I am sharing these sweet little heart-shaped cupcakes with all of you because they are so adorable and so dainty. The Moscato flavor wasn’t even mentioned yet as part of all that. There’s nothing like Moscato. One of the best gateway wines. As a sweet wine enthusiast, I thought this flavor would make a lovely Valentine’s cupcake as well.

You won’t believe it, but all these cupcakes contain Moscato! There doesn’t appear to be any such situation. You can expect it to have a thicker, almost syrup-like texture, but it will have the same wine-like flavor with less liquid. This cupcake also gets its color from the Moscato reduction! As a result, the batter turned a pale pink color, and I enhanced it slightly by adding a dab of pink gel food coloring. There is nothing complicated about these cupcakes besides the reduction.


4. Bourbon Maple Bacon Cupcakes

I crave maple bacon doughnuts so much that last fall, two friends who don’t know each other bought me two different doughnut shops that had maple bacon flavors. Adding candied bacon to maple cupcakes makes them the perfect adult treat. These bourbon-spiked cupcakes are topped with maple buttercream and are sure to be a hit at any party. Any occasion is a good reason to bake Bourbon Maple Bacon Cupcakes! Featuring sweet, salty, and savory elements, these cupcakes make an exquisite dessert! There’s something about maple and bacon that appeals to me.

A little bourbon was also thrown in to make this more like an adult treat rather than breakfast. It was therefore conceived that these Bourbon Maple Bacon Cupcakes would be made. Maple and bacon give them a breakfast flavor at first, but bourbon gives them a rich oak flavor as you chew. I’ll also be having this family gathering this weekend, so these small-batch cupcakes will be perfect for a small gathering.

5. Champagne Cupcakes

Champagne Cupcakes are a festive dessert that would make a great gift for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, or anyone who enjoys champagne. Making champagne and vanilla-flavored fluffy cupcakes is easy with these two simple steps. Several different versions of this recipe were tested for you and both were successful. Using a box mix or homemade recipe, you can make champagne cupcakes quickly to make your celebrations a whirlwind in no time.

Delicious champagne buttercream tops easy vanilla cupcakes flavored with champagne. Whether it’s a celebration or a birthday, these cupcakes are perfect! You can serve these delightful cupcakes on NYE or at any other celebration you are hosting. Honestly, I think the champagne buttercream is amazing. A champagne flavor that is out of this world! The recipe is basically my yellow cupcakes, except I have added champagne! You can serve them at any party because they are moist and fluffy.

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6. Strawberry Chardonnay Cupcakes

Take your cupcakes to the next level! The combination of sweet strawberries and real chardonnay gives these cupcakes an elegant feel. Light, fluffy whipped icing spiked with chardonnay rounds off the dessert. This recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes for Two is a delicious homemade treat that can be enjoyed by you and your loved one.

An elegant touch is added to these strawberry cupcakes by blending real chardonnay with them. Adding some chardonnay to the whipped icing makes these cupcakes extra special. I have included the recipe in this article for you to find. A delicious Valentine’s Day treat for someone special, these moist and flavorful cupcakes are sure to please.

7. Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

There is a reason why these cupcakes are one of the most popular recipes on the site. Guinness is mixed with Baileys Irish Cream and Irish whiskey and topped off with a shot of Baileys Irish Cream. While I have never tried it myself, I’ve heard that it is a smooth, delicious milkshake that does not curdle when eaten before it sets. It’s never been my thing to do shots, so I’ll call it a day after eating some cupcakes. For me, cupcakes are better than shots every day of the week!

Making these cupcakes may take a few steps, but they are actually very simple. Before filling the cupcakes with ganache, I waited for it to thicken, but you could fill the cupcakes while it’s still a little soft, as the ganache will firm up inside. Although the beer doesn’t taste like beer in the cupcakes, the filling and frosting definitely do. Whenever I make these for anyone, they absolutely adore them and can’t get enough of how delicious they are. They make the perfect boozy Irish cupcake trio!

