Top 5 Best Napkin Rings Of 2021 – In-Depth Reviews

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Your goal is to set a beautiful table. You’ve studied videos about napkin folding, and now you’re hoping to find the napkin rings to decorate your table with style. By holding the napkin in place with a napkin ring, the table setting appears even more beautiful.

A napkin ring can be made in any color, shape, or size imaginable. You’ll find rings for every holiday and season, but don’t be overwhelmed; you don’t have to be overwhelmed. In our review, we reviewed five different napkin ring options to help you choose the one that’s perfect for your table.

Top 5 Best Napkin Rings Reviews

  1. SKAVIJ Handmade Round Metal Mesh Napkin Rings, Set of 4 (Silver)
  2. Shalinindia Handmade Wooden Napkin Rings (Set of 8)
  3. Digoon Rhinestone Napkin Rings, Set of 100, Silver
  4. Efavormart Acrylic Napkin Rings, 4 PCS (Blush)
  5. Global Crafts Mahogany Wood Animal Napkin Rings, Six Pieces

1. SKAVIJ Handmade Round Metal Mesh Napkin Rings, Set of 4 (Silver)

Most Versatile Napkin Rings

SKAVIJ Handmade Round Metal Mesh Napkin Rings

Silver napkin rings from Skavij can be used for Christmas, weddings, and decorations, according to the distributor. Our team thinks that these can be used for virtually any occasion, making them one of the more versatile napkin ring sets on the market.

This set of silver metal rings includes four rings. Its diameter is 2 inches, so that’s more important than its height.

There are many ways to use napkin rings. However, you could also just slide it up from a corner, which might require a smaller diameter. In the event it should be folded, or rolled, it would need a wider diameter to accommodate the layers of fabric.

Also important to consider is the thickness of the napkin itself. Linen cloths require more space than fancy paper napkins, for instance. Having a larger diameter ring with room to spare is better than having a too-tight area through which to pull the napkin.

The silver color allows them to dress up formal affairs, or they will look equally beautiful in casual settings. They are large enough to hold napkins and a decoration simultaneously. You can customize your napkin rings every time you use them by putting a flower stem on it for a gardener coming to dinner, a holly sprig on a Christmas table, or a flag on the Fourth of July table.

We also like how easy they are to wipe down with a damp or dry cloth. Among the things that make these different is that they are made by Indian artisans. Each ring is a bit different from the others, so you can create something quite original with your table setting.

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  • Large 2” diameter.
  • Set of four.
  • Suitable for casual or formal settings.
  • On the higher end of the price range.

2. Shalinindia Handmade Wooden Napkin Rings (Set of 8)

Best Wooden Napkin Rings

Shalinindia Handmade Wooden Napkin Rings

The wood napkin rings we love are made of stainless steel. While each one is different, they all work well together. There are eight wooden napkin rings in this package, so you may have enough for your dinner party.

The napkin rings are handmade by craftsmen in India out of natural hardwood, with each ring showing the grain of the wood. As the wood has not been finished, it does not contain harmful toxins. It is important to be cautious when cleaning. Put them on the counter instead of in the dishwasher!

Colors and finishes on metals go in and out of style, but woods will never go out of style. With just about any color napkin, it goes with any occasion, and it lasts a long time.

One more thing I like about these napkin rings is their size. They have an outer diameter of just over two inches and an inside diameter of 1.5 inches. Their inside diameter is large enough to accommodate rolled napkins or if the material is not too thick folded ones.

  • Set of eight.
  • 1.5” in diameter.
  • Beautiful wood.
  • Higher end of the price range.

3. Digoon Rhinestone Napkin Rings, Set of 100, Silver

Best Bulk Napkin Rings

Digoon Rhinestone Napkin Rings

Are you in need of a substantial number of affordable napkin rings? Perhaps you are considering an unusual gift for a bridal shower or a special wedding reception. You might be a caterer who wants beauty that won’t break the bank.

100 of the rhinestone napkin rings provided by Digoon come in a package. In the case of individual price tags, they would be the least expensive. Even just looking at the cost per item, they’re in the middle of the price range. Not bad at all!

