The 9 Best Kitchen Faucet For Hard Water In 2023

Best Kitchen Faucet For Hard Water

The purpose of this article is to guide you through the best kitchen faucets for hard water and to explain how to remove hard water deposits. It is important to choose the best kitchen faucets for hard water that are built with strong construction so as to resist deterioration due to mineral buildup.

The construction of these faucets is strong to prevent rust and mineral accumulation. Hard water is water containing a high amount of mineral components. Due to the hard water, metals rust fast after buildup, and this leads to blocked faucets and heads.

If you want to use hard water, a dedicated hard water kitchen faucet will do the job without the hassle of the non-dedicated hard water faucet. That’s right, you’re here! If hard water builds up on your faucet and sink, it can stain them. For this reason, you should install a faucet that can handle hard water.

Despite the fact that drinking hard water is not harmful to your health, it can build up and leave residue in your sinks. It can also negatively impact your dish detergent’s performance, causing you to use more soap. You can avoid all these problems by using a kitchen faucet designed for hard water usage and ensuring that the sink looks clean, shiny, and new.

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1. Delta Leland Touch Kitchen Faucet

Delta Leland Touch Kitchen Faucet


  • Brand: Delta Faucet
  • Model: 9178T-SP-DST
  • Color: SpotShield Stainless
  • Material: Brass
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9178T-SP-DST

It consists of many modern technologies that provide you with the best experience when using Delta 9718T-SP-DST. During cooking, your hands can become messy. Manual handles aren’t so convenient in this scenario because you don’t want anything on your hands to stick to the shiny surface. 

With Delta kitchen faucets, this is no longer a problem. With Touch technology, you can turn the product on/off by touching the spout. Your arm or wrist will do, as will a touch of your finger. This technology is powered by batteries that are included with the package.  Secondly, the Delta Tempt Sense LED light makes this appliance a modern and sleek appliance. 

Water temperature is displayed by the colored light on the bottom of the faucet. Blue indicates water temperatures of 80°F. As the temperature increases, the light will turn pink if the temperature reaches 95°F and red if the temperature reaches 110°F.  The design will prevent hot water burns, as well as discomforts caused by hot water. The device will also indicate when you should replace the batteries.

The spraying technology, Shield Spray Tech, is integrated into Delta. Water flows out in a smaller flow, but it is more concentrated, so the pressure is significantly higher. With this add-on, more pressure is added to the water so that stains and leftovers can be more easily removed. 

When a stream is strong, water splashes everywhere. As opposed to these faucets, this one has a sphere where water flows inside to block most of the splashing rays, effectively reducing 90% of splashes.

Having said that, the assembly of the extension hose and the faucet is a negative aspect of the product. There is a rigid plastic clip provided by Delta to attach them, but it fails easily when pressed. This problem can be solved by tying the clips to two zip ties.

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2. Moen Adler One-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Moen Adler One-Handle Kitchen Faucet


  • Brand: Moen
  • Model: ‎87233SRS
  • Color: Spot Resist Stainless
  • Material: Zinc
  • Weight: 5.46 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 10.25 x 14.56 inches

The Moen brand has been producing kitchen faucets for many years and is one of the best for hard water. Their products are guaranteed to provide you with peace of mind. It has ease of maintenance, which provides peace of mind with this 87233SRS model.

Stainless steel covers the surface of the faucet, and it is available in chrome, Mediterranean bronze, spot-resistant stainless steel, and matte black. The choice you make will ensure that your faucet won’t be negatively affected by hard water.

This will provide added protection for your appliance, especially if you purchase the spot-resistant stainless steel model. The finish won’t be affected by smudges or fingerprints as it resists both types. Because of this kitchen faucet’s simplicity, it will become easier for you to maintain.

The retractable pull-down hose on the Moen 87233SRS is another convenient feature. It allows you to complete your chores with ease. When you’re finished spraying, simply release the spray head, and the hose will automatically re-position from any angle you choose.

