Best Chef Knives Under $100 In 2022

Best Chef Knives Under 0 In 2022

That means you’re the chef. We have a chief. The chef is the king of the kitchen. How about you? It’s your best chef knives under $100 that will prove it.  Best chef knives of the highest quality stay sharp, don’t rust, don’t break, and look great. Unfortunately, they can be very expensive as well.

The situation is different today, and numerous excellent, affordable knives can be ordered just by clicking your mouse. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of the best chef knives under $100 to assist you. We’ll go through them and choose our weapons!

Top 10 Best Chef Knives Under $100 – Buying Guide

  1. Wusthof Classic 6” Cook’s Knife
  2. Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8” Chef’s Knife
  3. Global 8” Chef’s Knife G-2
  4. J.A. Henckels International 8” Classic Chef’s Knife
  5. Victorinox Fibrox 8” Pro Chef’s Knife
  6. Imarku Professional 8” Chef’s Knife
  7. Kutt 8” Professional Chef’s Knife
  8. Sky Light 8” Professional Chef’s Knife
  9. Mad Shark 8” Santoku Knife
  10. Orblue 8” Kitchen Chef’s Knife

1. Wusthof Classic 6” Cook’s Knife

Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife

Incredibly, we could get one of these coveted tools for just under $100 from one of these classic German knife-makers. Despite this, we had to let them through with a blade of 6″. Although it’s a bit short for a standard chef’s knife, it would be appropriate for someone with small hands.

What’s the deal with all the fuss? Let’s first take in the classic look. Full-tang (extension of the blade running through the handle) secured by three rivets to the synthetic composite handle demonstrates quality construction. This handle’s classic flat shape and rounded butt are easy to grasp and prevent your hand from sliding backward.

Fattened bolsters act as finger guards to prevent your fingers from moving forward onto the blade and also provide a good anchor point when pinching. Chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel is forged from one piece and tempered to 58+ Rockwell. As a result, the blade will stay sharp and free from corrosion.

According to our sharpness tests, the blades stayed sharp for the longest time. A 20-minute test with cutting vegetables, chicken on the bone, and paper through this blade revealed no problems. Sharp!

This knife weighs 6.4 ounces, which makes it one of the lightest we reviewed. Despite this, it is a heavy knife for its size. It’s quite heavy, but it gives a short knife more power, so we consider that a positive.

  • Great sharpness and durability.
  • Excellent feel.
  • Made by a trusted manufacturer with 200 years of experience.
  • The most expensive knife we reviewed.

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2. Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8” Chef’s Knife

Dalstrong Gladiator Series Chef’s Knife

American company Dalstrong manufactures its chef’s knives in China. The company markets itself as the new kid on the block, but they probably mean the cutting block. Let’s see if they can hold their own against the venerable old-world producers.

A first impression that this knife leaf is that its design is bold and contemporary. A radical departure from the old German blade-makers, this new shape features a slanted bolster and smooth, curved handle. It feels natural to hold the grip, which tapers to the front. Pakkawood is a beautiful material that also provides a reliable grip despite slippery conditions.

Triple-riveting secures the tang of this knife to the wooden handle. This stainless steel butt fits perfectly with the slant of the bolster. Overall, the presentation looks sleek, straightforward, and forward-looking. We found the knife to be a bit blade-heavy, but it made clean, controllable cuts when gripped in a pinch grip.

Due to its hardness of 56+ Rockwell, this is a softer knife than the Wusthof, although it wouldn’t be noticeable. It competed well against the thick slices of tomato in the same sharpness test but tore a tiny bit through them. Because of this, you’ll probably have to sharpen it more often, but overall, this knife is strong and comfortable to use – definitely a winner for slicing meat.

  • Modern, sexy look with a dark and seductive wooden handle.
  • Much more affordable, making you think about buying a set.
  • A well-balanced, aggressive knife.
  • Blade-heavy and made for strong kitchen masters.

3. Global 8” Chef’s Knife G-2

Global Chef’s Knife G-2

Take a look at this. You are not going to find this knife in your grandpa’s pocket (unless your grandpa is Global’s knife designer Komin Yamada)! There’s something different about this knife. The construction is different, the shape is different, and the feel is different.

Chef’s knives of this type are sharpened by the manufacturer to a very acute angle. The knife has a face-ground edge rather than being beveled like all the rest. That means the blade is very thin and has a sharp cutting angle that extends up into it. We found that it stayed sharp for the second-longest amount of time and sliced through thin slices as a samurai sword should.

