26 Best Cupcake Recipes You Won’t Want to Miss

Best Cupcake Recipes

Over the past ten years or so, cupcakes have captured the world’s attention. Shops selling handheld confections have popped up everywhere, TV shows have been dedicated to them, and flavor combinations seem endless. Those chic little shops offer a variety of cupcakes, but I’ve yet to be blown away by any of them. Most of the time, my experience with cupcakes is that they are rather dry and the frosting is merely okay.

I love cupcakes because they always make me smile. Handheld treats everyone loves, these mini-cakes are fun and tasty. These easy cupcake recipes are collected from around the web for your convenience. A cupcake is a great recipe to make for a birthday party or baby shower, or if you just want to have some fun baking time with your family. To help you choose the right cupcake recipe, we have compiled our favorites, but beware!

Making cupcakes at home is therefore a joy for me. We’re featuring some classics, as well as our most innovative cupcake recipes and, as a bonus, frosting recipes, too. I have updated the list of my best cupcake recipes below.

1. Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Despite my love of baking creative desserts, the chocolate cake remains one of my favorite classic recipes. It continues to be my favorite chocolate peanut butter cake. You can bake cupcakes in less time than it takes to make a layer cake, which makes them a particularly good choice for beginners. This is the perfect dessert to serve at the end of a meal if you are looking for a small chocolate treat.

With the dark, bittersweet chocolate counterbalancing the sugar, and the meringue adding lightness to the buttercream frosting, the cake has a perfect balance. It’s a wonder Jeff likes them since he’s usually not a fan of sweets. You can make chocolate cupcakes from scratch easily and they taste better than those from box mixes! Make these decadent dark chocolate cupcakes for a delicious dessert!

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2. Apple Pie Cupcakes

For these rustic, all-American bites, we used a favorite pie filling and baked it on top of a spiced cupcake. The tops of the cupcakes may spread slightly, so use a spoon or offset spatula to remove them. Your sweet tooth won’t go unsatisfied with apple pie cupcakes! It is easy to make them, and they have delicious autumnal flavors as well. Other than the holidays, they’re delicious all year round.

Despite Thanksgiving being just around the corner, you might just skip making Apple Pie with my Apple Pie cupcakes recipe! Featuring a brown sugar cupcake base flavored with spiced apple pie filling and a delicious whipped mascarpone frosting, these Apple Pie cupcakes will make your mouth water! Try these easy, delicious, from-scratch cupcakes with apples over Thanksgiving or any other time of the year!

3. Churro Cupcakes

The cupcakes always make my husband unhappy. Instead of cakes, he prefers cookies. Overcooked and dry cupcakes, as well as an imbalance between frosting and cake. In order to make cupcakes that are moist and fluffy like cakes, I considered it to be a personal challenge to find the perfect balance between crumb and frosting. My instincts told me that this recipe would change his mind as I prepared it. That was right on the money!

Our favorite theme park churros are thick, chewy, sweet, fried, covered in cinnamon, and covered in sugar. These much-loved flavor combinations won’t disappoint! As you take your first bite, you’ll experience the warmth and nutty flavor, followed by the sweetness of the sugar and creamy frosting. Adding the flour slowly and mixing only until it was just combined helped keep the cake moist and soft. This cupcake would be loved by my husband without a doubt! Even my morning cup of coffee went well with the leftovers!

4. Red Velvet Cupcakes

A delicious Cream Cheese Frosting covers Red Velvet Cupcakes with a lovely swirl of red velvet. The red and white color scheme of their products is a year-round favorite, but it is especially festive during the holidays, Valentine’s Day, and Canada Day. Make a festive July dessert with red, white, and blue cupcakes topped with blueberries.

Traditionally, cream cheese frosting is used on red velvet cakes. Unlike most cream cheese frostings, this one contains heavy cream so it’s rich and creamy, while still being sweet and tangy. You might want to half the Cream Cheese Frosting recipe if you plan on only spreading it on the top of the cupcakes. In any case, there is no need to use the full recipe if you wish to pipe tall swirls of frosting on top of each cupcake.

