Top 8 Best Soymilk Makers On The Market 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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You can make your own soymilk with your soy milk maker and mix it yourself. Apart from saving money, you will also know what ingredients go into your soymilk. And you can add different sweeteners according to your tastes. And that’s not all. Combine these ingredients until you achieve the taste you want.

Using a soymilk maker saves time and yields more than using ordinary kitchen equipment. And it is a lot easier! The only thing you have to do is soak the beans, add the soaked beans and water to the soymilk maker.

Top 8 Best Soymilk Makers To Purchase In 2021 Reviews

  1. G4 Soyajoy Soy Milk Maker
  2. Tribestsoyabella Nut Milk And Soya Milk Maker
  3. 17000ML And New Stainless Steel CTS-2038 Joyoung Automatic Soymilk Maker
  4. Idavee Iae15-1.9 Liter Presto Pure
  5. No Filter – Dj13u-D988sg New Model Joyoung Soymilk Maker
  6. Stainless Steel And Fully-Automatic DJ13U-G91 Joyoung Soy Milk Maker
  7. New Model G4 Soyapower Soymilk, Almond Milk, And Rice Milk Machine
  8. Tayama’s Multi-Functional And Stainless Steel DJ-15S 1.1L Soymilk Maker

1. G4 Soyajoy Soy Milk Maker

G4 Soyajoy Soy Milk Maker

Sanlinx is a North American company that offers top-rated tofu and soy milk machines and supplies. Their products have been of the highest quality since they’ve been in business since 1999.

The G4 SoyaJoy comes with three unique features:

  • Raw Function – Even though soy milk must be cooked, some vegan milk, such as almonds, must be raw to maintain the consistency of the food.
  • Excellent Grinding Technology – The G4 Soya Joy prides itself on its excellent cooking, grinding and weekly cycle as it has temperature control. Best of all, each unit has its own temperature sensor, which is ideal for controlling and managing the optimum temperature for any operation.
  • Improved, automatic electronic controls that replace traditional relays – for longer life and maximum reliability. In addition, this function reduces the noise level during the procedure.
  • Stainless steel exterior for safety.
  • Less noise in grinding due to better grinding technology used.
  • Temperature sensor to help you check each phase.
  • Water level markings.
  • No double-walling so you can still feel if it’s too hot.

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2. Tribestsoyabella Nut Milk And Soya Milk Maker

Tribestsoyabella Nut Milk And Soya Milk Maker

We’re about to reveal the next soymilk maker we’re featuring. You are looking at the new and improved Stainless Steel SB-130 TribestSoyabella Nut Milk and Soy Milk Maker.

Make hot soup, vegan milk, and fresh soymilk effortlessly with this sophisticated milk maker. It is possible for you to make instant fresh milk in your own home only by using rice, nuts, and beans you have in your kitchen. In less than 15 minutes, you can mix and make yummy drinks such as cashew, rice, almond, and fresh soymilk. And even better, raw nut milk can be made in seconds!

  • Durable
  • Beeps loudly to alert the user that the soymilk is done
  • User-friendly
  • The blade can get very hot so it’s not very easy to clean

3. 17000ML And New Stainless Steel CTS-2038 Joyoung Soymilk Maker

New Stainless Steel Joyoung Soymilk Maker

Why was CTS-2038 Joyoung included on the list of the makers?

This is a simple answer. To begin with, the system is fully automated and computer-controlled, which helps to do the preheating, grinding, and cooking automatically. There is only one button to press to accomplish all of that.

In addition to the full stainless exterior, there is no internal filtering, nor a heating tube to contend with. This is not all. This technology is able to make cleaning much easier.

Another great feature of this machine is its microcomputer. That means it can perform various automatic actions. This process is also safe since it comes with six intelligent safety functions.

It is possible to produce more than 1.7 liters of milk from almonds, corn, mung beans, rice, and soybeans at the moment.

What’s really tempting is that if you get it now, you might even get to take home the exclusive bonus pack they give out to their customers. Included in the bonus pack are samples of non-GMO soybeans as well as discount coupons redeemable at the manufacturer’s soybean store.

  • Excellent grinding technology
  • No filter = easy cleaning
  • Comes with 1.7-liter pitcher which can serve up to 6 people
  • 30 seconds beeping after done grinding

4. Idavee Iae15-1.9 Liter Presto Pure

Idavee Presto Pure

What makes this product one of the makers of 2021? It has a larger capacity, having the capacity to hold about half a gallon. The machine also has seven other functions, including juicing, blending the soup, making oatmeal, porridge, and making milk. Along with the ability to make hot milk and soups, the machine can make cold juices.

You won’t get burned while cooking, heating, or cleaning because the stainless steel is protected by two layers. You can also grind and clean much easier.

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Those who purchase this in the US will be offered a 1-year repair or replacement guarantee. The labor guarantee is also included.