The product features an easy-to-mount design that allows it to be mounted either on a faucet kitchen sink or a countertop. The package comes with a deck plate if you have a counter that has three holes for installation.

There are, however, some flaws with this Moen faucet. This product’s spout reaches just 7.55 inches, which is not very long compared to other products. Because the spray is closer to the back of the sink when mounted on the kitchen sink, you’ll need to remove the hose frequently.

3. Kraus Oletto Kitchen Faucet

Kraus Oletto Kitchen Faucet


  • Brand: Kraus
  • Model: KPF-2620SFS
  • Color: Spot-Free Stainless Steel
  • Material: Brass
  • Weight: 4.91 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.75 x 2.5 x 15.25 inches

Next to this kitchen sink, the Kraus Oletto offers a beautiful curved design and a bit of iron. Most kitchen cards can have hard water and stains that reduce the mineral residue in the back. You will be happy to know that Kraus designed the stainless steel faucet to be clean and shiny for the rest of its life.

The kitchen sink can be up to 14 inches long and can be very handy, so it is easy to use in the kitchen. In addition, the kitchen vacuum cleaner has two settings, one of which is a powerful air cleaner and the other is a powerful cleaning agent.

The kitchen faucet for hard water can damage oil and faucet. Luckily, Kraus cleaned his mouth thoroughly with silicone and rubber. Pampa is strong and efficient, not used in construction. Besides, it will not shine like a regular water pipe. For more touch on Kraus, check out our Kitchen archive.

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4. Kraus Commercial Style Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet

Kraus Commercial Style Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet


  • Brand: Kraus
  • Model: KPF-1603SFS
  • Color: Spot-Free Stainless Steel
  • Material: Brass
  • Weight: 6.61 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.75 x 4.13 x 24.75 inches

With its stainless steel finish, this Kraus KPF-1603SFS Artec Pro high-arc for hard water faucet features a clean look you’ll love, making it resistant to water stains and fingerprints. Best Kraus Kitchen faucets supply has a higher dome design, it’s easy to wash large items like grills and baby baths comfortably because of its 24.75″ height!

Additionally, this product has a dual function: It gets rid of hard foods and allows for aeration flow while filling large pots. It also has a pre-wash nozzle feature for easy removal before your dishes are washed!

Featuring an elegant design and durable materials, this pull-down kitchen faucet is the perfect fit for your kitchen! A magnetic docking system will prevent the pull-out faucet from becoming stretched or moving in the wrong direction.

Tapered spouts rotating 360 degrees provide full access and make cleaning all nooks and crannies easy. Furthermore, it is built with all-metal construction, which will never corrode or break, regardless of how often you use it.

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5. Delta Essa Chrome Bar Faucet

Delta Faucet Essa Chrome Bar Faucet


  • Brand: Delta Faucet
  • Model: 9913-DST
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 5.96 pounds
  • Dimensions: 1.25 x 11 x 14 inches

The Delta 9913-DST comes with many features designed to enhance its durability. Diamond Seal technology is the first thing that ensures the long-lasting functionality of this appliance. It consists of two ceramic discs, one of which is diamond-coated, combined in a valve cartridge. 

Its hardness makes it possible for your appliance to withstand up to 1 million uses – double the life of a standard faucet. You can use the faucet 100 times a day for 27 years and still expect it to be in good condition. This is an ideal situation, and we are pretty sure you won’t run into problems with it until you’re completely fed up with it.

Additionally, the hard diamond disc will continuously scrub against the other while working in order to remove contaminants. The disc surface will stay rust-free for years to come and the appliance will last longer. Further, the water flowing from the faucet will be safe for drinking as well.

Touch-Clean spray holes are the second most convenient feature of this product. It is designed to keep your kitchen faucet clean even when it is flooded with gallons of water every day. You can remove the hard water’s scum and buildup from the hole by swiping your finger down it.

The faucet has a magnet embedded in its spout for regaining control of the spray head after use. Since the magnet can continuously produce a magnetic field, the nozzle will stay perfectly horizontal for the life of the magnet, without drooping over time.

