15 Best Microwave Rice Cookers In 2023

Best Microwave Rice Cookers

After a long day of work, cooking seems like a difficult task, especially for people who have been at work all day. People are more likely to order takeout than spend time preparing a meal after a long day at work. There are still ways you can prepare healthy home-cooked meals in a fraction of the time if this is the case.

Microwave rice cookers are ideal for cooking rice for lots of people, whether they are students living in dormitories or house chefs who are looking after their children. No matter what your living situation is, microwave rice cookers have their own benefits.

When paired with a slow-cooked stew, dinner can be ready very quickly. Getting a microwave is a must if you want to successfully make dinner in a flash. There are several manufacturers of microwave rice cookers, so it can be difficult to pick the one that is best for your needs. I have compiled a list of the most popular microwave rice cookers in the industry today as well as explanations of why they are favored by so many families.

1. Progressive International Prep Solutions Microwaveable Rice Cooker

Progressive International Prep Solutions Microwaveable Rice Cooker

This microwave rice cooker from Prep Solutions received award for its incredible affordability, versatility, and multifunctionality. This device is capable of cooking more than just rice, it can also be used to steam rice and cook pasta.

Taking a look at the body first. A majority of microwave rice cookers do not have lockable lids, so spills are likely to occur. The one in this article does. It prevents water from boiling over when you’re cooking pasta or rice, because the flip-down lid locks when the water is boiling. Moreover, this system ensures that every batch of rice is perfectly cooked.

There are three cooking bowls, one pasta draining insert, and one vegetable steaming insert, as well as multiple measuring cups and spoons, included in this microwave cooker. There’s no BPA in any of these, and even the high-power models are dishwasher-safe.

2. Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker

Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker

One of the biggest challenges in preparing rice is sticking the rice in the pan. No one wants to eat chunks and sticky rice. Not only is it appealing, but it can also be a tricky dish to swallow.

This is not a problem if you choose a collection of microwaves. This model is completely made of pure plastic without BPA. Since the stem is not sticky, the rice comes out easily and is decidedly light and smooth.

If you have any leftovers, you can easily take care of them. In addition, to be dishwasher safe, the model is safe for refrigerators. This means you don’t have to move the leftovers to another storage container.

The system is designed to facilitate collection in the rice cooking oven. In addition to rice, this model can also be used to prepare couscous, polenta, and more. You can also put vegetables and other ingredients in the jar to prepare the whole meal in progress.

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3. Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

If you have a compact kitchen, you might want to limit the number of kitchen appliances you own. Therefore, you need to choose a small and, most importantly, multifunctional device. Fortunately, the Joseph 45002 M-Cuisine microwave can be used for more than just cooking rice.

Although this model is large enough to fit in a standard microwave, it can make four servings of rice. Eating together is certainly sufficient for the average family. However, the compact design of this model means that it is easy to find when not in use.

This special microwave rice cooker starts saving time because it can produce light and smooth rice in a short time to boil a bowl of water. It is also designed to help you get rid of food inventions.

In addition to cooking rice, you can also make the perfect pasta from this template. Make porridge, soups, meat dishes, etc. The wind is strong. You will enjoy a special cookbook that will take your cooking skills to the next level.

4. Lekue Microwave Quinoa & Rice Cooker

Lekue Microwave Quinoa & Rice Cooker

A rice cooker like the Lekue is an all-arounder because it can prepare grains of every size as well as any kind of rice in minutes in your microwave. As part of the design, it also prevents water from overflowing while cooking in the microwave. 

With its simple, functional, and highly attractive design, you can place this microwave rice cooker anywhere in the kitchen. Colanders work perfectly for draining water from quinoa and other small grains. Furthermore, you can use this microwave rice cooker to cook couscous, wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat, and many other types of grains, as well.

Besides being dishwasher safe, other great features of the Lekue include the fact that it is made from 100% platinum silicone, and is BPA-free plastic.

5. MaxiAids Microwave Rice Cooker

MaxiAids Microwave Rice Cooker

The various uses of a rice cooker go far beyond just cooking rice, as we can all agree. In addition to slow-cooking stews and soups, you could even steam fish and vegetables with this model. In the event that you only cook rice occasionally, you may be able to benefit from cookware that can heat, steam, or boil other foods as well as rice.

Having a sturdy build allows this product to serve as a multipurpose pot. Plastic is used to make the cooker because it is a durable, heat-resistant material. You can also cook a range of meals without making a mess afterward by flipping down the lock lids.

The 1.5-liter capacity of this pot allows it to hold 5 cups of cooked rice. Therefore, if you have a family of five or six, this model is an excellent one to consider. Most of all, I liked the fact that the plastic was so easy to clean and that there was no plastic taste or smell left on the food after use.

6. Progressive International Microwaveable Rice Cooker Set

Progressive International Microwaveable Rice Cooker Set

There is no doubt that this is another superb rice cooker that would be ideal for anyone who is looking for a dishwasher-safe, microwavable machine. The container holds about 3 cups of uncooked rice and is therefore ideal for families with one or two children. Additionally, this model also makes cooking rice or steaming other foods convenient for students living in dorms.

