Top 10 Best Drinking Glasses In 2022

Top 10 Best Drinking Glasses In 2022

The glassware industry does not pay much attention to drinking glasses, despite the fact that they are an essential household item. Water is an everyday beverage that every human being needs, but not everybody drinks wine. Drinking glasses come in every shape and style, from chic, vintage barware to sturdy plastic tumblers.

Choosing glass or the best plastic drinking glasses for your home is a critical decision. Do you have children who may enjoy an acrylic tumbler, or are you a budding mixologist looking for a versatile set of glasses to prepare your creations? You also have to consider maintenance and storage. For ultimate convenience, does it need to be dishwasher-safe, or do you live in a small apartment and a stackable item would be ideal?

To determine whether the plastic was really shatterproof and if the glasses were really compatible with temperature variations, we sent our top picks to our tester, Taylor Tobin. Added cold water to dishwasher-warm glasses, dropped plastic ones from shoulder height, and stacked glass ones to check if any chipped. Obviously, she put them to the test by holding them for drinks to see how they felt in her hand and whether they would fall on the wobbly table.

We’ve gathered the best drinking glasses, from classic tempered bodega glasses to shatterproof acrylic tumblers.

1. The Libbey 16-oz. Midtown Cooler Glass

Libbey 16-Ounce

The stylish design of these drinking glasses ensures that they will fit into any decor. As part of Libbey’s Midtown Cooler Glass family, this 16-ounce glass is supplied in a package of four. It has a traditional design with one important difference.

You’ll hardly miss the fact that the base of these drinking glasses is exceptionally thick. These elements make the glasses extremely sturdy. This makes it less likely that the glasses will be knocked over and broken if they happen to brush against someone.

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Consequently, these drinking glasses will last for a long time. The sculptures are sure to be a focal point throughout the entire day for a very long time. The staff will serve you up an ice-cold drink or milk of your choice.

A dishwasher is available for added convenience. In case you don’t own a dishwasher, consider skipping this model.

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The base is heavy and sham.
  • Hand washing can be tricky.

2. Duralex Made In France Unie Glass Tumbler

Duralex Made In France

Drinking a cold beverage on a hot day is an enjoyable experience. However, if you add lots of ice to liquors or other beverages, your drink will be watered down. You’ll probably find you’re left with a watery mess after a few minutes.

You will no longer have to worry about this when you decide to purchase the Duralex Made In France Unie Glass Tumbler set. Designed for freezing, these tumblers are safe for direct use in the freezer. The benefits of this are that you can freeze your drink instead of adding tons of ice to it.

In addition to being able to dishwash these glasses, you can even microwave them. This will also make them suitable for drinking hot liquids. When your hot drink gets a little chilly, simply put it in the microwave.

Tempered glass is nonporous and designed to resist breaking. This makes it the ideal option for parents with young children. They will no longer have to use plastic drinking glasses.

This glassware is made in a classic French style that dates back to 1945. Durex has developed a special technique for making its glasses so heavy-duty and durable. As a matter of fact, the glasses are much stronger than regular drinking glasses.

  • Six-piece set.
  • It can be used for hot and cold liquids.
  • The design is stackable.
  • Only a few styles are available.

3. Libbey Awa 16-Piece Tumblers and Rocks Glass Set

Libbey Awa 16-Piece

Do you want to find a set of glasses that can be worn for any occasion? An elegant pair of matching glasses add a touch of style to your living space. Nevertheless, your glasses should come in different sizes based on the purpose.

With the Libbey Awa 16-Piece Tumblers and Rocks Glass Set, you are certain to be satisfied. This collection offers sixteen high-quality glasses in matching colors. Eight tumblers are paired with eight matching rocks glasses that are used for juice.

Regardless of the time of day, these glasses are sure to please you. Starting your day off with a glass of juice will be the perfect start to your day. When you’re unwinding in the evening, the rock glasses are the perfect companion to your favorite whiskey.