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5. Margarita Cupcakes

Here’s a recipe for margarita cupcakes you’re going to love. The taste of these treats is one of a kind. You’ll love the cupcake if you like the cocktail! This cupcake margarita recipe will make you wonder why you haven’t tried it before! The cupcakes are topped with tequila-infused buttercream frosting that enhances the flavor of the margarita! With a light tequila and lime flavor, these cupcakes are moist and fluffy.

The cupcakes I tasted here still stand out in my memory, even after tasting hundreds over the years. There’s no denying that this flavor will never leave you, and that’s a good thing. Besides birthdays and summer parties, they are great for Cinco de Mayo too. I hope you will share this with your family and friends! If you share your recipe with them, they’ll be begging for it.

6. Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for afternoon tea, and this recipe makes a crowd-pleasing version. There’s something about carrot cake and carrot cake cupcakes that just does not appeal to me. Probably when I was a child, I first noticed it. You’d have a hard time finding a child who would appreciate a dessert containing vegetables. Most carrot cake sold at grocery stores and restaurants has a horrible bland flavor and may even be dry. Combine carrot cakes with cupcakes, then top them with soft cheese frosting.

To find the perfect carrot cupcake recipe that’s both easy and delicious, I made my mission. My favorite thing about baking cupcakes is the ease of making them. Making a cake is easier than decorating it, transporting it, and serving it is easier too. Your next family gathering will be a hit with these perfect carrot cupcakes, perhaps even for Easter or Mother’s Day!

7. Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

The fall season is my favorite, and pumpkin spice season has definitely become synonymous with it. Fall-themed drinks like the Pumpkin Spice Latte have been popular since 2003! The pumpkin spice craze has spread to everything! The trend of pumpkin spice lattes is on the rise as August turns into September. You may find me strange, but I prefer iced pumpkin spice lattes over hot ones. Cold beverages let me taste the flavors more, in my opinion.

Cupcakes with pumpkin spice latte are perfect this time of year. With warm spices, latte buttercream, and cinnamon sugar, this cake is soft and moist. This dessert is perfect for welcoming sweater weather. The pumpkin spice latte flavor is among the reasons why I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes. It is a delicious flavor you can enjoy with your PSL.

8. German Chocolate Cupcakes

The idea of making these makes me wonder if I should have made them. Now I’m sure I’m going to crave them constantly. These cupcakes are too good to pass up. I believe that every chocolate cake lover’s dream comes true with this cake. There is a new favorite in my sights – or at least a tie – the chocolate frosting. This dessert is richly chocolatey without being overpowering, and it is so decadent, creamy, and richly decadent. The Coconut Pecan Topping really makes these cupcakes stand out.

For parties with a lot of people, I think cupcakes are more fun because everyone can just take one, so no plates, knives, forks, or other mess is involved. As a child, my mom’s famous German Chocolate Cake was the dessert we always enjoyed on special occasions. The birthday cake everyone requested was this one.

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9. Frappuccino Cupcakes

In keeping with my summertime dreams of caramel frappuccino cupcakes, I decided to create them this year. The caramel frappuccino with whipped cream is my old favorite Starbucks drink, which I rarely order during the summer. No frosting was necessary for the espresso caramel cupcakes, which were amazing! With a rich, buttery coffee flavor and a great crumb structure, these cookies are a real treat.

Real caramel frappuccino cupcakes must have whipped cream frosting as well as some green straws that have been sliced in half. I agree that a hefty frosting like Swiss meringue buttercream would be fantastic on these cupcakes. You’re completely missing out if you use a different caramel for these cupcakes or anywhere else.

10. Funfetti Cupcakes

Since Funfetti Cupcakes are one of my favorites and they remind me of my childhood, I have a lot to say about them. A few modifications are made to the vanilla cupcake recipe to make them extra white and fluffy to make funfetti cupcakes. These confetti cupcakes are perfect if your birthday is coming up or you want to add a little cheer to your day.

This recipe for Funfetti Cupcakes has been long in the making. I can only say that I am very happy to have one after such a long time. There’s no better treat than these! Chocolate brownies that are light, fluffy, and moist are the best. You can make these cupcakes in no time at all and they are the perfect treat for any birthday party, special occasion, or whenever you want something sweet, delicious, and colorful to enjoy.