The first thing to notice is that this is a much straighter blade than the deeper and more curved German-style blades. Originally Japanese, this shape is more designed for cutting precisely through soft materials. It was harder to maintain a straight cut when cutting thick, hard vegetables like carrots.

The handle is made from a hollow, dimpled stainless steel seamlessly attached to the blade. As it approaches the blade, it gets fatter to keep the hand from sliding forward. The good news is that there’s no bolster before that deadly blade! A hollow handle contains a layer of loose sand that moves back and forth through your cuts. It’s weird, but this one felt the most balanced!

  • Sharp and sharp-looking!
  • Best balance for great control.
  • Great for slicing.
  • Getting up there in price, but definitely a great kitchen addition.

4. J.A. Henckels International 8” Classic Chef’s Knife

J.A. Henckels International Classic Chef’s Knife

The next great German knife is from another brand that is famous for making chef’s knives. Despite expanding internationally, J.A. Henckels produces this high-end knife in Spain from German steel that will never rust.

This knife is a classic European chef’s knife from every aspect. From a distance, there does not appear to be any significant difference between the Henckels and Wusthof. However, you need to look closer.

With the Henckels, the bolster is vertical, whereas the Wusthof slants forward. As a result, the balance of this knife is shifted back to the handle. A whopping 10.4 ounces, this knife is the heaviest we’ve ever tested. This is the perfect workhorse, capable of splitting and chopping through anything it comes across!

With the full-tang and riveted polymer handle, it also doubles as a head knocker with its rounded butt. A sturdy finger guard on the bolster, however, ensures that you will not slip and suffer an injury. Blades leave plenty of space above cutting boards.

This knife kept its edge well, staying very sharp and slicing through whatever was thrown at it. A blade designed for controlled, thin cutting was not intended for so much precise cutting. Global G-2 and this seem to have come from different planets!

  • Sharp and durable. Hot-drop forged stainless at a 56+ Rockwell ought to keep an edge longer than most.
  • Heavy, brutal, and made for big strong hands.
  • Excellent price for a knife of this quality.
  • Heavy, brutal, and made for big strong hands! Smaller chefs will find his too much knife.
  • Designed for chopping and cutting meat off bone makes this a less nimble and versatile knife than others.

5. Victorinox Fibrox 8” Pro Chef’s Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

It’s a Swiss Army knife, right? There is no corkscrew available. However, this brand has a reputation for making quality, durable, long-lasting tools. Fortunately, this knife is not an exception.

Fibrox features an 8″ blade attached to a 9″ handle of thermoplastic polymer. This knife is cheaper-looking than the one we looked at above, based on its construction.

When wet, this knife’s grip remained absolutely secure. However, the knife is relatively light due to the light handle material and not having a full tang. We tried a few lighter chef’s knives, but this was the lightest we found, and it shows in the handling.

This blade is made of high-quality stainless steel that has been stamped, not forged. Blades are formed as a single piece from steel and machine hammered into shape, strengthening the metal. A forged knife is more rigid and durable than a blade made of other materials. A stamped blade is made by cutting a steel sheet into cookie shapes, then grinding and heat-treating it. As well as being thinner and more flexible, stamped blades are stronger as well.

Swiss Army knives are incredibly light and incredibly flexible, making them perfect for slicing. When it comes to generally slicing fish, meat, and softer vegetables, this could be a great choice. If you want to weight and power to make sure the knife can handle tough cuts, then a forged knife is the best choice.

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  • An affordable knife with a long-lasting quality blade.
  • Comfortable, non-slip handle.
  • Lightweight knife that lacks the power of other choppers.

6. Imarku Professional 8” Chef’s Knife

Imarku Professional Chef’s Knife

As we move forward, chef’s knives are becoming more affordable. It is generally expected that its sharpness and durability will match its price drop. Even so, they’re all still great knives for home cooks, so we’re including them on our list of chef knives for under 100 dollars.

It’s a chef’s knife from Imarku, and we think it looks very nice. Smooth lines and a polished Pakkawood handle make this product look stylish. It has a wooden handle that fits comfortably even when wet, with a slight curve fattening up toward the butt.

