Top 15 Best Shelf Liners Available In 2022

Top 15 Best Shelf Liners Available In 2022

Shelf liners make cleaning easier and prevent items from shifting around in your cupboards, whether you’re looking to make your home more eco-friendly. They’re an excellent solution to daily problems, such as hitting pots against one another while cooking or losing cleaning supplies while traveling in your camper. There is no longer any reason to worry that your items or shelves will become unnecessarily dirty or dented.

“Shelves should be lined with shelf liners because they protect your shelves, are easier to clean, and also help keep your items in place so that they don’t slip around,” says Hannah Goetz, professional organizer, and owner of Hannah Goetz Organizing. Among the places Goetz recommends they be used are on kitchen cabinets and drawers, as well as under the sink cabinets. Typical storage areas in the pantry and bathroom drawers, where accessories and tubes of toothpaste are typically kept, are also ideal locations for shelf liners.

As you shop for shelf liners, keep in mind this: there are a number of options available and it’s important to look at the appearance and durability of each liner. There are liners with a decorative design as well as liners with a more practical design. Moreover, it is crucial to pick ones that can easily be cut into the right size to fit your shelves.

1. Gorilla Grip Kitchen Drawer and Shelf Liner

Gorilla Grip Kitchen Drawer and Shelf Liner

Since Gorilla Grip’s shelf liners are one of the most popular kitchen supplies, there was no doubt they would be included in the list.

Since these non-adhesive shelf liners grip very well, they are ideal for kitchen shelves. Therefore, you will not need to worry about it sliding or moving from its position on the shelf.

They are available in five different sizes so they can be used with any type of kitchen, and within each of those sizes, there are 19 varieties of colors and designs to choose from. There is also the option of pre-cut sizes for these kitchen shelf liners.

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These shelf liners feature an open grid construction that keeps dust and debris from collecting in the corners and on your shelves.

2. Duck Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Select Grip EasyLiner

Duck Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Select Grip EasyLiner

On the bottom of the Duck Select, you will find a firm, grippy surface. This helps keep the item in place, as well as anything you may place on it. It is an effective way of reinstalling your gum without leaving gum staining on your cabinet surfaces.

With a wide range of colors to choose from (nine), you can make the right choice. It can also be placed in drawers or cabinets because it prevents scratches.

Consistent, uniform patterns make for a simple, yet eye-catching addition to your interior design.

It offers excellent protection for fragile items, as well as is an ideal RV material. Cuts easily and can be machine washed.

3. Sterling Shelf Liners For Wire Shelf

Sterling Shelf Liners For Wire Shelf

We offer Sterling shelf liners in custom sizes. Those are some common shelf sizes, and this could be yours. By using this item, you will not have to cut by hand, which is often not very accurate.

A semi-circle shape is made to fit around shelf corner bars to ensure that it is machine-cut accurately. They come in a variety of colors, including graphite, black, and clear (see-through).

The item is waterproof, which makes it easy to clean. Featuring a durable 30 gauge polypropylene material, Sterling shelf liners are of the highest quality. It can be used both in homes and in industrial spaces thanks to its material type.

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4. Macbeth Self Adhesive Shelf Liner

Macbeth Self Adhesive Shelf Liner

The shelf liner MacBeth is adhesive on the bottom. Kids will enjoy this option, especially those with older children. No matter how much they shake your cabinet, you can be certain nothing will fall from it.

Waterproof, this item can be used to line drawers in refrigerators, bathrooms, and humid drawers. Other applications include outdoor tables and walls because, high or low, dry or wet, it does not shrink.

The easy-to-clean surface can be cleaned with soap and water. Each pack includes two, so you are always getting some extras!

5. Seville Classics 2 Individual Smoke Gray Fitted Shelf Liners

Seville Classics 2 Individual Smoke Gray Fitted Shelf Liners

Perhaps you have a wire rack in your kitchen that needs a corresponding liner. A product like this one from Seville would be a good fit. This product is best used with uneven bases.

It is best suited and designed for use on wire racks, yet it can be used in other ways as well. The versatility of this product is its biggest advantage. Kitchen cabinets, drawers, closets, or even refrigerator racks can easily be used with this.

Polypropylene is a very flexible and waterproof material, and it has a thickness of around 0.2 inches. This liner is convenient to install too. Adhere it to the intended location. When you cut it, you’ll get an exact fit. The best type of cutter to use is a sharp one. You should also use double-sided tape once the cutter is in place.

