Best Twin Gear Juicers In 2022

Best Twin Gear Juicers In 2022

In most people’s minds, the juice is made from squeezed orange halves stuck in a cone-shaped juicer. Although the juice industry encompasses much more than just this one domain.

If you’re serious about getting every ounce of juice out of both fruits and vegetables, you’ll need a masticating juicer. Moreover, while some machines come with a single auger for chewing, top-of-the-line models have two gears. Using these machines, the toughest stalks, tiniest leaves, and crunchiest roots can be shredded, leaving no trace of juice behind.

Let’s explore the top twin gear juicers currently available on the market and find your perfect match.

Top 3 Best Twin Gear Juicers Purchase

  1. Tribest: Greenstar Elite
  2. Samson Green Power: KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer
  3. Tribest: Greenstar Pro

1. Tribest: Greenstar Elite

Best Value for the Money Twin Gear Juicer

Tribest: Greenstar Elite

As we begin our review, we will analyze a Tribest machine, and we will finish it with another machine from the company. Despite its affordable price tag of around $500, the Greenstar Elite is one of the best twin gear juicers available.

This machine first and foremost squeezes the magic out of fruit and vegetables. This machine is equipped with stainless steel twin gears that work hard. These gears have different parts designed to attack different materials, such as the teeth inside your mouth.

The cutting points are so sharp you can tear through stringy vegetables like celery with them. A scalloped recess lines the sides of the gear teeth, making them ideal for cutting the best leafy greens and herbs. Lastly, the big gear teeth sift through hard fruits and vegetables, including carrots and apples, pinning down all the goodness.

As the gears rotate at 110 revolutions per minute (RPM), the material is able to pull out the maximum amount of nutritional content. It can produce a refreshing glass of juice in just two to three minutes, but it isn’t really fast. The juice that comes from the machine is also very good. The juice is so fresh and bursting with nutrients!

Occasionally there may be some foaming, but this can be mitigated by adjusting the pressure adjustment nozzle.

With the Greenstar Elite, you can swap out the homogenizing blank for a filter screen, making it possible to process all of these diverse foods, as well as many others.

On top of all of this, you can use the juicer for 12-years with a 12-year motor warranty. It is amazing how long machines can live in a world where they are so prone to self-destruction!

  • Slow rotation makes excellent, highly nutritious juice.
  • Can make nut butters, sorbets, and more with included extra attachments.
  • Filter gets clogged easily and may need clean up every 2-3 glasses of juice.

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2. Samson Green Power: KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer

Fastest Twin Gear Juicer

Samson Green Power: Twin Gear Juicer

As opposed to the Tribest Greenstar Elite, the Green Power KPE1304 comes in at just under $500, making it one of the most affordable twin gear juicers on the market today. The fact that it turns at an average speed of 148-160 RPM also makes it one of the fastest machines of its kind.

Juice aficionados will most likely tell you no. Since the materials get sliced, chopped, and chewed up for longer periods of time, the more nutrients are extracted, right? Faster speed can also result in more heat, which adversely affects the quality of your juice.

In our experience, the temperature of the machine did not increase significantly if run according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which include taking a break every 25 minutes. However, at the speed the juicer operates, 25 minutes is already considerably longer than a typical juice session.

Now, this juicer has a two-horsepower engine, so even though fruits and vegetables will be easily juiced. A combination of fruit and vegetable screens can be used with different types of juice, depending on how pulpy you want your juice. In addition, it has a homogenizing blank which can be used for grinding coffee, making doughs, or even grinding meat.

It is also different because the gears are different in their own right. Twin gears on Green Power are situated at a distance of 0.0039 ′′ inches, which is as close as they can be without touching. Their close proximity makes them the best option for leafy greens and wheatgrass. However, they don’t have the points and recesses that the Greenstar Elite takes advantage of in order to destroy everything in its path.

In short, it is a rugged, powerful, and fast machine, but the juice coming out isn’t quite as good.

  • It’s fast – this juicer is almost 50% faster than most juicers, with no real added heat to worry about.
  • The most affordable twin gear juicer on the market.
  • Gears and screen can get clogged with stringy vegetables.

3. Tribest: Greenstar Pro

Most Durable Twin Gear Juicer

Tribest: Greenstar Pro

Our review of the Tribest Greenstar Elite saw the machine compared to the Green Power. The Greenstar Pro is another model from the same company, which we should evaluate now.

