Best Commercial Kitchen Islands Of 2022

Best Commercial Kitchen Islands Of 2022

Do you have trouble maximizing your kitchen space? With a small best commercial kitchen island, there might not be enough room for many cabinets and counters. But if you are a cook, then you will still have plenty of utensils, cups, and condiments to store.

Our commercial kitchen islands provide a perfect solution to your commercial kitchen islands needs. These accessories come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, making them particularly versatile.

Let’s see how some of the best commercial kitchen islands are currently available and then choose one that is right for you…

Top 12 Best Commercial Kitchen Islands In 2022 Reviews

  1. Vasagle Industrial Serving 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart on Wheels
  2. Mr Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Storage Shelf
  3. Home Styles The Orleans Kitchen Island
  4. Boraam 98520 Sonoma Kitchen Cart
  5. Casual Home Kitchen Island with Solid American Hardwood Top
  6. Mr Ironstone Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart
  7. Dorel Living Cassy Multifunction Island
  8. Vasagle Industrial Kitchen Island UKKS90X
  9. Mr Ironstone Kitchen Baker’s Rack Vintage Utility Storage Shelf
  10. Home Styles Cabin Creek Chestnut Kitchen Cart
  11. ZenStyle 3-Tier Rolling Kitchen Island Utility Wood Serving Cart
  12. Ironck Industrial Kitchen Baker’s Rack

1. Vasagle Industrial Serving 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart on Wheels

Best Commercial Kitchen Island on Wheels

Vasagle Industrial Serving 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart on Wheels

If your kitchen is compact, space will be one of your primary concerns. Because of this, you should select a highly versatile kitchen island. It should provide secure storage for a wide variety of items.

Vasagle Industrial Serving 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart on Wheels provides a lot of utility while serving food. The solid metal frame is held together with particleboard with the wood grain of e1-grade. Consequently, this model can support a weight of up to 176 pounds.

Featuring a three-tier design, this model can be adapted in several different waThe top tier has a small enough space to hold a microwave. Although if you would like you can use it as an additional work surface.

Both the second and third levels are constructed of metal with an industrial mesh design. Widely spaced so they can accommodate tall bottles or cookware of all kinds. Cart’s front, back, and side panels are open for quick and easy access.

It is also equipped with solid casters. In this way, you can put it in the desired position. It can also be used as a serving cart if you are hosting a dinner party.

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All parts of the design are waterproof and wear-resistant. Using the wipes will be most convenient for you to keep the surfaces clean and fresh. If maintained properly, this model will provide you with many years of service.

  • Waterproof and wear resistant.
  • Solid metal frame.
  • Heavy-duty casters.
  • Not ideal for large bottles.

2. Mr Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Storage Shelf

Best Commercial Kitchen Island for Storage

Mr Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Storage Shelf

When your kitchen is cluttered, finding what you need can prove difficult. Using this approach, cooking can feel more like a chore. With the Mr. Ironstone Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Storage Shelf, you’ll have a great-looking storage solution.

There are six wooden shelves in this mighty model, arranged at different heights. Shelf supports are made of solid metal. There is enough room in the closets to store large bottles of sauce, as well as plates and bowls.

As well as the above, the design also includes plenty of other flexible storage options. Large wire store baskets slide out easily from the frame. This cabinet is ideal for storing smaller items like cutlery and condiments.

Approximately ten metal hooks are attached to both sides of the kitchen island. The hooks are extremely versatile and can be positioned in even the most awkward of places. A variety of things can be stored in them, including kitchen tools, drying towels, several other items.

Keeping the wooden shelves clean is easy because they can be wiped down quickly. Models like this are extremely strong and durable, and they can handle over 300 hundred pounds of weight. Part of the reason for this is that there are six adjustable feet on which it sits.

This model only features a one-year warranty, which may present a problem at first. Still, you can be sure it’s built tough and sturdy. In the right hands, this kitchen island will serve you for many years to come.