8. Mojito Cupcakes

Cupcakes shaped like everyone’s favorite cocktail! To me, Mojitos are the epitome of summer drinks full of ice, mint, lime, and rum. Despite the fact that there might be no ice in my Mojito Cupcakes, everything else about the Mojito is included. I always think of Mojitos when I hear about brown sugar. The batter contains a bit less yogurt this time around since we’ll be adding in some liquids such as lime juice and white rum.

I used Bacardi because the wedding left us with so much left over that we could probably open an off-licensing business. It is okay to add rum in large quantities. You can increase the amount to four or five tablespoons if you like your frosting with more kick. Just make sure there is enough icing sugar in the buttercream to avoid it being runny. Lime juice is also added to the buttercream because a Mojito cupcake wouldn’t be complete without it.

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9. Pina Colada Cupcakes

The first few sunny days of spring have been enjoyable here. My body has been yearning for days like these rather than winter’s landscape. Even though pina Coladas are more popular in the summer months, I just could not resist. A heart procedure was performed on my dad in the first week of March. The experience was, as you might expect, a little scary and anxiety-inducing. But even if it’s a cupcake vacation after all the gray days and hospital atmosphere, I felt like I needed it. As I don’t have any speed, I just fake it with food, then eat them on my couch while watching a kiddie pool with all my brightest lamps and wearing my sunglasses and flip-flops.

Everything depends on getting there. While I’m looking forward to coming out of hibernation, I’m ready to get started. You will love them, even more, when they make the top five list of your favorite cupcakes! The cupcakes tasted just like a Pina Colada but in cupcake form, so everyone went crazy over them! There is no other cupcake I’ve ever made that is as moist as these and I can’t get enough of the coconut buttercream frosting!

10. Crown Royal Butter Pecan Cupcakes

Crown Royal is a wonderful dessert, but I never knew it could be made until I participated in a Crown Royal tasting! Making these Crown Royal Cupcakes doesn’t require any baking experience! You can use even a miniature Crown Royal in this recipe since it only requires a small amount. Whenever you make these cupcakes again, I think you’ll want a large bottle of Crown Royal handy!

This time around, I thought it was time for another cupcake and wondered if adding a little Crown Royal would be a good idea. So far, it has worked very well! You don’t have to worry about too much whiskey flavor. This Crown Royal Cupcake really shines with its vanilla and fruit flavors. Besides a large frosting tip for your pastry bag, you’ll need to make pretty cupcakes as well. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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11. Mudslide Cupcakes

The Mudslide Cupcakes were an opportunity for me to sample a coffee-flavored boozy cupcake that I had never tried before. It’s true, ladies, there are cupcakes called mudslides! There are many mouthwatering boozy cupcake recipes, but this one is my top pick. You won’t believe how excited I was to share this with you. Despite having so many other cupcake recipes bookmarked, I was compelled to try these, and boy, did I like them.

A perfect treat for coffee and chocolate lovers, Mudslide Cupcakes are the perfect treat! Bite into the cake’s light and fluffy texture and the frosting’s luscious, rich chocolate taste. In the process of making these frostings, I sampled them generously. A friend of mine is expecting a baby soon, so I took an extra batch of non-boozy cupcakes to a party as a precaution, hoping she would be able to enjoy some cupcakes.

12. Kahlua Chocolate Cupcakes

Then I’d tell you something great or funny that has happened. But I’m not thinking of anything clever as I write this post. I’m sitting here next to two sleeping dogs snoring like rhinoceros, reminding me how much I’d love to curl up between them right now. Despite my best efforts, my kitchen is a freaking disaster. The process of baking takes place constantly, so you shouldn’t be surprised. Whenever a dish is washed, it is used immediately again.

Trying not to stress will ensure that the results of the acupuncture are not ruined. It’s a stressful situation. They are definitely worth it when it comes to these cupcakes. The perfect combination of chocolate, Kahlua, caramel, and sea salt. Friends, I have a sweet and salty treat for you. There isn’t much work involved in making these cupcakes. The batter is easy to mix, and the icing is even easier to mix, so you’re well on your way to your new favorite cupcake.

13. Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes

Actually, I have a few family members on my husband’s side who share my birthday, so I made cupcakes for everyone over the weekend. Baileys Irish Cream is one of my favorite drinks any time of year, but around St. Patrick’s Day, I find it especially appealing. The Baileys Irish Cream recipe combines Irish whiskey, cocoa, and cream to make flavored chocolate cupcakes and frosting.

There is a hint of Irish Cream and caramel in these Baileys Irish Cream Cupcakes, and the center has a chocolate-caramel surprise. The Bailey’s Buttercream was then topped with icing tips for the fabulous cupcakes. With chocolate ganache drizzled on top, these Bailey’s cupcakes are perfect for the Baileys lover!

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14. Almond Amaretto Cupcakes

A rare event happened on Christmas Eve night. It was great to bake with my hubby! This was an unintentional mistake. Suddenly, I realized I had forgotten to put together the overnight breakfast casseroles for Christmas morning after we had gotten into bed and were almost ready to sleep. Some things had been prepped, but they had yet to be assembled. After I told him, the hubby got up with me to assist, so we were able to complete the process faster. Despite his absence, these cupcakes turned out great, but you won’t believe how late he was when I put them together. What might have happened is impossible to determine.

Cupcakes like these were made by request and were seriously delicious. This cupcake base uses almond extract for its flavor and is moist and fluffy. Making the batter begins with the creaming process, which is the first step. With almond extract also added to the buttercream frosting, it’s a classic American favorite. I can’t imagine anything better than a cupcake at the end! You’ll love the light, delicious almond flavor of this dessert! All of them could be eaten in one sitting by me.

15. Fresh-Squeezed Mimosa Cupcakes

Whenever you are planning a New Year’s Eve party, you will want to serve these cupcakes. If you enjoy brunch with mimosas and dessert with champagne, pair them with them. Champagne or sparkling wine would be a great partner for today’s mimosa cupcakes. You’ll like the flavor of the frosting and cupcakes if you like the taste of it out of the bottle. Even if the champagne taste is faint, you can definitely detect a difference between the two.

Our recipe has worked wonderfully with dozens of sparkling wines, including prosecco. The most delicious mimosa you’ve ever tasted is now available in cake form! Make your mimosa cupcakes your own way by decorating them however you like. A gold sprinkle shower topped each cupcake after the icing was swiped on with an icing knife. You can’t go wrong with a sparkling, fresh-squeezed mimosa!

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16. Peach Bellini Cupcakes

Having cupcakes with champagne is the best thing in life, in my opinion. Several weeks ago, I considered these and then went to google them before cooking. Whenever I get an idea for something I want to bake, I always search the web first to see if someone has already done it. I may not find exactly what I’m searching for, but I’m probably close to finding something I’m looking for. My eyes were drawn to a few recipes, but these looked amazing, and I already had everything I needed.

For any summer celebration, you must make these cupcakes. Besides being adorable, these are light, airy, and fruity. The only way to give your cake a kick is to liberally smother it with sparkling wine-infused frosting. An incredibly moist champagne cake infused with peach schnapps and peach buttercream is topped with bits of diced peaches.

17. Root Beer Float Cupcakes

In the summer months, cupcake season occurs. There is a new flavor of cupcakes available every week for 12 weeks. For my daughter, the concept was really challenging at first. As a result of doing it for a few years, she no longer hesitates to ask for some. We featured this easy root beer float cupcake last year and it was a big hit. They were made for my son’s birthday party, and he asked me to serve them again today. Fingers crossed root beer cupcakes will be appreciated by the other 5-year-olds.

Our easy Root Beer Float Cupcake Recipe includes root beer barrels on top. We opt instead for root beer barrels. Having the necessary equipment nearby does not matter what you use. Every party or gathering would benefit from these Easy Root Beer Float Cupcakes. There will be a lot of excitement when Root Beer cupcake lovers see, taste, and smell them. I have created a variety of variations of buttercream frosting over the years to add variety to any cake or cupcake. These cupcakes are topped with root beer frosting that you will lick off the bowl.