It should also be noted that Greenstar Pro and Elite have exactly the same gears and 110 RPM juicer speed. Furthermore, both machines have a reverse function to prevent clogging. This means that the juice coming out of each machine is identical. It’s fresh and flavourful and packs a punch.

While this machine weighs slightly more and is more durable, the guts are almost identical. There is no difference in the taste of the juice, and the juice is produced exactly the same way. These machines both include fine and coarse screens to handle various amounts of pulp, plus a homogenizing attachment that can make nut butter and similar products.

One of the few differences we can discern is the warranty. The Pro machine comes with a 2-year commercial warranty and a 15 year home warranty. The longevity is quite remarkable, but you’re paying an additional $200 for an additional three years of warranty if you’re using this at home.

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  • Extra-long 15 year warranty for home use.
  • Slow rotation makes excellent, highly nutritious juice.
  • Can make nut butters, sorbets, and more.
  • Fine filter gets clogged easily and may need clean up every 2-3 glasses of juice.

How to Choose from The Best Twin Gear Juicers?

Centrifugal juicers are the most efficient and inexpensive juicers on the market. These machines are basically blenders with fine mesh, so they spin and chop while separating juice from the pulp. Though they do a pretty good job, they don’t achieve the full benefits of fruits. How about veggies? Hardly at all!

By contrast, masticating juicers chew their way through fruits and vegetables to extract as much nutrition as possible. Single-auger masticating juicers are commonly found on the market.

In order to create the tastiest, purest, and most nutrient-packed juice, you need a dual gear machine. It’s important to choose a triturating juicer (the other name for twin gear juicers) that chops, shreds and squeezes fruits and vegetables to extract everything they have to offer. But not all triturators are created equal. You need to consider a few very important factors when choosing the best juicer.


Best Twin Gear Juicers Price

The cost of a centrifugal juicer can be as low as $100, and the cost of a masticating juicer can be as low as $200. The big kahunas on the other hand are the twin gear juicers. Pricing for these ranges from about $500 to $1500. I know, I know, 1500 dollars for a juicer!

The price of a machine is determined by the warranty you receive and the materials it’s made from. For a budget-friendly machine review list, we included gears made of stainless steel and plastic bodies. Machines made entirely of stainless steel will cost well over $1000. In addition to the ten-year warranty, these high-quality machines also cost more.

Power and Speed

The desire for more power is universal. In the end, how much does it really matter if you crush some fruit and vegetables? This appliance only needs about 200 Watts of power, which isn’t much for a home appliance. That’s a fraction of the power used by ice-crushing blenders, which can use 600 Watts or more.

Speed is More of an Issue When Making Juice

There are some machines that run at only 80-90 RPM, which makes juicing every morning very time-consuming. The machine will not let you go – you have to keep immersing your material into its mouth.

Ideally, mid-speed machines should operate at 100-120 RPM. Still, they manage to extract the majority of nutrients from fruits and veggies in no more than a few minutes per glass. Having a juicer with an RPM over 120 would be impressive. Although they’re convenient, you have to be careful to not put your juice through heat that could damage its nutrients.


Best Twin Gear Juicers Accessories

There are a lot more uses for a twin gear juicer than just making juice. There is a variety of high-quality, tough, and strong machines that can perform many different tasks. Coffee grinding, ginger and garlic mince, pasta making, nut butter making, and even sorbet making are examples. But not all at the same time! It’s a good idea to include accessories like mesh screens in different sizes with your juicer. A fine screen is perfect for leafy veggies, while a coarse screen lets a little pulp through and is ideal for softer fruits. Having additional nozzles for pasta and other things is a great bonus.

It is absolutely necessary for a twin gear juicer to have a homogenizing blank instead of a filter screen. It will enable you to grind whatever you want without screening anything out.

Plungers, replacement nozzles, and collecting cups for liquid and solid are great accessories as well. Having these can make a big difference when selecting the right machine.

But, What is Our Favorite from these Best Twin Gear Juicers?

In our review of three of the highest quality twin gear juicers on the market, we tried the juice from all of them. It’s hard to choose just one, but if we have to sit down, think about it, and choose…we can! “That…

Tribest Greenstar Elite

This all-around juice machine is a fantastic choice for those who love juice at home. You will never have to worry about it breaking, as it is strong and powerful, comes with an incredible 12-year warranty for home use, and makes some of the healthiest, tastiest juices you’ve ever had. A machine for making peanut butter, grinding coffee, and mincing meat is definitely worth the price.

Whether you choose your favorite machine or a different one, one thing is certain: it will not let you down. The moment you try a twin gear juicer, you won’t be able to live without it!

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