  • Metal storage basket included.
  • Five wooden shelves.
  • Pull-out design.
  • The warranty is rather short.

3. Home Styles The Orleans Kitchen Island

Best French Style Commercial Kitchen Island

Home Styles The Orleans Kitchen Island

Are you looking for a way to add some style to your kitchen? The Orleans Kitchen Island by Home Styles combines sophistication with a true sense of elegance. Certa, only one of the most stylish commercial kitchen islands you’ll find anywhere.

It is based on a French Creole cottage model from the 18th century. A spindle base and slotted shelves evoke the style of French Quarter architecture on this sideboard. The feet are equipped with levers that facilitate stability.

With a vintage caramel finish, the hardwood butcher block top looks beautiful. A smooth and large surface such as this could serve as a work surface. However, because the surface is so attractive, you can also use it to display kitchen items and accessories with pride.

Gray gunmetal finishes the base perfectly to fit vintage top surfaces. There are also two metal shelves with slots in gunmetal gray on the base. A distinctive feature of the shelves is their open design, which makes them especially convenient.

In total, this model measures 52 inches wide by 26 inches deep by 36 inches high. Therefore, it is large enough that it can also be used as an added storage area or work surface. You will be pleased to find that assembly is an easy and quick process.

  • Hardwood butcher block top.
  • Vintage caramel finish.
  • Levelers on the feet for extra stability.
  • Two fixed shelves.
  • Requires assembly before use.

4. Boraam 98520 Sonoma Kitchen Cart

Best Solid Wood Commercial Kitchen Island

Boraam Sonoma Kitchen Cart

Putting together elaborate meals in a compact kitchen can be challenging. Perhaps you don’t have enough counter space for preparing your meals. With the Boraam 98520 Sonoma Kitchen Cart, you’ll have extra space in your kitchen.

Prepare the perfect dish at the perfect station…The resulting surface is solid and smooth, making food preparation easier. Moreover, this surface is easy to clean and quick to dry.

This model is constructed entirely out of solid wood. We provide a solid bottom shelf and a middle shelf for you. The middle shelf is adjustable so that you can place items of varying sizes on it.

The countertop is topped with two large wooden shelves. Featuring a large metal handle and metal casters, they are quite popular. They can be used to store items like cutlery and small tools in the kitchen.

With Wsmooth-rolling casters, the Boraam 98520 Sonoma Kitchen Cart can be easily moved around. This makes it easy to place the kitchen island in the desired location. The casters can also be locked into place, making them even more sturdy.

Assembling this model is required before use. Assembly, on the other hand, is extremely fast and easy. As well as the complete assembly kit, there are clear instructions included.

  • Set on locking casters.
  • Two storage drawers.
  • Adjustable middle storage shelf.
  • Requires assembly.

5. Casual Home Kitchen Island with Solid American Hardwood Top

Best Modern Commercial Kitchen Island

Casual Home Kitchen Island with Solid American Hardwood

Looking for a way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank? An all-new work surface makes all the difference. Modern design meets solid American hardwood top in the Casual Home Kitchen Island.

A white base makes your kitchen feel lighter and more spacious because of its clean design. It has two large slatted shelves at the base. Strong shelves like these can support up to 50 pounds each.

The solid hardwood top with its natural wood texture complements the base. It is designed to be an extra surface that can be used for working. The box can support up to 100 pounds, so dishwashers and microwaves, as well as blenders and other large kitchen appliances, can be stored on it.

There is a big wooden shelf just underneath the counter. It is mounted on metal casters and has a solid metal handle. A cutlery tray is a convenient place for storing small items.

An attached metal towel rail completes the design. This model is extremely versatile and durable. Its wide shelves make it easy to store a variety of items.

In the same way as most models of this type, it must be assembled before use. I found the process to be fairly quick and easy. Although the instructions provided are somewhat confusing, the process is pretty straightforward.

  • Solid wood top.
  • Clean white finish.
  • Supports up to 200 pounds.
  • The assembly instructions are not very clear.