11. Hummingbird Cupcakes

For those who live in the south and do not apply to these things, I can help you check them off your list. Regardless of whether or not you’re a southerner, there is a place for you here. You haven’t discovered a few things yet, don’t worry. Featuring bananas, pineapple, coconut, and nuts, these Hummingbird Cake Cupcakes are a classic southern favorite.

Cream cheese frosting with brown sugar is the frosting on the cupcakes. The flavor in every bite is incredible, and I cannot get enough of it. You shouldn’t feel bad about adding a splash of rum. You can also use my whipped cream cream cheese frosting if you want something lighter. You’ll be completely surprised by how delicious it is.

12. Neapolitan Cupcakes

These cupcakes feature a classic ice cream flavor converted into a cupcake! Despite my best efforts, I just couldn’t stop eating them! Since then, I’ve developed an obsession with layered cupcakes. There’s something about these that makes me want another food addiction, but I can’t get enough.

This blog will likely feature layered cupcakes more often in the future. The cupcakes are more white on the inside, so cutting them in half gave me a great view of the contrast between the layers. Making two batters for these homemade cupcakes takes a bit more time and effort than making a conventional cupcake, but it is well worth the effort.

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13. Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Root beer floats are a big favorite of mine and my husband’s. For every old-fashioned root beer float we have enjoyed over the years, I would be a very wealthy lady! My childhood memories are so cherished by the taste of root beer floats. Root beer floats were a favorite treat for my grandfather at home. Desserts such as floats were a favorite of his in the evening. While I didn’t like the flavors when I was very young, they soon became one of my favorite summer treats when I grew up.

There is a bit of root beer flavor in these moist root beer float cupcakes. Afterward, I drizzled a delicious root beer buttercream frosting over them. Despite their combination of flavors, they did not overwhelm. Cupcakes with root beer floats are homemade for me. You can toss them together very quickly. It wasn’t just that he loved the cupcakes, it was that he loved root beer. I made a large batch and he ate most of it. However, I was able to procure a few for our neighbors before he devoured them all.

14. Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes

When spring and summer arrive, I’ve got the perfect recipe to make on the first warm day. Fresh, real strawberry flavor oozes out of these Strawberry Cupcakes, which always get rave reviews! Artificial flavors and colors are not used. Each bite is filled with the delicious taste of fresh strawberries! You will typically find strawberry cake recipes that call for artificially flavored gelatin. Using only fresh ingredients, this one is made with only the best.

Pink cupcakes are created using this strawberry cupcake recipe. If you prefer, you can also make a fresh strawberry reduction, if desired, to serve these strawberry cupcakes with jam. You can also try my Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes if you prefer fruit chunks in your cupcakes. Having that experience every year was really special to us. Even though this is still one of our favorite cakes, it’s fun to reimagine classic recipes.

15. Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Relation these cupcakes, they’ve been on my list of things to make for a long time. Since my hubby has always been a fan of mint chocolate desserts I’ve made, I wanted to try this flavor combination for him. If you adore my Most Vanilla Layer Cake, you’ll also love this chocolate version. You’ll make the cupcakes first. Definitely moist and soft and with just a hint of oil for moisture, this butter-based chocolate cupcake is incredible. They are wonderful!

With the help of mint extract, the frosting is flavored with mint. It is sometimes difficult to tell if mint is minty or toothpaste-like. As soon as you add the vanilla, the mint gets sweeter and evens out a bit, making it more like dessert mint. Lastly, I have my beloved chocolate chip and mint cupcakes. Almost melts in your mouth, but the crispiness of the mini chocolate chips makes it stand out. Having tried them myself, I know you will enjoy them, too!

16. Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

I suggest baking these beautiful lemon blueberry cupcakes this weekend. Despite how simple they are to make, they produce extremely impressive results. Every bite has blueberries bursting from the muffins, which are moist, sweet, and just right. You can whip up the lemon cream cheese frosting in no time at all, and it is the perfect complement to the lemon blueberry cupcakes. Ideal for barbecues, picnics, and birthday parties throughout the summer, this recipe is sure to please.

