Blackstone Griddle 28″ vs 36″

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It doesn’t get more party-like than a good ol’ fashioned BBQ. Cooking food outdoors is something that simply brings people together.

The Blackstone original line of griddles was introduced in 2005, with the aim of innovation in event-style cooking and bringing modern convenience and style to an age-old activity. Blackstone’s premier griddle remains to this day its flagship product; it now comes in two versions.

We’ll compare the two Blackstone Griddle models to see which one will be your next cookout companion!

Blackstone Griddle Reviews

Blackstone Griddle 28″

Best Blackstone Griddle for Small to Medium Gatherings

Blackstone Griddle 28″

The 28-inch Blackstone Griddle is the baby brother to the 24″. With its ultra-portable design, Blackstone intended this model to be ultra-mobile. Despite all of its prowess, the Fire Magic Griddle weighs just 75 pounds, making it relatively light for an outdoor grill. Thanks to its two heavy-duty casters, transport has never been easier.

Griddles such as this one can be wheeled easily from the garage to the backyard or across a parking lot.

With folding legs, you can significantly reduce the size when loading into your vehicle. Folding cantilever shelves left of the cooktop offer additional prep space when in use but can be folded away neatly for storage and transportation. A cleverly positioned shelf on the bottom and a removable grease trap make the container both clean and incredibly convenient.

Blackstone Griddle 28″ Guide

This couldn’t be further from the truth in this case. Powder-coated black steel makes up the body of the griddle, while stainless steel burners are embedded in a thick cold-rolled steel surface. Take our word for it; this BBQ griddle will last you a lifetime. Its durable and rust-resistant construction ensures you’ll be serving good times for years to come.

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You might change your life if you try! Honestly, we could not believe how easy it was to use the Blackstone Griddle 28″. Using this grill will eliminate messy charcoal, matches, and kerosene. Attach your propane tank (which is conveniently stored under the left-side shelf) and click “ignite” to get started. Your barbecue will be ready as soon as the electronic ignition system ignites the dual H-burners!

Blackstone Griddle 28″ Tips

Powder-steel surfaces prevent food from sticking to the cooking surfaces. By doing so, you not only reduce the risk of burnt burgers but also simplify cleanup. Then just wipe it down after cooling so it’s ready for your next event.

Combined with the H-burners, the cooktop has two independently regulated heat zones that ensure an exceptionally even temperature distribution across the entire cooking surface. With each burner offering 15,000 BTUs, a combined 30,000 BTU output is available.

BTU is just an abbreviation for British Thermal Unit. It is a unit of heat, defined as “the amount of heat needed to up the current temperature of 1 lb of water by 1° Fahrenheit”. To say it more simply: this griddle brings enough heat to handle any grilling situation. Another standout benefit of the Blackstone Griddle 28” is that it offers a smokeless grilling experience, so you can cook virtually anywhere.

  • Easy to assemble and break down.
  • Weighs only 75 lbs.
  • Electronic ignition for hassle-free cooking.
  • Clean up is a breeze.
  • Size may limit you to smaller gatherings.

Blackstone Griddle 36”

Best Blackstone Griddle for Large Gatherings or Commercial Use

We will now talk about the big boy. The Blackstone Griddle 36″ is virtually identical to the smaller one, with a few notable differences.

There is no difference in the construction of the frame or in the folding components for both griddles: black powder steel, folding legs, grease catcher, and an integrated shelf below. As with the 36″ model, the Blackstone Griddle uses the same electronic ignition system to ignite the same H-burners.

In the same way, these two griddles are made from the same grill cloth, but there are a few similarities in their construction.

Blackstone Griddle 36” Guide

There’s a lot to like about the 28″, and that means more of the same excellent features the 28″ offers. In the 36″ Blackstone Griddle, there is a bodacious 720 sq. inches of cooking surface that is way above the 470 square inches. This makes the smaller model’s cooktop appears insignificant in comparison.

There are not two, but four H-burners under the cooktop so you can get the same consistency as with the smaller model. Due to the addition of two more burners, this model’s BTU output doubles, going from 30,000 to 60,000 BTU.

There are four heat zones that deliver more heat while also offering multiple cook options. As a result, you can be cooking more efficiently–though you might have to be a multitasking master (or an octopus) to utilize all four simultaneously. Don’t worry, we do have faith in you!

Blackstone Griddle 36” Tips

By increasing in size, the Blackstone Griddle 36″ goes from 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches to 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches, resulting in a weight increase of 120 lbs, almost twice that of its smaller sibling.

Blackstone’s larger model still has portability at heart, even though it comes with four heavy-duty casters (two of them lockable). While its size and weight have increased, you can still effortlessly move this griddle from one room to another.

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  • Can produce three sizes of ice cube.
  • Portable unit.
  • Very quick ice production.
  • Heavier than other portable units.

Blackstone Griddle 28″ VS 36″ Summary

Shared Features

Please note that the Blackstone 28 “and Blackstone 36” bases are similar, including:

  • Black powder steel construction
  • Foldable legs
  • H-burner heat system
  • Electronic ignition

Key Differences

With the growth of the 36 inch Blackstone, Blackstone was able to tackle some of the most amazing objects in the world, including:

  • Four controllable heat zones vs. two
  • 720 sq. inch cook surface vs. 470 sq inch
  • Four heavy-duty casters vs. two
  • Two folding side-shelves vs. one

Still Undecided?

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Final Word

It is important to remember that these two griddles are both high-performance and will suit any mobile chef. Through the Blackstone 28″ and Blackstone 36″, Blackstone has developed an efficient and intelligently designed cooking product.

You will have to decide which one is best for you based only on your needs. For those who cater commercial events or are the heart of the weekend tailgate, it is our recommendation to get the Blackstone Griddle 36″.

You’ll find all the power and space you need for your culinary endeavors here. The best part is that it’s still portable so you can easily transport it between your home and the event.

When you are more of the backyard BBQ type, preparing food for your family and perhaps a few friends, the Blackstone Griddle 28″ will provide you with an efficient and ample cooking surface. Ideally, you will spend less time worrying about the grill and more time with family and friends when you host a cookout.

These are both great options in our book! Now you just have to decide what size is right for you.

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