The faucet is unfortunately for a bar. Consequently, this appliance may look disproportionate if you have a full-sized kitchen sink. In spite of that, it still performs well.

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6. Kohler Artifacts Kitchen Faucet

Kohler Artifacts Kitchen Faucet


  • Brand: Kohler
  • Model: 99259-VS
  • Color: Vibrant Stainless
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 11.44 x 6.13 x 17.63 inches

Below we have this stylish Kohler style that should work well for those living in areas with hard water. The Kohler faucet design is available in well-designed features to provide complete comfort in and around your kitchen.

It is removable for the kitchen with double spray. It also has a fan base in the design. Olaya of the spray settings provides a steady flow of water for the washing of one food and the fastest and best cleaning. In addition, this faucet hose has a magnetic connector for the kitchen sprinkler. The kitchen sprayer is equipped with quality ingredients to make it easier to manage your kitchen.

With a curved design, you have enough space to work in your kitchen, and a well-constructed building must be able to withstand the stressful properties of hardwood floors around you.

7. Delta Cassidy Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Cassidy Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet


  • Brand: Delta Faucet
  • Model: 4197-RB-DST
  • Color: Venetian Bronze
  • Material: Brass
  • Weight: 6.66 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.56 x 4.31 x 12.56 inches

The next faucet is the Delta Cassidy pipe, which is designed with a handle and a kitchen drain cover. Underneath these beautiful brass faucets, there is a powerful magnet that holds your kitchen sprayer in place. This system prevents the syringe from moving too often. The quality of this pipe installation is good which means you have to deal with difficult water.

Delta Kitchen Faucet uses a special Diamond Seal technology that prevents or reduces data leaks. In addition, the faucet hose must be stored twice as in the normal kitchen. The Delta Faucet is as easy to connect to the kitchen sink as it is to the right-angled 8-inch 3-hole. The InnoFlex Plex technology is compatible with this system and allows grounding.

Lastly, if you are tired of the hard water storage that gets stuck in your pipes, Delta Faucet offers the fastest solution. With Oil-Cleaning Technology, you just need to wipe your finger to clean it fresh.

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8. Moen Single-Handle Modern Kitchen Faucet

Moen Single-Handle Modern Kitchen Faucet


  • Brand: Moen
  • Model: 7882SRS
  • Color: Spot Resist Stainless
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: ‎2.74 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.38 x 10.38 x 16 inches

One of the most significant problems with hard water is that it causes a thick layer of residue to build up inside the faucet, causing it to back up. With the high-quality kitchen faucet from Moen, this problem will be solved, and you will enjoy drinking and washing water that is clean and healthy.

As a whole, the faucet is well designed, and the product itself is of good quality. This contemporary kitchen unit adds style and function to any kitchen space. Moen Genta kitchen faucets feature flat planes on the different parts of the body for a distinctive look.

Water-resistance spot finish prevents any stains from damaging the surface. Whenever you sweat and the dirt accumulates, it becomes more difficult to clean the finish. After every use, wipe the body with a cotton cloth to maintain the sparkling look.

As a result of the high arc design, this product is easier to maneuver for washing and rinsing. The large arc design of the planter allows larger pots with large bases to easily come down, and the high water pressure makes filling the planters a breeze.

There are several types of cleaning spray modes available. This machine has a push-button that makes it easy to use, but you can also switch between the spray mode and power boost mode, which is powerful enough to remove any stain. ADA-compliant faucets are those that are designed to be accessible to people with disabilities.

Users should understand the retractable reflex technology that is used in this pull-down hard water kitchen faucet before using it. With this method, the spray head is securely connected to its original position, and smooth work can be achieved. Both the temperature and the water pressure of water can be adjusted with a single handle.

It’s quick and easy to install with Duralock technology, which allows an instant connection. The installation guide for Moen Genta kitchen faucets can be followed by consumers, and it is possible to save on installation costs. It’s good to know that Moen provides a limited lifetime warranty.