  • 7 full functions in a single machine – juicing, making pureed soup, oatmeal, porridge, milk, etc.
  • 20 minutes to make soya milk
  • Durable
  • The company needs to improve in handling orders of the machine while still in transit

5. No Filter – Dj13u-D988sg New Model Joyoung Soymilk Maker

Dj13u-D988sg New Model Joyoung Soymilk Maker

This unit made it onto our list of the best soymilk makers of 2021 as an updated version and model of DJ13M-D988SG. You get a user’s manual and a Chinese and English panel.

Due to the motor’s 20000 rpm, this device does not have a filter, and you can grind the beans easily with it. That does not mean you won’t get residue from it.

Your milk can be set at the perfect temperature and timing by this device. Wherever and whenever you want, you can drink hot, warm, or cold drinks.

There is also a warm setting. Hence, liquids and drinks can be warmed whenever needed when cooled. Absolutely no waste.

  • 3D heating technology
  • Time presets
  • Temperature presets
  • Manual is in Japanese

6. Stainless Steel And Fully-Automatic DJ13U-G91 Joyoung Soy Milk Maker

Stainless Steel And Fully-Automatic Joyoung Soy Milk Maker

This product was rated as the maker of 2021 because of its warming function, as well as its convenience. The product can also be easily cleaned so cleaning it shouldn’t be a hassle.

The ultra-fine technology in this grinder makes grinding soybeans seamless and simple.

Moreover, it’s made of stainless steel 304, making it perfect for healthy cooking, grinding, and drinking.

The ease of use of this unit by many users and the warranty that comes along with it made people very happy.

Using it is a pleasure and you never have to worry about repairing or replacing it.

  • Improved bean grinding technology
  • Food grade (304) stainless jug
  • English and Chinese manuals
  • Multi-function: heating, grinding, warming, and juicing
  • No need for filters – ready to drink
  • Recipes and online website are both hard to comprehend too

7. New Model G4 Soyapower Soymilk, Almond Milk, And Rice Milk Machine

New Model Soyapower Soymilk

What’s the story behind G4 Soyapower being listed among the top 8 soymilk makers of 2021?

This new product replaces SoyaPower Plus, the top seller of soymilk makers.

Now you can make more milk and soup when you buy it in 1.3 liters.

There is also a bottom heating system and a thermoplastic outliner.

The stainless steel cooking chambers and grinders that are stain-resistant, leak-proof, and insulated by a plastic external layer have been praised by users.

Hold up, there’s more. This machine also has 8 built-in functions such as making soup, brewing beverages, and making raw milk from nuts, grains, and beans.

Smart cooking phases utilize state-of-the-art temperature and water level sensors. The sensors are made of a new generation of filter-free interior cleaning and design.

Also, you’ll find a state-of-the-art power control that’s known for its durability and high performance.

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  • Stain resistant
  • Eight functions and 1 button
  • Water level and temperature sensors
  • Machine staining that reaches the shaft

8. Tayama’s Multi-Functional And Stainless Steel DJ-15S 1.1L Soymilk Maker

Tayama’s Multi-Functional And Stainless Steel Soymilk Maker
  • This brand is on the list of the best producers of soy milk because it has a capacity of 1.1 liters.
  • It also has a rated power of 750W 60Hz 120V.
  • It also has a unique design which allows the machine to produce a lot of juice, porridge, pasta and milk.
  • The product receives a double emulsifier which finely grinds the beans, leaving plenty of nutrients and flavors.
  • It also has a high quality stainless steel jug wrapped in thermoplastic material which guarantees safe handling even when hot.

The device also has an electrode that prevents liquid overflow. The device offers more leak protection. X-blades made of pure stainless steel also enhance the efficiency of cutting and grinding.

The soymilk comes from soaking the beans first. Your machine will simply beep when it’s finished making it. After soaking and grinding, that process takes 30 to 35 minutes.

  • Even cooking as heat is fairly distributed all over the body
  • Cheaper compared to other soymilk makers
  • Bearable noise – not too loud
  • Only 1.1 liters


Best Soymilk Makers Guide

Making soymilk with the right maker is very crucial. How do you choose the best brand? There is a very simple method. Check out the brand’s reputation, read other people’s reviews, and read specifications.

Our list hopes to help you make a decision that’s perfectly tailored to your needs based on these items.

If no soya milk is consumed regularly in the household, a soya milk maker can just be stored on a shelf or cabinet. There is more to make from a soya milk maker than just soy milk!

There are two processing elements on this machine – one for heating and another for churning. You will be able to do a lot more than just grind beans and make soymilk with such functionalities.

Additionally, the machine is able to make porridge using any ingredient that a user has on hand in the fridge or kitchen.

The machine also makes it easier to make a hot soup that is pureed faster. Add all raw materials together and just press the button. That’s all it takes to do this. Rice porridge is easily made from pre-cooked ingredients by simply heating them up.

Make sure you know what your needs are, read our review, and then purchase a soymilk maker.


Best Soymilk Makers Conclusion

Every market is competitive, and soya milk makers are not an exception to this rule. This is why buyers should make sure they find the right product that meets their needs by being smart and thorough. Most competitors do not play by the rules. It may therefore happen that some products are marketed incorrectly or are wrapped in insane sales ploys.

Our reviews of soy milk makers will hopefully help you make the best decision. Have fun shopping and get healthier!

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