So, it provides a smooth surface on which to keep small jars, bottles with funky bottoms, and other small but essential pieces of kitchen equipment that are easily lost.

The non-adhesive nature of these filters allows you to reposition or remove them whenever you need them. Because they are waterproof, you can simply wash them when necessary. You can wash them even with soapy water for the best results.

There are also two liners in a translucent smokey gray color included in this item. Only if you choose the small size (18*18″) will you be able to give your shelf a classy appearance at a moderate price. It costs a little more money to have the larger size of this liner.

6. Drymate Under The Sink, Premium Shelf Liner

Drymate Under The Sink, Premium Shelf Liner

A shelf liner like this will save you from spills and leaks. In addition to being made in the United States, this product contains 50% recycled material. Phytosorb is a patented fabric liner made of absorbent fabric material that absorbs liquids.

The waterproof backing feature prevents liquid matter from soaking into the mat, preventing damage. The mat can also be used for drying dishes. Since the mat has a well-textured surface, water will not leak out freely.

Furthermore, the mat is designed with a slip-resistant feature to keep it from slipping. Keeping the liner in place on the cabinet surface is facilitated by it.

This product can also easily be installed due to its universal size. If necessary, you can trim the item with household scissors to fit the required size. Your materials will remain intact.

It will be easy to clean the mat as well since it can be washed. This item can be scrubbed with soap or washed in the washing machine. However, bleaching the fabric can damage it. Allow the mat to air dry completely afterward. This product is therefore durable and should last for a long time if properly maintained.

7. Warp Brothers Warp’s Plast O Mat Shelf Liner

Warp Brothers Warp’s Plast O Mat Shelf Liner

Warp Brother’s shelf liners come in clear colors. Its neutral color allows it to be placed on any shelf. A pattern of raised bands keeps it in place while preventing it from moving.

This cushion provides cushion protection to fragile items made of soft plastic.

As Warp’s Plast O Mat is breathable, it prevents mold growth by allowing air to circulate. The openings also allow water to flow through. You don’t even have to wipe off the water; it’ll fall right through!

The device works well in both bathrooms and refrigerators. Warp Brothers are also weatherproof, so they can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

8. DII Non-Adhesive Cut To Fit Shelf Liner

DII Non-Adhesive Cut To Fit Shelf Liner

Viscose (60%) and polyester (40%) are combined to make this product. It is a soft material that can be machine/hand washed. Compared to a single-sided device, it can be flipped over to the other side when it gets dirty.

This liner is available in a wide range of patterns. The two per pack usually provide more than enough for everyone.

Suitable for use in cabinets, refrigerators, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, this shelf liner is an all-purpose material. As long as the area is moist, it absorbs the moisture and dries out.

9. Amorous 3 Rolls Shelf Liners

Amorous 3 Rolls Shelf Liners

It is likely that many of you are searching for shelf liners that can be used in refrigerators. The Amorous shelf liner would be suitable for you then. Food drippings that cause a mess in your fridge can easily be avoided. You can also keep your fridge clean and sanitary by using this shelf liner.

This product is made of highly qualified and food-grade EVA. Consequently, you can keep fruits and vegetables on the liner without worrying about contamination. Furthermore, the material prevents dirt or residues from getting on the cabinets and shelves.

There is a chemical smell associated with most shelf liners, which may not be comfortable for some people. The odorless shelf liner on this model is an exception. It comes in excellent precut standard sizes. You will not have to deal with hassles when installing the liner on your drawer.

A scissor can also be used to cut or shape the liner to meet your needs. The liner is not adhesive in nature. It is therefore very straightforward to place it on the shelf and then trim off the remainder of the liner.

In addition, the shelf liner material is rugged, durable, and non-slippery. This makes it unlikely that water will damage the liner. As a result, the liner remains firmly attached to the surface due to its non-slip feature.

This shelf liner is also easy to clean. A wet cloth and sponge should be used to clean the area thoroughly with mild soap. All products are washable and reusable. Additionally, the liner has a faster drying time. This allows you to keep it clean and prolong its useful life.

Other than that, this liner serves multiple purposes. One of them is to serve as a refrigerator mat when storing various foods. To clean your drawers, shelves, cabinets, dressers, desk mats, and so on, you can use this. Besides making your cabinets look neat, this model will also make them look beautiful.