A 16-piece set of tumblers and rocks from Libbey features indentations in the surface that create spots. Such designs are quite striking. In addition, the indents help to give the glass a good grip even when its surface is slick with condensation.

In addition, there are bubbles on the inside of the glass making it difficult to clean them by hand. The remaining residue may be visible around the bubble edges. Thanks to their durable construction, these glasses can be dishwasher safe.

  • Safe for dishwasher use.
  • A lead-free environment.
  • Each set contains sixteen items.
  • Cleaning is a bit difficult.

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4. Polaris 16-Piece Glass and Tumbler Set from Libbey

Libbey Polaris 16-Piece

They feature a thick base and an elegant design that makes them an excellent choice. This 16-piece Libbey Polaris Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set is designed to be used every day. The design is so stylish that it can also be used for special occasions.

You can choose from sixteen glasses that have been crafted in the same style in this set. You can choose from eight 16.25-ounce glasses to serve juice, water, and a variety of other beverages. These glasses are accompanied by eight matching shorter rocks glasses of 12.25 ounces, which are ideal for drinking whiskey.

They are different from other glasses because they have a thick base. The added weight makes the glasses feel even more comfortable in the hand. Besides adding extra stability, the thick base also prevents them from easily falling.

You won’t regret purchasing this model if you need highly durable drinking glasses. Its distinctive rounded base means you won’t have to settle for less-than-excellent quality. Glasses of this quality are so strong that you can rely on them for years to come.

These glasses can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. They have a rounded bottom that does not collect water, unlike some other models. These are some of the best drinking glasses around in terms of style and convenience.

  • Heavily loaded bottom.
  • The set consists of sixteen items.
  • The bag comes in two sizes.
  • Balance upside down can be difficult.

5. Anchor Hocking Sweetbrier Drinking Glasses 84571L8

Anchor Hocking Sweetbrier

Beautifully beveled, these glasses have a particularly striking appearance. While the Anchor Hocking Sweetbrier Drinking Glasses 84571L8 are appealing, they are also reliable and functional. These glasses strike the right balance between form and function.

The Sweetbrier glassware collection is quite attractive and will surely catch many people’s attention. An attractive geometric form is complemented by a clear design. A combination of a solid base and a heavy body helps make the overall design extremely strong.

This pair of glasses will undoubtedly last you a long time. You’ll be able to clean them using the dishwasher with no problem, significantly improving convenience.

You are also provided with a very beautiful gift box when you purchase these glasses. Consequently, these glasses can be a great present for a friend or family member who has everything. A set of these beautiful glasses would serve as a wonderful housewarming gift too.

In spite of this, the set only contains four drinking glasses. They would not be suitable for larger households. But you can choose to buy two sets if you like.

  • This product is dishwasher safe.
  • Contains no lead or BPA.
  • It isn’t suitable for large families.

6. US Acrylic Cafe 20-Ounce Restaurant-Style Beverage Tumblers

US Acrylic Cafe 20-Ounce

The cost of breakage in your restaurant or café is likely to be one of the biggest overheads. Drinking glasses and tumblers made of glass look elegant, but they are all too easy to break. A clumsy customer may cause your profit margin to shrink immediately.

Plastic Restaurant-Style Beverage Tumblers in 20-ounce capacity have been designed to be exceptionally durable. It is almost guaranteed that even if they are dropped on the ground, they will remain perfectly intact. This makes them ideal for use in a busy restaurant or café.

Drinking glasses of this size can hold plenty of liquid thanks to their large size. It won’t be necessary to constantly refill them. A full glass should be enough to keep the customers content.

Whether you love the minimalistic style or want a splash of color, the clear version is a great option for you. Our favorite colors are the grays and blues of the coastal collection.

They are a bit challenging to clean by hand because of their overall size and shape. However, you can clean them in the dishwasher top rack. This will make the task of cleaning easier and quicker.