6. Mr Ironstone Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart

Most Versatile Commercial Kitchen Island

Mr Ironstone Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart

A kitchen island is one of the most versatile appliances that you can use in your kitchen. Possibly not the most spacious Microwave Cart available, the. e Mr. Ironstone Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart has three ties Despite its lack of space, it makes up for it with its adaptability.

The feature that makes this cart so nice is that it is equipped with ten stainless steel hooks. These can be placed anywhere on the frame as you wish. Also, there is plenty of room to add more hooks.

There is plenty of space for you to hang your kitchen utensils with this. This makes the kitchen island a particularly versatile piece. The cart can hold any items you do not have room to store in your kitchen.

The frame is set with three shelf inserts made from quality MDF Four shelves are roughly the size of a microwave, and they can bear a lot of weight. Yet, they are more durable and easy to maintain than wood.

This model is extremely durable and strong in design. Overall, the top shelf supports 55 pounds. A shelf in the middle and a shelf in the bottom can support around fifteen pounds each.

There are four heavy-duty flexible wheels on this cart. By doing so, can e move the cart to the position of your choice for optimum convenience? If a cart is in use, the wheels can be locked to prevent it from traveling over the floor.

  • Movable and lockable design.
  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • High-quality E1 MDF shelves.
  • Needs to be assembled.

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7. Dorel Living Cassy Multifunction Island

Best Rustic Commercial Kitchen Island

Dorel Living Cassy Multifunction Island

Clearly, the island has been constructed to last because of its solid and sturdy design. Unlike most multifunction islands, the Cassy Multifunction Island by Dorel Living is constructed of wood veneers and metal. It has been finished with an antique oak finish on the top and middle shelves.

A slatted lower shelf created from textured black metal completes the metal framework. This lower shelf is ideal for storing wine bottles and features an open design that makes access easy. Adding baskets to put away smaller kitchen items neatly is another option.

There is no doubt that this model is spacious enough to hold a wide range of kitchen items. There are 48 inches of width and 20 inches of depth to it. It is 36.5 inches high. There is plenty of storage space for bulky items such as microwaves and other large appliances.

The shelves are each capable of supporting 30 pounds each. You can use the top shelf as a workspace to prepare food as well. No matter what you need in terms of storage, you will find that this model will meet your needs.

The only difference with this model is that it does not have wheels. This reduces the versatility. This is a good option if you’re looking for something to store in a fixed place.

  • Wood veneers and metal construction.
  • Rustic antique oak wood with black metal finish.
  • Large and sturdy design.
  • Not set on wheels.

8. Vasagle Industrial Kitchen Island UKKS90X

Best Industrial Kitchen Island

Vasagle Industrial Kitchen Island

It is essential to have versatility in store. You likely have a variety of different items that you will want to hide away. Kitchen island cabinets can accommodate kitchen tools and other items of various sizes and shapes.

This Vasagle Industrial Kitchen Island UKKS90X features a unique design that makes it particularly versatile. Several sturdy wooden shelves are positioned at different levels within the unit. Using the top surface for food preparation or holding large kitchen appliances is possible.

Its metal frame is sturdy and especially strong. This shelf features six S-shaped hooks for attaching to the side of the frame. Adding additional hooks will make organizing your kitchen tools easy.

The wire basket can also be removed so that cutlery, a potato peeler, and other small items can be stored. This model’s open design makes it easy to locate the kitchen items quickly. 176 pounds is the maximum load capacity, so you can be confident it won’t wobble or warp.

Featuring four large and sturdy feet together with floor protectors, this model enjoys a good deal of stability. There is a mechanism that allows the individual feet to be adjusted independently. It’s an excellent solution if you ha a slightly uneven floor even.

The construction of this model is both complex and versatile, causing it to be a bit more difficult to assemble. You can assemble the unit with the included assembly kit and instructions but the included screwdriver is too small. A good idea is to have the necessary tools nearby and to allow yourself around an hour to finish the job.