A unique feature of these is their affordability; they are inexpensive and can be used once and tossed, but if cared for, you can reuse them again. The rhinestones are attached to a mesh of silver and close with Velcro. There are a lot of advantages to using velcro to close a napkin ring.

Velcro closures on napkin rings allow you to remain assured that the napkin will stay in place. Furthermore, if you are catering, it doesn’t matter what the napkin thickness is, this napkin ring will work. Also, it doesn’t matter how your napkin is folded, as this napkin ring fits just tightly enough.

This napkin ring could either be wrapped around the napkin itself or the silverware within the napkin. We enjoyed this feature when we tested it. We had enough room for whatever we chose to do, and we could secure it with Velcro.

In case you’re setting a large table, we wouldn’t suggest doing this too early because the velcro might not stay in place. Having trouble with the velcro itself adhering to the rings, we had to use our glue gun to stick them. The Velcro on some rings simply did not adhere to themselves as it should have.

  • Large quantity.
  • Low in price.
  • Sparkley.
  • Adjustable closure.
  • Velcro subject to not sticking.

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4. Efavormart Acrylic Napkin Rings, 4 PCS (Blush)

Best Budget Napkin Rings

Efavormart Acrylic Napkin Rings

They call this color Rose Gold Blush. These napkin rings are made of acrylic in a lovely rose gold color. These napkin rings are the lowest in price of all the ones we reviewed.

Remember the adage about getting what you pay for? As far as this case is concerned, it is. Some rings were scratched or chipped when they were received. The items did not appear new, though our team suspects they were abused solely during shipping.

The outer diameter measures 2.5″ and the inner diameter measures 1.5″. Our surprise was that they are heavier than we expected. They are also a good size. Suppliers say they’re acrylic, but some metal may be found in the interior.

Our favorite aspect of these acrylic napkin rings is their shape and weight. Also, we appreciate the interior diameter since most napkins can be used with it. Nevertheless, these are not the rings, since the color was showing every scratch.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Good size.
  • Pretty color.
  • Subject to scratching and chipping.

5. Global Crafts Mahogany Wood Animal Napkin Rings, Six Pieces

Best Novelty Napkin Rings

Global Crafts Mahogany Wood Animal Napkin Rings

I think they’re the most interesting napkin rings that we reviewed. In Kenya, they are hand-carved from mahogany and then hand-painted to resemble various African animals. In my opinion, they are beautiful.

Each of these napkin rings is shaped like one of six animal species: a cheetah, elephant, giraffe, lion, rhinoceros, and zebra. The average width of pieces is 3.5 inches and the internal depth is 2.5 inches. Hand-made napkins have varying interior hole diameters, which makes them unusable because napkins will not be uniform when folded or rolled and put into napkin rings.

Beautiful little creatures like these are brittle. Many of the animals are carved by hand, and some parts, such as the trunks of elephants, are narrow and easily broken. At the testing lab, we did not receive any broken napkin rings. Though it happened that we accidentally dropped one while trying to thread the napkin through the ring, so let’s just say that the giraffe broke his neck.

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We then tested to see if a broken elephant trunk could be easily repaired. In fact, it did. Our apologies for destroying the two animals in the set, which were very cool. We cannot, however, envision many occasions when we will want African animals on our dinner table.

There’s no doubt about it, these are specialty napkin rings. This isn’t something you’re likely to use every single day. You can have fun with them in a house if you have some super glue! The only problem is that they are so fragile.

  • Unique.
  • Fair Trade Federation company.
  • Highest price of those reviewed.
  • Fragile.

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So, what are the Best Napkin Rings?

The napkin rings are a great way to set the mood at the table. It can be used to add character, dress up, hold a napkin, and even hold the tableware in place. They can also add a touch of holiday to it by decorating them. Because we love using these products, this was a fun review.

If you’re still unsure about which of those we reviewed is the right napkin ring for you, let us help you out by telling you which one is the best. We enjoyed it so much…

SKAVIJ Handmade Round Metal Mesh Napkin Rings, Set of 4 (Silver)

Especially the versatility of the rings appeal to us, and we have no doubt you will also enjoy them.

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