Best Korean Cooking Stone Bowl In 2022

Best Korean Cooking Stone Bowl In 2022

Cooking traditional Korean food at home is something you enjoy? It is important to have the right equipment to recreate authentic Korean dishes. One of the most important items is the type of bowl that you use to serve Korean food.

It is imperative that you use the right stone cooking utensil to create traditional Korean bibimbap. These bowls can be used for a range of dishes, including Korean soup and refried crust rice.

Let’s look at some of the most popular options so you can figure out which is the right Korean cooking stone bowl for you…

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Top 7 Best Korean Cooking Stone Bowls To Purchase

  1. Spiceberry Home Large Granite Dolsot/Haradha Bowl with Lid
  2. Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl
  3. KoreArtStory Dolsot-Bibimbap Stone Bowls 32oz
  4. Angoo Korean Premium Ceramic Stone Bowl with Lid
  5. Sunrise Kitchen Natural Stone Bowl 36oz
  6. Lotus Blue 3-Quart Cartoon Pattern Ceramic Round Black Dish
  7. Angoo Natural Stone Dolsot Bibimbap Bowl

1. Spiceberry Home Large Granite Dolsot/Haradha Bowl with Lid

Best One Liter Korean Cooking Stone Bowl

Spiceberry Home Large Granite Dolsot Bowl

This stone bowl will add a touch of elegance to any occasion with its stylish design. This Spiceberry Home Large Granite Dolsot/Haradha Bowl features a marble pattern in different shades of gray. With this product, you’ll receive a durable wooden trivet that protects your tabletop and counter.

Designed to be unique, each bowl from this collection is handcrafted. You will receive one bowl and one trivet set when you purchase. Consequently, when ordering multiple pieces, do recognize that their overall styles may differ slightly.

There is a textured granite body on this model along with a tightly fitting lid that seals in heat. Copper rings and a large copper knob are mounted at the center of the lid and the body, respectively. A good grip is provided and the knob is designed to stay cool to the touch.

Approximately 7.87 inches by 7.87 inches by 3.15 inches are the dimensions of this bowl. This container can hold up to one liter of soup or other types of food. Although it is robust, it weighs under ten pounds despite its robust design.

With this stone bowl, food will be kept hot for an extended period of time. Soups and rice are likely to retain heat for up to two hours after preparation. Taking extra care when washing bowls is recommended.

  • Wood trivet included.
  • Preserves heat very well.
  • Tightly fitting lid.
  • Needs to be washed carefully.

2. Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl

Best Easy Maintenance Korean Cooking Stone Bowl

Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl

It is likely that you are already familiar with Crazy Korean Cooking if you enjoy Asian cuisine. The company makes a reviews cookware and utensils that are traditional to Asian cooking. Each piece in the company’s collection is known for being extremely durable and easy to care for.

Adding the Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl to the company’s collection might just be the perfect move. Made of fine clay that has been glaze-fired twice and glazed with a natural glaze, this stoneware bowl is of superior quality. Lead, cadmium, arsenic, and other potentially hazardous elements are not present in the materials.

A bowl made from this material can resist heat up to 400°F. Whether over an open flame, a coil, a glass top, a broiler, or even in the oven, it is safe to use. This model can also be placed directly in the microwave without causing any damage.

Having ridges along the sides of the bowl makes it easier to hold, which is useful for holding hot food. With the bowl, you will also get a matching trivet that protects your tables and counters. This bowl’s smooth interior makes hand-cleaning incredibly quick and simple.

Only one real drawback is the absence of a lid on this model. You will be limited in the types of dishes that you can create and serve to some degree. It has also produced versions of this bowl with a lid from Crazy Korean Cooking.

  • Oven, dishwasher, microwave safe.
  • Free from lead, cadmium, and arsenic.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Does not come with a lid.

3. KoreArtStory Dolsot-Bibimbap Stone Bowls 32oz

Best Korean Cooking Stone Bowl Dual Set

KoreArtStory Dolsot-Bibimbap Stone Bowls

Have you ever shared a Korean meal with someone you care about? It will add class to your meal to serve your food in elegant dishes. If you require a bowl that will rise to any occasion, the KoreArtStory Dolsot-Bibimbap Stone Bowls 32-Oz is the bowl for you.