  • Six metal hooks.
  • Wire basket included.
  • Adjustable feet and floor protector.
  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Rather difficult to assemble.

9. Mr Ironstone Kitchen Baker’s Rack Vintage Utility Storage Shelf

Best Easy to Move Commercial Kitchen Island

Mr Ironstone Kitchen Baker’s Rack Vintage Utility Storage Shelf

This kitchen island’s total weight is just 35 pounds, making it easy to move. As well as being very strong and sturdy, the. e Mr. Ironstone Kitchen Baker’s Rack Vintage Utility Storage Shelf is very elegant. A microwave can be stored on top, as can many other kitchen appliances.

There are five wooden shelves at different heights on the kitchen island. You will find that the small is large enough to handle tall sauce bottles, plates, and bowls, as well as large cooking pots.

Shelf supports are metal frames finished in bright black. By connecting the metal beams at each side, extra stability is provided. These supports come with s-shaped hooks that you can use to hang kitchen tools.

The shelves are made of P2 MDF vintage books of high quality. This material resembles wood while being stronger and cleaner than wood. Due to this, you can rest assured that this kitchen island will serve you well.

An extra pull-out wire rack is tucked underneath the top shelf. This is a perfect place to keep spice jars. When the rack is open, all of your spices remain visible while being tucked away.

Are you the one grinding the spices yourself? Find out what’s the Best Spice Grinders on the market by checking out our reviews.

The set comes with all the materials and tools required to assemble the mod some instructions are not quite as clear as one might like. For quicker completion, it may be a good idea to enlist an assistant or two.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Full installation kit.
  • Ten metal hooks included.
  • Instructions are not especially clear.

10. Home Styles Cabin Creek Chestnut Kitchen Cart

Best Large Countertop Commercial Kitchen Island

Home Styles Cabin Creek Chestnut Kitchen Cart

Those who love wooden furnishings will definitely appreciate this kitchen island. A chestnut kitchen cart made from poplar solids and a mahogany venarer is available from Home Styles. Each piece has been hand distressed to give it a distinctive, unique appearance.

The model may look particularly stylish, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it is simply a pretty face. It has two fixed slatted shelves that are constructed from very strong materials. You will find that they provide plenty of space for a broad range of kitchen utensils.

Two push-through storage drawers are located beneath the sturdy and large countertop. There are two hand-forged metal handles attached to the drawers. Each drawer slides smoothly in and out and is large enough to accommodate full-sized cutlery sets.

The kitchen island also features two large metal towel racks. Similar to the drawer handles, they have been designed in the same style. By doing this, a unified design is created that’s just as useful as it is eye-catching.

This is not the lightest kitchen island ever made. It weighs 117 pounds. The extra weight results in improved stability, however. On large lockable casters, the kitchen island can be moved easily into place.

  • Multi-step chestnut finish.
  • Set on locking casters.
  • Finished on all four sides.
  • Weighs over 100 pounds.

11. ZenStyle 3-Tier Rolling Kitchen Island Utility Wood Serving Cart

Best Heavy Duty Commercial Kitchen Island

ZenStyle 3-Tier Rolling Kitchen Island Utility Wood Serving Cart

This light and modern kitchen island features a beautiful blonde wood design. Two large shelves are set beneath the top surface of the table. The shelves are especially durable and can support a great deal of weight.

In addition to the stainless steel top, the ZenStyle 3-Tier Rolling Kitchen Island Utility Wood Serving Cart also features four drawers. Providing this service is the perfect solution for food preparation. It will not be a problem if you are preparing large or complicated dishes, as you will be provided with extra space.

Below the countertop are two wooden drawers that can be used to store smaller items. A set of metal wheels makes it easy to move the drawers out, and matching stainless steel handles add to the overall appearance. A stainless steel towel rack is incorporated into the design as a finishing touch.

This mighty model is capable of holding 300 pounds. In this way, you will be able to load it up without any problems. Storage space will be ample for a microwave, plates, bowls, and larger kitchen items.