10. Bloss Plastic Shelf Liner

Bloss Plastic Shelf Liner

You can use this shelf liner if you’re looking for plastic shelf liners. The shelf liners are highly durable, easy to clean, and can go everywhere in the house! It doesn’t matter whether you need them to cover a wire shelf or protect a DIY project, they’re an excellent choice.

This particular lining is not only highly durable but also stylish. You can choose from eight different colors so you’re sure to find the perfect accent for your home. These are available in a few different sizes as well. Regardless of what you select, they can easily be cut to fit into smaller areas if you need to.

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Their non-adhesive nature ensures that they won’t damage the original surfaces of the shelves. They don’t bunch up or slide under your items because they are made of high-quality materials.

In what situations can these liners be used? Almost anywhere! It’s a multi-purpose product. These can be used in cabinets, on desks, inside clothing drawers, in refrigerators, on countertops, and in many other places.

11. Con-Tact Brand Zip-N-Fit Shelf Liner

Con-Tact Brand Zip-N-Fit Shelf Liner

You’re likely talking about the Con-Tact Brand Zip-N-Fit universal shelf liners. Cuts well even around the edges, and this product is incredibly easy to use!

The patent-pending design of the device is a pull-action design. If you just tug on it, it cuts straight lines to match your exact dimension! Since it’s 18 inches wide, you get a great fit for just about any application.

The table is made to be incredibly durable and waterproof, so you can wipe away stains with water.

A cushioned liner provides cushion protection to keep your items from rolling around in drawers, cabinets, etc.

12. Conimar Shelf Liner For Wire Shelving With Locking Tabs

Conimar Shelf Liner For Wire Shelving With Locking Tabs

Depending on the width, the Conimar shelf liner can be 12 or 16 inches wide. There is a 10-foot length, it is soft, and it’s easy to trim. With its semi-transparent texture, it will complement any other color scheme you have in the kitchen.

The top and bottom features keep it from slipping. Top surfaces are solid surfaces; bottom surfaces have integrated locking tabs that keep them secure.

You should check this out if you have children. It doesn’t matter how much they shake your cabinet; your shelf liner won’t move.

As a wood cabinet shelf protector, it prevents your solid shelves from getting dented or scratched. Waterproof and durable, you can also use it in the refrigerator and bathroom.

13. CSS Rainforest Shelf And Drawer Liner

CSS Rainforest Shelf And Drawer Liner

Shelves and drawer liners in Rainforest come in two widths and lengths. The dimensions are 12″ x 20′ and 20″ x 24′. Also available in four different colors (black, purple, taupe, and white), you will surely find one that suits you.

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Having a non-adhesive bottom makes it easy for users to lay it down and remove it. It is a non-slip bottom, however, is ideal for holding items in place.

With its easy-to-cut surface, and its cushion-like top that provides both some protection and grip, the piece can be cut easily. The bag is perfect for both heavy and light items, and it is easy to maintain with a sponge.

14. Any Kitchen Stuff Freezer Mats Shelf Liners

Any Kitchen Stuff Freezer Mats Shelf Liners

There are many great foam shelf liners on the market, and this one particularly stands out. You can use it to store fruit and vegetables. Depending on what type of product you are using, you can use the mat in or out of the refrigerator. These mats are designed to keep your produce fresh for longer periods of time. As a result of the foam liners, your food is able to retain its texture and taste.

Besides reducing odors in your fridge, it also reduces dust. Customers often place them on every shelf in the fridge, even if they don’t have anything on top. Using liners will enable you to place yogurt, jars, and milk on top of your fridge shelving so that your shelves are protected.

You can also use them to dry off fruit after you wash it. The liner itself can be washed under the faucet and dried as normal when it looks dirty.

Using this hack will help you save money since the product will last longer. Your strawberries will no longer go bad when you open the fridge to find a bruised and moldy strawberry!

15. Yazi Floral Contact Paper Shelf Liner

Yazi Floral Contact Paper Shelf Liner

If you’re looking for something more stylish to line your shelves with, try decorative contact paper. A DIY project, lining a jewelry box, or adding some color to an antique item can all be accomplished with this. You can choose between vintage peonies or flowers.