Rice paddle, rice cooker, locking lid, measuring cup, and measuring cup are all included. Cooking instruction books are useful if you are unsure how much water to use to cook different types of rice.

Further, the pot is made of BPA-free plastic, so your food will not become contaminated. Also noteworthy is that the plastic lid has a handle, making it exceptionally simple to remove the pot from the microwave.

The first time I tried this microwave, I used my old one, which had a higher wattage. The microwave turntable was a bit messy since the water kept spilling, and several paper towels were placed on it. Thanks to a recent microwave upgrade, I am now using a model that requires less energy. Apparently, this solved the spilling issue.

7. Nordicware Microwave Rice Cooker

Nordicware Microwave Rice Cooker

Simple and elegant is what Nordicware Rice Cooker promises to deliver. Despite its simple design, this rice cooker is capable of cooking rice in a matter of minutes. If you want to make rice faster while maintaining quality, this rice cooker is a good choice. 

This rice cooker is also capable of cooking vegetables and pasta in addition to rice. With this rice cooker, you can also cook 8 cups of rice at one time, which is great if you have a large family. 

Also, you will not have to worry about handling this rice cooker since its BPA-free vinyl handle is cool to the touch. When you’re looking for simple, fast-cooked rice, click here to buy this rice cooker.

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8. Handy Gourmet Micromaster Kitchen Microwave Pressure Cooker

Handy Gourmet Micromaster Kitchen Microwave Pressure Cooker

With a minimalist design, the microwave rice cooker looks great. The Handy Gourmet Micromaster pressure cooker has several handles on the lid. It is also decorated with a few holes released by steam during cooking.

If you are new to cooking, you will certainly appreciate the cookbook you gave us. With a little practice, you can make pasta, vegetable dishes, soups, and more. If in doubt, the recipe book will give you the necessary instructions.

In addition, the interior of the model also serves as a hairdryer. This means that it’s much easier to prepare and then strain the pasta in this pot. If you want a minimalist kitchen, you are going to love this pressure cooker.

If you have never used a microwave before, there may not be any special instructions to avoid this. Instructions and recipes have been developed for an 800 W microwave. If you have any other type of microwave, you will need to repair it.

9. Home & Appliances Microwave Rice Cocker

Home & Appliances Rice Cocker

Rice can be prepared with this microwave rice cooker, but it can also be used to heat refried beans, soups, and many other quick meals. There are endless options here. Unlike most microwave rice cookers, this one is charcoal black and made of Binchotan.

This rice cooker has a capacity of 1.2 liters, and it does not break or disintegrate with regular use. The lid also seals in steam, which expedites the cooking process. This allows food from the freezer to be reheated faster as well. The device can also be used to steam vegetables.

10. Pampered Chef Micro Cooker Plus

Pampered Chef Micro Cooker Plus

Compact and simple in design, this model promises to lighten up the rice in the microwave. Chef Rice Cooker Plus contains dishes made from uncooked rice. Add the correct amount of water to the rice, put the pot in the microwave and you will be treated with fully prepared rice.

With this model, you can cook nine cups at the same time. This should be enough to benefit even the largest family. If you are preparing for a small group, you can add beans, vegetables, and more to the pot.

Practice is needed to ensure the correct water level and to use this microwave oven like a pro. Hope you get the right manual. Once you master the technique, you are sure to get perfect results every time.

Once you know the technique, you can get into the habit of preparing many other types of dishes. This saucepan is perfect for making all kinds of pasta and soups. A sturdy and solid design means this pot goes one step further.

11. Home-X Microwave Rice Cooker

Home-X Microwave Rice Cooker

This microwave rice cooker is designed specifically for reheating and cooking rice in the microwave. As with a classic rice cooker, the pressure chamber steams rice under pressure to provide you with perfectly tender, delicious rice every time. Putting an end to overcooked and undercooked rice is easier than ever thanks to this kitchen accessory.

You simply need to add rice and water as directed. Add the inner and outer lids to the microwave and let them cook for 15 minutes. Steam is slowly released from the inner lid pressure chamber to guarantee even cooking and fluffy results. Microwave-safe and specifically designed for cooking and reheating.

Lockable clips ensure a tight seal. The lid is equipped with steam release vents that ensure that cooking and heating are splatter-free. Whether it’s for yourself or the whole family, you can make it! This gift is perfect for all ages of cooks, whether they are beginners or experienced.

There is a 10-cup capacity on this microwave rice cooker, and there is a rice paddle included for serving. About 7.5″ in diameter and 6″ high, it measures approximately. There is no BPA in the rice cooker, and it is dishwasher-safe (top rack), so you can clean it easily. You can microwave, refrigerate, and freeze the container. With Home-X, you can find a wide range of products that are ideal for your home or office.

12. IPPINKA Donabe Microwave Rice Cooker Mug

IPPINKA Donabe Microwave Rice Cooker Mug

You are trying to decrease the amount of plastic in your home and are looking for an alternative way to cook rice in the microwave using plastic containers. Versions made of glass appear to be too thick. Consider this wonderful mug collection if you’re looking for a great way to cook individual rice pieces in the microwave without involving glass or plastic.