It has always been my favorite combination to combine lemon and blueberries. Sometimes I don’t bother icing leftover blueberries, they’re just great when they’re warm from the oven! I love using up leftover blueberries in cupcakes. Juicy blueberries are packed into these Lemon & Blueberry Cupcakes that are topped with zingy lemon buttercream for a decadent finish. The perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea, a baby shower, or a party!

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17. Banana Cupcakes

A banana cupcake is a perfect dessert for a family event, a classroom party, or a team event! Using riper bananas will make your cupcakes smoother and give them a sweeter banana flavor. These Banana Cupcakes were a recipe passed down by my Grandpa. A fluffy cupcake is a fun and tasty way to enjoy banana cake on the go! Having these cupcakes reminds me of what we used to have at my grandparents’ house as a child! A lemon buttercream frosting tops a banana cake that originally started out as a banana cake!

Cinnamon and butter combine to make these soft, buttery banana muffins. Whether you like them plain or coated with chocolate chips or chopped walnuts, they are delicious. There are only a few pantry staples and three ripe bananas you will need. Although banana bread is great, muffins are quicker and easier to make, more convenient, and portable, and still taste just as great. It is inevitable that we will have spotty bananas ready for baking because we always have bananas around!

18. Toffee Chocolate Cupcakes

Despite my dislike for playing favorites, I think this is the prettiest cupcake I’ve ever seen. Investing in three different components makes this cupcake a bit of an investment, but I guarantee you’ll shut any party’s front door if you serve it. They’re a decadent toffee crunch cupcake topped with ganache and toffee and dipped in caramel frosting!

This chocolate toffee cupcake is delicious and one of my favorite cupcake flavors! My favorite buttercream is topped with a layer of toffee and drizzled with my homemade caramel sauce, making a rich chocolate cupcake. After having this recipe on my website for years, I finally added a video to show you how to prepare it!

19. Baileys Cupcakes

It’s the perfect way to start the New Year with these delicious cupcakes! A moist, fudge-like Chocolatey Cupcake is topped with the most decadent and luscious Baileys Frosting you have ever tasted. My attention was drawn to this recipe for some reason. Baileys of the Festive Period are commonly bought or given by many families, and sometimes they can be drunk, but often, like in my house, you will have several bottles, so there will always be leftovers.

You can use up some of that delicious liquor by making these cupcakes! Obviously, my favorite Baileys recipe is the No-Bake Baileys Cheesecake I posted at the beginning of the holiday season. There’s no doubt that these cupcakes rank right among all Bailey’s recipes! You can use these Cupcakes for a New Year’s Eve party tonight, a holiday baking project, or even a last-minute treat if you have one coming up! Always remember, though, that this is only for adults!

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20. Champagne Cupcakes

Regardless of whether you like champagne or not, you’ll absolutely love these cupcakes! Because we’re using champagne in the batter and frosting of these cupcakes, they taste absolutely delicious and they feel a little fancier. Here are some champagne cupcakes to brighten up your day. You can use champagne flavoring to give these cupcakes a really bold champagne flavor.

A subtle champagne flavor is present in the cake and frosting of these cupcakes. Unlike champagne, they don’t taste like champagne, but rather a mild champagne flavor. The process is as easy as substituting champagne for water when making vanilla cake mixes. Take these easy champagne cupcakes wherever you want to celebrate your special occasion if you have more adventurous plans than me!

21. Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes

As soon as I finished making the rainbow cake, I couldn’t resist making the cupcakes too. It may be the joy-inducing rainbow swirl cupcakes that I have made out of all the cupcakes I’ve made. There’s nothing better than Rainbow Cupcakes to brighten a person’s day than bright and colorful cupcakes! The perfect addition to spring, summer, or any other occasion. My classic yellow cupcakes form the foundation of these rainbow cupcakes.

Unlike my vanilla cake, the batter for a multicolored cake must be thicker. In a thin batter, the colors tend to run together and become muddy. Rainbow buttercream, which is simply vanilla buttercream colored with gel coloring, is then applied to them. If there is too much frosting left over, it is better to have some than none at all!

22. Mimosa Cupcakes

Mimosas don’t really begin on a Saturday until they are made, and mimosa cupcakes won’t end on a Saturday until they are eaten. You can use these to finish an opened bottle of champagne if any leftovers remain! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to toast your mom with mimosa cupcakes spiked with champagne.