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  • Safe for top-rack dishwashers.
  • Use indoors and outdoors.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Cleaning is a bit difficult.

7. Optix 20-Ounce Plastic Tumblers

Optix 20-Ounce

Why should drinking glasses be boring and dull? These colorful glasses make a statement. You can add an extra dose of color to every part of your life with these.

A set of eight 20-ounce plastic tumblers from Optix is included with this product. There are four pairs of glasses included in the set in each of four vibrant and bold colors. This means that you will be provided with two dark blue spectacles, two light blue spectacles, two red spectacles, and one yellow spectacle.

The family members can choose the colored glass that best suits their individual styles. You are less likely to have your children drink from your glass. You can enjoy a few sips of your favorite cocktail without worrying about the kids.

They have a beautiful textured pattern that not only adds to their aesthetic appeal but also makes them easy to hold. Because these glasses are made of plastic, there is no need to worry about them shattering. Outdoor events such as barbeques and picnics make them ideal.

With these glasses, you can easily clean them in the dishwasher. Just make sure you stack them correctly. Water tends to collect in them when put in the dishwasher, and they can be a bit tricky to dry by hand.

  • The four colors are bright.
  • Almost indestructible.
  • Completely dishwasher safe.
  • A few of the rims are quite sharp.
  • Water may accumulate in the dishwasher.

8. Bormioli Rocco Bodega Collection Glassware

Bormioli Rocco Bodega

Looking for a simple and yet effective way to make your home a little more classy? These glasses will definitely become a focal point. Choosing the right set of glasses effortlessly adds an extra sparkle to any occasion, and you won’t go unnoticed.

Rocco Bodega Collection Glassware from Bormioli is sure to be a hit among glassware lovers. This collection exhibits traditional Italian style. Thin tempered glass has been used to make them, along with straight sides and an especially wide opening.

Although these glasses are rather thin, they are as durable as they should be. Their base is thick and sturdy, which prevents them from falling over. The fact that they are dishwasher-safe is also certain to impress.

Bodega Collection Glassware from Bormioli comes with a set of twelve matching glasses. When entertaining, you can be sure that you have plenty of glasses available. Whether you are hosting a cocktail party or a dinner party, everyone will receive a matching glass.

When stacking these glasses, you should be extra careful. The thin rims make it more likely that the glasses will stick together. You will need to be careful when releasing the glasses if this occurs.

  • Exceptionally versatile design.
  • A tempered glass product.
  • Durable and designed to last.
  • Stacking them tends to stick together.

9. Libbey Glassware 15710 Endeavor Rocks Duratuff Glass

Libbey Glassware 15710

To ensure that you have the right glasses on hand for entertaining guests at home, make sure you have a good selection of them available. Your guests must all have matching glasses. Adding this touch of class and making a great impression will go a long way.

It will be easy to handle the Endeavor Rocks Duratuff Glass set by Libbey Glassware 15710. Each set contains twelve matching wine glasses. This glass has a capacity of 9 ounces and is ideal for whiskey, brandy, and other spirits.

This set will assure you that your glasses will be suitable for long-term use. All the pieces in this set have been treated with Libbey DuraTuff. This helps ensure they are tough and resistant to breakage and chipping.

The glasses are constructed with a thick base. The thick base makes the glasses extra durable. Whether your party gets lively or not, the glasses are unlikely to tip or wobble.

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This flared top makes it easy for these glasses to be cleaned by hand. Having guests over for dinner will save you a great deal of time. After the party, you can also run the dishwasher to clean the glasses.

  • Sham base that is heavy.
  • The hands are easy to clean.
  • It is dishwasher-safe.
  • Not big enough for non-alcoholic beverages.

10. Galaxy Glassware 12-pc. Set

Galaxy Glassware 12-pc. Set

What type of drinking glasses set would you like to buy for any occasion? There is no question that different types of glasses are appropriate for different kinds of drinks. Galaxy Glassware’s 12-piece glassware set is a great option. This set is suitable for various occasions.