There is no need to glue the paper to the wall. You may stick it to the wall instead. The label can be peeled off again, but do be careful with wood or cork as these can cause damage.

No matter if you plan to use it for shelves, drawers, counters, or craft projects, it’s an excellent choice. Due to its PVC composition, it is durable and should be relatively easy to maintain. Thanks to scissors, the paper can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Buying Guide: Best Shelf Liners

Be sure to consider these things before selecting the shelf liners for your needs. These are listed here to make your decision easier…

Design: Besides protecting your items, the shelf liners also add an aesthetic element to your kitchen. There are many color and pattern options available, so you should pick one that compliments your existing decor.

For those who are unsure, there are plain patterns that guarantee a perfect match.

Lining Texture: There are different textures on the liner. The smoothest is plastic, while the softest are made from synthetic fabrics.

In the case of scratch-prone items like dishes and glasses, you should purchase a soft-type liner. It is difficult to beat the cushion grip effect provided by softer liners for other items.

Adhesive and Non-Adhesive: When deciding whether to buy shelf liners with or without adhesive, the most important factor is where you intend to use them.

Economical adhesive shelf liners tend to contain more material per roll, so they are an inexpensive choice if you need to cover a lot of shelves and drawers. As a result, peel-and-stick liners cannot be easily removed completely, and it can be difficult to change their position once they’ve been applied, so you shouldn’t use them on surfaces prone to adhesive damage, including cork or unfinished wood. Make sure you measure accurately and apply the product steadily.

In order to prevent them from sliding around your shelves and drawers, non-adhesive shelf liners are designed with a non-slip bottom. These liners usually stay put, but sometimes they may shift. You get far less product per roll of these thicker liners because they are more expensive than adhesive liners.

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Cleaning: They are placed in similar positions to floor liners, so they should be relatively easy to clean. Thus, you can ensure that you are not accumulating bacteria or microorganisms that are harmful to your health. There are several methods of cleaning liner, including handwashing and machine washing, or a simpler soap and water wipe.

It is usually ok to wipe down plastic/water-proof liners, and most fabric liners can be washed like clothes. You should pick items that remain intact and do not shrink or wrinkle.

The Best Way To Install Shelf Liners

  • Measure your shelf surface. It is important when buying a shelf liner to get one with the correct width and length to appropriately meet your needs.
  • Get a pencil or pen and a ruler to mark the dimensions on your liner. Then cut it through as neatly as possible.
  • Press down the liner or roll it back to flatten it out. For adhesive-type liners, peel off the backing and stick it down very carefully to avoid bubbling or creasing. Press evenly through the liner side to side to install it properly.
  • Flatten out the edges with a hairdryer. But, remember to keep it about six inches away, to avoid creasing your liner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other uses for a Shelf Liner?

You can use it not only as protective paper but also to decorate your home. Using it as a cover for your coffee table or a part of DIY projects can make it an interesting project.

The purpose of Shelf Liners in kitchen cabinets?

The shelf liner serves both as a protective and decorative element. The shelf liner works to keep water and oil stains off the shelf. It also prevents the shelf from sliding around.

Are Liners for kitchen cabinets necessary?

I don’t see any reason not to. Cleaning and protecting the existing cupboard is accomplished with this product. Moisture damage is especially a concern when you put away cups or mugs when they’ve still got a little moisture on them. If spills occur, such as syrup or oil, cleaning up is also easier.

Does the adhesive Shelf Liner need to be removed?

Take the old adhesive liner by the corner and begin to pull. A putty knife can be used to pry it up more swiftly and effectively. Further, you can spray warm water on it or use a hair dryer to heat it. Heat or warm water help peel it off.

Where should the non-adhesive liner be placed?

Using double-sided tape on the corners will keep the non-adhesive liners steady. You can place the liners where you want them.

What is the difference between Shelf Liners and contact papers?

There are slight differences in materials and uses between them. One of the advantages of contact paper is that it has a decorative surface and it is relatively inexpensive. Another advantage of this paper is that it is incredibly adhesive. As an alternative to shelf liners, shelf liners are available in both adhesive and non-adhesive varieties. These are versatile products.

Why does a Shelf Liner not stay in Place?

You can find instructions on how to use adhesive in the packaging. There may be a non-slip side on non-adhesive surfaces, which keeps them in place. The shelf liner can also be placed on the drawer or shelf before the mounting tape is applied.

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