After the cupcakes are iced, Wilton Shot Tops Flavor Infusers are used to add more champagne flavor to the cupcakes. You must have these cupcakes for your New Year’s Eve party. Served with mimosas for brunch and champagne for dessert, you can enjoy them with your glass of mimosa.

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23. Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Even though my love for cookie dough is not as passionate as Romeo and Juliet’s, it is still deeply felt. Growing up, I was devastated when I wasn’t allowed to eat cookie dough since we all know that’s the best part! These Cookie Dough Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for any cookie dough lover. A chocolate chip cookie dough frosting tops off the stuffing of these indulgent treats.

I have been fascinated by edible cookie dough recipes since the day I discovered them, and I hope this recipe will change your life as well. My first taste of this ice cream place was so amazing that I wondered why I hadn’t discovered it earlier. Featuring a thick layer of cookie dough from top to bottom, these decadent cupcakes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Taking two classic desserts and combining them is the ultimate dessert, right?

24. Key Lime Cupcakes

There’s nothing like winning the lottery when it comes to finding fresh key limes in the Hudson Valley. In fact, when the stars align and they appear at our local grocery store, I tend to go a little crazy. Bonkers, in my opinion, means I buy every key lime bag I can find, haul them home, and bake key lime everything. Cupcakes are definitely a favorite, but I love a key lime flavor the most.

Make sure to add a pinch of sea salt and a teaspoon of tequila to the frosting if you really want to amp things up. You’ll love our Key Lime Cupcakes recipe for its refreshing taste and tasty texture. Our Key Lime Cupcakes are full of bold citrus flavor, and their glaze and frosting are irresistible. Do not let them pass you by before you take advantage of them. Now all that remains is to enjoy it!

25. Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Several years ago on our daughter Hatti’s 9th birthday, I made this easy cupcake recipe for her. Snickerdoodle cookies were a big hit with her, and these cupcakes were perfect for celebrating! The sweetness and warmth of cinnamon give these cupcakes the perfect amount of snickerdoodle flavor. I’m in love with these snickerdoodles!

Based on the classic cookie, these cinnamon-flavored cupcakes have a snickerdoodle flavor. The cookies are simple to make, and you can top them with a sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. It will not take you long for snickerdoodle enthusiasts to swoop in, so make sure you make enough!

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26. Tiramisu Cupcakes

You may have guessed by now that I’m a huge fan of tiramisu. Cheesecake, brookies, and so many other variations of this classic dessert have been recreated by me. Rather than making traditional tiramisu, today’s cupcakes incorporate a bit of my tiramisu poke cake recipe. Poke cake frosting and tiramisu filling are both made from the same filling. For me, tiramisu filling is the ultimate comfort food. Having a bowl of tiramisu filling and a spoon is the perfect way to end a wonderful day.

There is nothing I love more than a dessert with a generous serving of tiramisu filling. In addition, I enjoy mixing Kahlua with espresso and drizzling it into the center of cupcakes before filling. Light cupcakes, rich fillings, and mascarpone buttercream toppings combined make for an irresistible treat. If you’re a tiramisu fan, I’m confident that you’ll enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

Best Cupcake Recipes

26 Best Cupcake Recipes

Over the past ten years or so, cupcakes have captured the world’s attention. Most of the time, my experience with cupcakes is that they are rather dry and the frosting is merely okay. I love cupcakes because they always make me smile.
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Cuisine American


  • Dark Chocolate Cupcakes
  • Apple Pie Cupcakes
  • Churro Cupcakes
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Margarita Cupcakes
  • Carrot Cake Cupcakes
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes
  • German Chocolate Cupcakes
  • Frappuccino Cupcakes
  • Funfetti Cupcakes
  • Hummingbird Cupcakes
  • Neapolitan Cupcakes
  • Root Beer Float Cupcakes
  • Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
  • Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes
  • Banana Cupcakes
  • Toffee Chocolate Cupcakes
  • Baileys Cupcakes
  • Champagne Cupcakes
  • Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes
  • Mimosa Cupcakes
  • Cookie Dough Cupcakes
  • Key Lime Cupcakes
  • Snickerdoodle Cupcakes


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