There are four 17-ounce highball glasses, four 13-ounce DOF glasses, and four 7-ounce juice glasses in this set. Designed in the same style, this set of glasses makes a very striking impression.

Despite being slick with condensation, these glasses won’t slip out of your hands. They have ridges on the outside to prevent slipping. The glasses are extremely easy to grip regardless of how hot or cold the liquid inside is.

There is no doubt that they will hold up to plenty of use and wear. For maximum convenience, the set includes glasses that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

This drinking glass is not BPA-free, though. Health may be a major concern in this case. The hot liquids shouldn’t be placed inside; otherwise, you may experience chemical leaching.

  • Textured to ensure a good grip.
  • The three sizes are different.
  • This set contains twelve pieces.
  • BPA is not free.

Buying Drinking Glasses: What to Look for


Two types of drinking glasses are available: plastic and glass. Every product has its own maintenance needs, so make sure to read all manufacturer instructions. Plastic glasses can usually be washed in the dishwasher, but glasses are different depending on the type of glass.

Tempered glasses is extremely durable and resistant to extreme temperature changes. The majority of tempered glass is dishwasher-safe and does not suffer from thermal shock. Ensure your glasses are not compromised by cracks that weaken the surface-which can result in spontaneous breaking. If tempered glasses break, the cubes instead of sharp shards will break. 

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The softer soda-lime glass will not break easily. Thermal shock may cause it to shatter, so hand washing is recommended. You should take care if you break soda-lime glass as it shatters into sharp shards.


The material plays an important role in selecting a type of drinking glass. 

You can put plastic into any situation, whether you’re taking it to the pool, pouring children a glass of orange juice, or packing it for your beach picnic. Plastic often stacks easily and is light. The majority of plastic options are casual, so they are not ideal for formal dining or table decorations.

Drinkware made of glass has many more style options but is breakable, which means it’s not appropriate for outdoor use since a slip could cause a mess that would be difficult to remove. You can opt for the more sturdy tempered glasses, also known as safety glasses because they can hold cold and hot drinks and is unbreakable, or if broken, will result in small cubes that can still be handled. A soda-lime glass, on the other hand, is extremely delicate and is only suitable for serving cold drinks.

Its shape is also important. Drinking tumblers are great for all types of beverages, from water to beer, but are not ideal for storing cocktails or wine. Bodegas come in handy for many things besides beverages. The one I have is great for desserts, charcuterie accompaniments, and dips.


Cloudy drinking glasses: how do you clean them?

If your dishwasher is leaving your glasses cloudy, it is likely due to hard water. The minerals in hard water build up on your glasses, leaving calcium and minerals behind. The solution is simple. Clean the glasses gently with a dishcloth and a vinegar/water solution (some people use nail polish remover, as well). The glasses could also be soaked in a vinegar and water solution for 30 minutes.

Rather than etching caused by excessive washing, fogginess may simply be caused by a vinegar solution that fails to remove the film. It is impossible to cure this problem, so if you want to keep your crystal and higher-end glasses in pristine condition, wash them by hand.

Can drinking glasses be recycled?

The fact that drinking glasses are not recyclable may surprise you. Most drinking glasses are made with various additives in order to make them safe for drinking out of, which has a negative impact on melting points, and most municipal recycling facilities do not have the capability of processing them.

Upcycling the glasses is not impossible though. Donating your old glasses to an area thrift shop may be an option. Even though they are old to you, they will likely feel brand new to someone else.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for drinking glasses, this is definitely important. However, you want to make sure that the glasses you choose are durable enough to go far. With its smart styling and increased durability, …

Polaris 16-Piece Glass and Tumbler Set from Libbey

… mark all topics. Each of the sixteen glasses in this set is made in an elegant style and has an elegant appearance. The thick bottom of the glasses gives the extra weight as it protects you from unwanted things. These mugs are in the washing machine but are easy to wash by hand. We love them and we think you will love them too.

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