Double bonus…This particular set comes with a pair of incredibly durable and stunning stoneware bowls. During the making of the bowls, a solid metal band was welded to the top edge of each bowl. As well as being visually appealing, this band also prevents cracks in the stoneware bowls.

There are seven bowls, each measuring 7 inches by 3 inches by 7 inches. The space will be perfect for individual servings of bibimbap and other types of traditional Korean food. Granite stoneware is exceptionally thick and durable, and it retains its distinct coloration for years without ever needing to be recolored.

Aside from the bowls, you will receive three thick, durable wooden bases that can be used as trivets for protecting your surfaces. By stacking the three bases, the best bowls can be easily stored and carried to the table.

It is possible that wooden trivets may crack over time. The most likely cause is water soaking into the wood and expanding. To avoid damaging wooden trivets, it is best to dry them carefully after use and avoid dishwasher use.

  • Includes three wooden bases.
  • Stackable design.
  • Thick and sturdy build.
  • Trivets are prone to cracking.

4. Angoo Korean Premium Ceramic Stone Bowl with Lid

Best Gift Korean Cooking Stone Bowl

Angoo Korean Premium Ceramic Stone Bowl

This stone bowl boasts a robust but elegant design, which makes it a solid investment. Contains no lead or other harmful toxins, Angoo Korean Premium Ceramic Stone Bowl with Lid is free of lead. A robust model such as this one can be used in the fridge, microwave, dishwasher, or even the freezer.

Due to the fact that it has been fired twice in glaze, this model is extremely durable. It also contributes to the overall porousness of the material. This will ensure that the bowl remains warm for several hours.

The lid has a leak-proof hole to let excess steam out. The top is textured instead of having a knob to maintain its elegant style. It also features tiny handles on each side of the bowl’s body.

Gift this model to someone who enjoys cooking Korean cuisine. A stylish presentation box is included with the Korean Premium Ceramic Stone Bowl with Lid from Angoo. You will also receive a silicone mat in your choice of blue or gray.

You can pick up this stone bowl using the silicone trivet to place it on the table. On the other hand, it is best to avoid resting the bowl for long periods of time on the trivet. Eventually, the heat from the bowl will cause the silicone trivet to melt.

  • Made in Korea.
  • Silicone mat included.
  • Matching lid.
  • Trivet is prone to melting.

5. Sunrise Kitchen Natural Stone Bowl 36oz

Best Korean Cooking Natural Stone Bowl

Sunrise Kitchen Natural Stone Bowl

This stone bowl is sure to make it easy for you to prepare your favorite Korean dishes at home. It has been designed to make your rice crisp at the edges with Sunrise Kitchen Natural Stone Bowl 36oz. Rice, bibimbap, curries, and other Asian dishes taste wonderful in this bowl.

The inside diameter of this bowl is 7 inches, while its height is 212 inches. You can serve quite a bit of your favorite food in this container. There is a 32-ounce version of this model available as well.

Along with the stone, the bowl is a wooden trivet. You can use this trivet to protect your table from excessive heat and scratches. This trivet will also boost the elegance of your table.

Despite its robust nature, you can place this bowl directly in the oven or on the stovetop. Should you wish, you can also run it through the dishwasher following use. I am sure you will find that cleaning my hand is fast and easy.

It is best to season this stone bowl before using it to get the best results. You are likely to find the seasoning instructions confusing, despite the fact that they are given. There’s no need to stress about the seasoning process for stoneware of this nature, as a quick YouTube search will shed some light on the matter.

  • Oven and stovetop safe.
  • Set with a steel band.
  • 7-inch interior diameter.
  • Requires seasoning before use.

6. Lotus Blue 3-Quart Cartoon Pattern Ceramic Round Black Dish

Best Cute Korean Cooking Stone Bowl

Lotus Blue Cartoon Pattern Ceramic Round Black Dish

With its cute, colorful, and patterned lid, this model will make mealtimes a lot more enjoyable. A choice of two designs is available for the Lotus Blue 3-Quart Cartoon Pattern Ceramic Round Black Dish. The brown bear cartoon design or the fox cartoon design are your options.

Among its greatest features is its wide and versatile design. The perfect model for creating authentic Korean cuisine can be found in this model. This can also be used to bake casseroles, as well as a variety of other dishes.