18. Sangria Cupcakes

You can enjoy a White Sangria Cupcake at the beginning of the weekend or at the end of the work week. There is just the right amount of booziness in them! Holiday parties always enjoy these crowd favorites. When making boozy cupcakes for the first time, you probably wonder how you will incorporate the wine. However, it really could not be simpler! You simply mix wine into the batter for your cupcakes. Sangria is made with white wine and citrus fruits, which mimic the flavors in your favorite sangria recipe.

This unofficial First Friday of summer, we’re serving up a sangria cupcake recipe that combines a favorite summer drink with one of our favorite desserts. Additionally, wine can be added to your buttercream. If you want the flavor of the wine to be amplified even further, brush some extra wine over the tops before decorating the cupcakes. When it comes to boozy cupcakes, you cannot go wrong. Perfect for your next girl’s night or any celebration, these easy Sangria Cupcakes are easy to make and taste great.

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19. Jack and Coke Cupcakes

The Jack and Coke Cupcakes recipe is by far the most popular recipe on my site. The level of love you all have for this recipe is crazy to me, but I completely understand. The deliciousness of this food will make you want to keep eating it. Among all recipes on the site, Jack and Coke Cupcakes are among the most popular! With a creamy whiskey buttercream frosting and a rich Jack Daniels whiskey chocolate ganache, these chocolate cola cupcakes are bursting with flavor.

Embrace the classic cocktail with a cupcake. A basic mixed drink doesn’t get any simpler than this. Cupcakes that are chock full of chocolatey decadence are sure to satisfy even the strongest cravings. In addition, the cake will be infused with cola, giving it an extra layer of flavor and texture. An intense flavor is added by Jack Daniel’s ganache which fills each of the cookies. Plus, a whiskey buttercream frosting tops off the whole thing. Whenever you bite into it, it gets better and better.

20. Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

We’re sure you’ll love these Guinness chocolate cupcakes, no matter what your beer preference is. Stouts like Guinness are often used in baking and are almost always paired with chocolate due to their roast coffee undertones. The two go well together because Guinness accentuates the natural flavors of chocolate, like coffee. Desserts don’t usually taste like beer, they just taste like chocolate accentuated with malty undertones.

Throughout the years, I have drilled into my head that baking is a science. The batter suffers from the consequences when too many ingredients are thrown in. Because I cracked the code to make soft, moist chocolate cupcakes with real Guinness flavor. A cake that has not been iced can be kept at room temperature for up to five days in an airtight container. Up to three months can also be kept frozen for the uniced cakes. Ensure that the frozen food has been defrosted thoroughly at room temperature.

21. Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes

The word cupcakes in my blog name have led people to ask if I offer cupcake catering services. Cupcakes are my favorite food, though. There is the perfect amount of cake to frost in these cupcakes. Surely I would share a recipe for boozy cupcakes! Combined with a glass of sweet, fruity red wine, rich chocolate cake is the perfect dessert experience. In the Poconos, Mountain Goat Red wine is a perfect pairing for our cake. You can compare it to grape juice with an extra kick.

This is what we call the ultimate cheese and wine pairing. There was still more wine inside when you thought everything couldn’t get any better. Chocolate wine ganache fills these delicious treats. I wish we could show you a photo of the center, but before I could take one, we ate them all. Easy and fun alcohol-infused cupcakes made from a box cake mix are a great dessert idea. You are sure to be the hit of your friends with these rich, adult-friendly cupcakes!

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22. Margarita Cupcakes

There’s a new year coming, and then it’s time to party! My favorite Margarita Cupcakes are Margarita Cupcakes, which I don’t drink except the occasional wine. Considering it, I think it may have been the first cupcake. As we ring in the New Year, I found myself craving something indulgent. This was the perfect opportunity to recreate this recipe from my childhood. Despite only having one thing in common, this recipe turned out incredibly well!

It’s just everything about this recipe that’s great! These cupcakes are moist, fluffy, and infused with lime and tequila, so they’re exactly what you’d expect in a margarita. A beautiful green hue that is naturally derived, quick, and easy, does not require vegan eggs, has a rich lime flavor, is perfect for the summer, is perfect for entertaining, and does not require any vegan eggs. You won’t want to miss out on these tropical cupcakes with their bright and refreshing flavors.