The commercial kitchen island is equipped with caster wheels, so you can easily move them into the desired position. Lockable casters provide additional stability. Although initially, the wheel locks may be stiff, you will soon get used to them.

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  • Two spacious drawers.
  • Supports up to 300 pounds.
  • Two lockable wheel casters.
  • Middle slotted shelf.
  • Can be tricky to lock the wheels.

12. Ironck Industrial Kitchen Baker’s Rack

Most Versatile Commercial Kitchen Island

Ironck Industrial Kitchen Baker’s Rack

Ironic is known for creating furniture and furnishings that are sturdy and versatile. Items from the company’s collection will last a long time. The modern designs boast classic finishing touches while enhancing modern homes.

An old-fashioned baker’s rack, this Ironck rack boasts a large and sturdy design. The set consists of five MDF vintage board shelves made of P2. The shelves are at different levels, providing you with a range of options for storing items.

Overlooking the top of the kitchen island, the top shelf is an excellent preparation area. They all feature beautiful wood grain designs that are particularly striking. On the upside, P2 MDF is very tough and easy to clean.

Shelf support is provided by solid and sturdy metal frames that are painted black. A metal frame is connected to the sides with metal bars for extra strength. Due to these measures, this kitchen island can support up to 176 pounds.

With the provided metal hooks, you can hang kitchen utensils on the side of the frame. Additionally, there is a wire basket slit underneath the top surface. The basket can hold cutlery, spices, and other small items thanks to its pull-out design.

Despite its large size, it doesn’t take more than twenty minutes to assemble. You receive clear and detailed instructions, which are largely to thank for this. As even a novice can easily complete the process of assembling furniture.

  • Supports up to 176 pounds.
  • Vintage brown finish.
  • Five P2 MDF vintage board shelves.
  • Not set on casters.


Best Commercial Kitchen Islands Guide

Style is a key consideration when picking quality commercial kitchen islands. If you want your kitchen to look good, you must make sure that the model you choose looks good. Here are some things to consider when choosing your perfect kitchen island.

Size Matters

How big your kitchen island wdependends on how big your kitchen is. Measuring your available space correctly is essential. You do not want to choose a model that will be unsuitable for your kitchen.


Best Commercial Kitchen Islands Material

To move heavy items, you need to ensure that the kitchen island you choose is strong enough. The latter is especially important if you are planning to load up the microwave and other heavy items in it. Steel-framed models are especially sturdy.


There is a good chance that you will store a large assortment of different types of kitchen items in your pantry. As your needs change, your storage requirements may well change as well. Models should be versatile enough to handle a variety of situations.

Additional Storage Options

Best Commercial Kitchen Islands Additional

Models are available with drawers that are useful for storing cutlery and other small items. Adding metal hooks to a kitchen island with a metal frame will be a great addition. It will be possible to hang kitchen towels and other items from these frames.


Best Commercial Kitchen Islands Portable

Most models are equipped with casters, which make it easy to maneuver them into position. You can now use the commercial kitchen islands as a serving cart when the company comes over. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the casters are lockable for added stability.


A kitchen island must usually be assembled before it can be used. Making sure the process is as seamless and straightforward as possible is important. Provided with the tools and assembly hardware you need, make sure you get them.


Choosing the right kitchen island is an important step, but it must last for a long time. You should make sure that the model you choose comes with a comprehensive warranty. This will safeguard you against any defects arising from the manufacturing process.

So, what are the Best Commercial Kitchen Islands?

A common characteristic of the commercial kitchen islands is their versatility. Designed for kitchen items of all shapes and sizes, they’re available in a range of sizes. It’s also important to choose a model that is particularly strong and sturdy.

With a weight capacity of 176 pounds, the…

Vasagle Industrial Kitchen Island UKKS90X

Models like this are among the strongest. This unit offers quite a bit of storage, including several different heights of shelves, a wire basket, and metal hooks. Having the ability to adjust each foot independently further makes this a world-class model.

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