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This model is large enough for up to four people with its capacity of three quarts. Making meals for the entire family is simple with this model. With this model, you can add your ingredients, cook them in any way you prefer, and have dinner ready in no time.

You can be sure that this model will last you a very long time because of its robust design. The product can be used in the oven, microwave, freezer as well as dishwasher. A large knob is centered in the anti-hot Bakelite lid that has top beads and a top bead.

Despite its weight, this model is rather heavy, at a little over five pounds. This can make it somewhat difficult to remove the full oven rack from the oven, especially if the liquid is present. There are also two side handles to make the process easier.

  • Cute and colorful design.
  • Anti-hot Bakelite lid top beads.
  • Durable stoneware construction.
  • Rather heavy.

7. Angoo Natural Stone Dolsot Bibimbap Bowl

Best Unglazed Interior Korean Cooking Stone Bowl

Angoo Natural Stone Dolsot Bibimbap Bowl

Choosing this model will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods as you’ve never done before. Dolsot Bibimbap Bowl from Angoo Natural Stone is unglazed on the inside. During this process, food caramelizes to allow the flavors to blend easily and quickly.

It features an exceptionally strong design, which allows it to be very versatile. Unlike other types of heat sources, it is compatible with both ovens and microwaves. The bowl can also be filled directly with boiling water without fear of a crack developing.

There is a lid on the bowl with a large knob in the center that tightly fits the bowl. The bowl is also provided with a large wooden trivet for setting it on. Using the table does not put it at risk of scuffing or scorching.

Purchasing this model also gets you a pair of cooking gloves. Wearing these gloves will make it easier to handle this bowl. You won’t need to worry about burning your hands on the sides, even if it’s just taken out of the oven.

There is no warranty information for this product, which may initially cause you to pause. Although the stone bowl is thick, it will most definitely last for a very long time. As well as the steel ring around the top, a steel ring prevents it from cracking.

  • Made of natural stone.
  • Unglazed stone interior.
  • Closely fitting lid.
  • No warranty information.


Best Korean Cooking Stone Bowl Guide

Those who think all Korean stone bowls are equal should think again. Many models have the same traditional design, but they differ greatly in various ways. You should consider the following factors when selecting the ideal Korean cooking stone bowl for your needs.

All about Style

The first thing you should do is pay attention to the overall style of each model. After all, these stone bowls are designed to last and you will enjoy them for many years to come. The choice of a bowl that suits your style will enhance mealtime enjoyment.

Size Matters

You must remember that Korean stone bowls come in a wide variety of sizes. Hence, you have to determine which size is best for you.

In some cases, you may just need a large bowl that you can use for preparing Korean food. To avoid burns, you should choose a heat-resistant bowl. If you are able to place it directly in the oven or microwave, then it will be even better.

You could also search for Korean serving bowls made from stone. The bowl size will be less important in this case, although the style will probably be more important.

The Lid

You should use a lid on your bowl if you plan to cook in it. Make sure that the lid has holes that can let out excess steam. An ideal lid should also feature a handle or knob that stays cool to the touch.

Set and Match

Best Korean Cooking Stone Bowl Match

Don’t forget to calculate how many Korean stone bowls you need. It’s never a bad idea to have an extensive collection of matching bowls if you enjoy entertaining. You can buy products with only one bowl, or you can buy them in match-up sets.

Having a matching trivet for your Korean stone bowl is especially useful. Stone bowls are well-known for being heat-conducting. Consequently, matching trivets are the best way to prevent your table and counter from getting scorched.

So, what is the Best Korean Cooking Stone Bowl?

How do you choose the best cookbook for your cooking needs? From a first glance, it appears that…

Lotus Blue 3-Quart Cartoon Pattern Ceramic Round Black Dish

It may look like something of a gimmick at first glance. Despite that, this powerful model comes with several features that separate it from its competitors.

As a result of its large size and securely fitting lid, this model can be used to make reviews dishes. To add even more safety, the lid’s anti-hot Bakelite top beads prevent hot air from reaching the interior of the pot. Our model can be placed straight into the oven, microwave, or freezer without damaging it, and we think it makes a great companion for cooking.

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