9. Kraus Kitchen Purita Water Filter Faucet Combo

Kraus Kitchen Purita Water Filter Faucet Combo


  • Brand: Kraus
  • Model: KPF-1610-FF-100SFS
  • Color: Spot-Free Stainless Steel
  • Material: Brass
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 4.5 x 18 inches

There are numerous advantages to the Kraus KPF-1610-FF-100FS as its title suggests. Solid brass is used in its body and water line and does not contain lead. You can expect good longevity for this product since brass is very durable and can withstand hot and cold temperatures. Furthermore, since there is no amount of lead contained in this water, it is fresh and healthy for consumption. 

A broad range of finishes is available for you to choose from, including brushed gold, chrome, matte black, champagne bronze, and stainless steel. What makes them, all the same, is their ability to resist corrosion. The result is you’ll keep your faucet looking good for a long time. 

You also get a filter faucet with the package when you buy it. Using that item, you will not need to buy water outside since you’ll have clean water right in your home. You’re going to be surprised at how much you can save by using that item.

With a height of 18 inches, the product can be used for many household tasks. Featuring Reach Technology, the spray head can be pulled downward as needed. With Reach technology, you can maneuver it freely around the sink thanks to an easy-retractable hose and a 180-degree swivel.

This faucet water filter has a slightly disappointing spray head made from plastic. The spray head is plastic. While this appliance still works perfectly fine, some customers find it to be disappointing compared to the rest of it.

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Buying Guide: Best Kitchen Faucet For Hard Water

We have now skipped the top cooking pipes for difficult water options. Let’s see which kitchen faucet is right for you. Depending on the size of the sink, if you are cleaning extra pots and pans, you may want to consider buying a kitchen faucet. You may also want to be empty-handed for some important recipe work.


You should choose a material that will prolong the life of your appliance. Stainless steel and polished chrome are some materials that are recommended for corrosion and rust resistance.


Complicated designs mean there is more surface area for buildup and rust to grow. In other words, the simpler the design, the easier it is to rid the water of hardness. The finishing is another thing to keep in mind. In humid environments, a faucet without a protective layer is vulnerable to corroding. It will be safe and easier to maintain if it has the right finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How critical is a decorative plate in the installation of my kitchen faucet?

There are times, however, when a decorative plate isn’t an essential part of a faucet. In other words, it could be removed without negatively impacting the faucet’s functionality. Decorative plates exist solely for aesthetic reasons. In other words, if you do not believe it improves your faucet’s appearance in the way you want, you can disable it.

How do I choose the best faucet for a busy kitchen without sacrificing water pressure or flow?

It takes more water than usual to run a busy kitchen. To top it all off, you need a flexible and adaptable faucet. One of the best examples of this type of faucet is the pull-out version. They are more adaptable, which makes it easier to carry out your numerous different activities. For this reason, it is recommended that you use a pull-out faucet of high quality. Here you’ll find reviews of top-notch pull-out kitchen faucets.

Is the finish of my faucet critical?

The finish of your kitchen faucet is important when choosing one. With so many options, choosing one becomes even more challenging. Corrosion resistance depends on the finish of the faucet. In addition, it is crucial to ensure that the finish does not contaminate the water. You can determine the ease of maintenance of your faucet by its finish. Cleaning the kitchen faucet without removing the coating is easier and less time-consuming.

How critical is a disc cartridge; can I opt for a less expensive faucet that does not include one?

Even though disc cartridge faucets are a bit more expensive than standard ones, you should still consider getting one. If you read this about kitchen faucets, you will realize that faucets with disc cartridges are more durable. Almost certainly, they will last longer than those that don’t because they are less likely to leak. Because of this, it is a worthwhile investment despite the additional cost in the long run.

What is the best way to protect my hard water faucets?

To protect your hard water faucets, there are a few things you can do. Use a water softener or repellent if you want to soften the water. If you want to remove minerals from your water before it enters your faucet, you can install a filter.

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