Microwave-friendly Japanese ceramic mugs, both white and black, are excellent for making fluffy, yummy rice. Drain well after washing 5.3 ounces of white water. Cover the mug with the lid and add 3/4 cup of water to the rice. Allow steam to remain for 10-15 minutes before serving after being microwaved for 2 minutes at 500 watts.

It contains approximately 2 cups of cooked rice, which can be consumed as a snack or combined with a protein to make individual portions. This fresh approach to making rice will appeal to your children because it is easy to use and easy to clean.

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13. Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker

Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker

Tupperware has been an integral part of homes around the world for decades. This company manufactures a wide range of storage and kitchen equipment. Their products are known for their high quality, ease of use, and durability.

The Tupperware Rice Cooker with a Purple Lots 3L or 12 Cup Microwave was definitely worth it. BPA-free plastic has been made lighter and more stylish. However, you can be sure that this model is more than a pretty face.

The cover is attached to the side with handles to hold it in place. These handles can be folded up when not in use, making the container compact and quick to store. There is also a double lid that traps and mobilizes the steam so that your rice cooks much faster.

The sides of the pot are lined with lines indicating the maximum water level and rice fill. In particular, it is much easier to measure the correct amount for pure cooking. Follow the instructions and you will make the rice very easily.

14. Progressive International Microwave Rice Cooker

Progressive International Microwave Rice Cooker

Are you not in the mood for cooked rice today? You don’t need to worry about rice cookers anymore thanks to Progressive International! Adding some quinoa or oatmeal to the cooking pot and heating it in the microwave makes a quick, nourishing meal. Considering how simple it is to use, this unit is choice for the best multifunctional cooker.

Whenever you order this item, you’ll get six cups of perfectly cooked rice, three cups of uncooked rice (either white rice or brown rice), soup, or oatmeal. These cookers are great because they keep any spillage from happening, thanks to their shelf inserts that prevent any spillage as they boil rice. Then you can just put it in the top-rack dishwasher after you’ve cooked it.

With this 6-cup capacity rice cooker, you will get a lid, nesting shelf insert, measuring cup, and a measuring spoon.

15. DAISO Microwave Rice Cooker

DAISO Microwave Rice Cooker

Daiso Pot is another model that had to make the list of microwave cooker reviews. There is nothing complicated about the design, and it is the perfect size for making single servings of rice. Suitable for preparing two cups of cooked rice often, this rice cooker is perfect for you.

Although it appears to be a very basic pot, the materials are of very high quality. Unless you want your rice to turn out chewy, you don’t need to soak it beforehand. It is only necessary to rinse the rice properly and measure the water correctly. It is better to avoid exceeding this amount of uncooked rice in this pot, which is designed to hold at least one cup.

Another feature I like is the dual lids. When rinsing rice, I found the inner cover quite handy, and it also prevents overflows. In addition to being quite detailed and lengthy, the instruction manual is also quite long.

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Buying Guide: Best Microwave Rice Cookers

When looking for a microwave brand, there are a lot of things to consider. Even if you like the design of some models, that’s only part of the story. These are important factors to consider when considering different options.


It is important to consider how much rice to prepare in your new microwave. If you live alone, a small model that can only make two cups of cooked rice might be enough for you. However, if you have to feed a lot of mouths, you need a stove to have more capacity.


It is important to look at the cover of the microwave oven. The cover must have a functional locking mechanism that holds it securely. This will help remove liquids spilled during use.

A cool touch would be to attach the handles to the lid as well. Also, make sure there are holes in the cover. The holes remove steam during cooking so that the rice does not become smooth.


Cooking rice with the best rice mixture isn’t the only use for it. Making pasta, soups, stews, and much more is possible with the basic models. You save on owning specific models of appliances to invest in other unique kitchen appliances.

Ease Of Use

The most important thing when using a microwave is to speed up the production of whole grains. The template you use should be simple and precise. Well, it should have a clear set of instructions and maybe a recipe guide.

Going To Distance

After cooking in a new microwave, you need to keep it as long as possible. The model you choose should be more robust and durable. Plastic models should not contain BPA and have a non-stick coating on the inside.

Optional Extras

The microwave with a spatula often cooks rice quickly for you. You might like a measuring cup to easily determine what water to add. Some models also have many other accessories such as spoons, bowls, and lids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I measure the rice?

It is possible to make an error when we measure the rice. You can also consult the instructions guide provided with each rice cooker. Other than that, most manufacturers of microwave rice cookers include rice measuring scoop. The scoop makes it easy to measure the rice.

Can you microwave-cooked rice?

Actually, I try to refrain from doing so. While cooking rice, a few nutrients are lost, and the taste is not as good as it once was. You should also keep in mind that it is not beneficial to try it, so in the event, you wish to reuse it, cool the rice as quickly as possible and keep it in the refrigerator. Recook within one day of having cooked the rice.

Which are the primary features to look for in the best microwave rice cooker?

During my experience using a microwave rice cooker, I have found that some of its features are more relevant than others. There are a few basic things to look for when choosing a rice cooker, including the capacity and quality of its construction. Find out whether the lid guards can prevent spills.

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