23. Gin & Tonic Cupcakes

Having recently discovered the joys of G&T, my boyfriend has collected quite a few Gin bottles as well. Among the recipes people requested on my Facebook page recently, these Gin and Tonic Cupcakes were popular. Because I was not sure how to begin, I made a batch of normal cupcakes with tonic water and gin.

There is something so easy and quick about this recipe. Cupcakes like these would be a perfect treat for any get-together or celebration, whether it’s a birthday or wedding. You can serve them at summer garden parties or Christmas dos, either way, your guests will love them! Cupcakes made with gin and tonic that are deliciously boozy! Here’s a delicious, easy recipe for a light, fluffy sponge cake that’s filled with gin, soaked in lime, gin, and tonic sugar syrup, and topped with gin-infused butter icing.

24. Lemon Prosecco Cupcakes

In downtown Chicago, I worked as a pastry cook in a high-end restaurant where I discovered my favorite cocktail. The bar was offering 75% off drinks after your shift, so I naturally couldn’t refuse such an offer! It was a contemporary twist on the classic French 75 cocktail, which the bartender named pillow talk. Prosecco was topped off with a little bubbly after the syrup, elderflower cordial, vodka, lemon juice, and half a shot of vodka.

This recipe calls for lemon curd cupcakes filled with Prosecco whipped cream and then topped with lemon curd. I’m looking forward to baking away in the kitchen with brilliant mixer colors. Featuring a fluffy, quick-mix cupcake base and a sweet Prosecco buttercream, these lemon Prosecco cupcakes have a subtle boozy note. These elegant cupcakes will have you enjoying your favorite bubbly cocktail as you reminisce about your favorite edible glitter, pearls, and sparkler candles.

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25. Tequila Sunrise Cupcakes

It’s my pleasure to share this post with you today. Back when I first began baking, I spent many nights and days learning all about baking and cake decorating. Having said that, you can imagine how shocked I was to be asked to contribute to Carrie’s blog a few weeks ago. Due to my tendency to underappreciate myself, I am always surprised when others take an interest in my work or ask me to contribute to their websites. My admiration for her site goes back a long way, so I am very excited to contribute to it.

I’m seriously honored to have my first blog post published on her site alongside so many other amazing cake decorators and bloggers. It’s right up my alley to make a cocktail into a cupcake. It was the first time I tried Tequila Sunrise that I fell in love with it. Among the ingredients in this cocktail are orange juice, grenadine, and tequila. Tequila and sweetness are a great combination. Go check out my Tequila Sunrise Cupcakes over there! It’ll be once a month for me to hang out.

Boozy Cupcakes Recipes

25 Boozy Cupcakes Recipes

The weekend is almost here, and there’s no better way to make your party more fun than by making some boozy baked goods! My favorite type of cupcake to make is a boozy cupcake, especially when it’s homemade. Having a taste of these boozy cupcakes won’t get you tipsy, but it’s sure to make you feel like you’re in heaven! It has been a long-standing tradition in my home to make boozy desserts. Among these boozy cupcakes are some pretty impressive ones.
Course Dessert
Cuisine American


  • White Russian Cupcakes
  • Rum Coconut Cupcakes
  • Moscato Cupcakes
  • Bourbon Maple Bacon Cupcakes
  • Champagne Cupcakes
  • Strawberry Chardonnay Cupcakes
  • Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes
  • Mojito Cupcakes
  • Pina Colada Cupcakes
  • Crown Royal Butter Pecan Cupcakes
  • Mudslide Cupcakes
  • Kahlua Chocolate Cupcakes
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes
  • Almond Amaretto Cupcakes
  • Fresh-Squeezed Mimosa Cupcakes
  • Peach Bellini Cupcakes
  • Root Beer Float Cupcakes
  • Sangria Cupcakes
  • Jack and Coke Cupcakes
  • Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes
  • Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes
  • Margarita Cupcakes
  • Gin & Tonic Cupcakes
  • Lemon Prosecco Cupcakes
  • Tequila Sunrise Cupcakes


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