As should be expected at this price point, the Imarku sports a Chinese stamped blade. Blades are manufactured sharp and hardened to Rockwell 58-60 from high carbon chromium stainless alloy. At this price point, not bad.

Our sharpness and durability tests revealed that this blade is a bit flexible, and making straight cuts through tough vegetables is somewhat challenging. Moreover, it quickly dulled. Eventually, we resharpened it to a less severe angle, and the edge held up fairly well. Nevertheless, cutting thick tomato slices was difficult with this adjustable blade.

While still being capable as an all-around chef’s knife, this knife deserves a high rating. I am pleased with how well it slices and its weight (8.2 ounces) allows for slicing and chopping power. Especially pleasing to us was the ease with which the blade rolls while mincing.

  • An affordable, good-looking knife.
  • Sharp enough and durable enough to be a strong addition to your kitchen’s arsenal.
  • Will require frequent sharpening.

7. Kutt 8” Professional Chef’s Knife

Kutt Professional Chef’s Knife

The name Kutt suggests that your blade should perform well. Nonetheless, before we begin, I must say that you are not seeing double. Both chef’s knives look very similar, and even their use and durability are the same. Just fraternal twins – there continue to be some small differences.

The Kutt blade is reported to be 58-64 Rockwell hardness, slightly harder than the Imarku. Nevertheless, that range is overly broad, and we suspect that most blades hover around 58. Our testing didn’t reveal any evidence of the possible extra hardness. All tests with this knife showed it to be just as good as the Imarku.

Featuring a stamped blade with a partial tang, this knife is fitted with an attractive handle made from Pakkawood. The cap of the butt is made of stainless steel for durability and style. There is no bolster to protect your fingers from the sharp blade-like on the Imarku. Make sure you are careful!

Kutt is shaped slightly differently. Neither the handle nor the blade is as curved as it used to be. We see this as a negative. As a result of its curved blade, the Imarku had a great rolling action, which is absent here. Maybe the price difference can compensate for that.

  • Definitely the price. For less than the Imarku, you’re getting virtually the same knife. Plus, they throw in a cute little finger guard and stainless steel odor-removing “soap”.
  • Again, sharp and durable enough for the typical home chef.
  • Needs to be sharpened often.

8. Sky Light  8” Professional Chef’s Knife

Sky Light Professional Chef’s Knife

China is responsible for Sky Light’s forged construction. In keeping with traditional German knives (Wusthof, J.A. Henckels), the tang is riveted onto the handle. Shiny bolsters provide added grip and finger protection, while stainless butt keeps things looking sleek. As well as that, it’s made out of German stainless steel.

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Despite being inexpensive, this knife passes the looks test. Chef’s knives like this are re-worked traditional knives with a curvier handle. This knife also has a different blade shape – this one has a less curved blade and a straight spine. This has to be compared to the Dalstrong. The Dalstrong knife’s grip was more comfortable, but this knife was less so.

The blade is made of stainless steel, chromium, vanadium, molybdenum tested at 58+ Rockwell. Blades with similar prices started less sharp from the box and kept their edge better. Thick slices hold straight with this blade, and it slices pretty well as well.

This knife weighed 8.6 ounces, making it one of our heaviest and delivering solid cutting power. The knife, even though it was full tang, was still rather blade-heavy. You may find that holding the blade with a more forward pinch grip (holding it at the bolster) does not pose any problems. While using a handle grip, I had difficulty maintaining my balance.

  • A very affordable knife.
  • The quality steel should hold up well through heavy use.
  • Not the most comfortable grip of the knives we tested.

9. Mad Shark  8” Santoku Knife

Mad Shark Santoku Knife

It is a different kind of knife, and that is what caught our attention. And what about Mad Shark? Maybe not a classic, but it certainly gets your mind wandering from slicing meat to ribbons!

The blade is made up of a full-tang construction, paired with an ABS plastic handle. From the start, we had some trepidations about that handle. Keeping ABS out of the dishwasher won’t keep it from wearing out nearly as much as other polymers we’ve tested.

There are two rivets on the handle rather than three because the grip is quite short. If you have a big hand, this knife won’t feel sharp enough to you. A smaller hand may find the tapered grip less comfortable, however.

In Japan, Santoku is the name for a kitchen knife that serves many purposes. Slightly downhill, the front of the knife curves steeply to the blade. As a result, the blade is less curved, allowing for more precise straight-cut cutting. Despite its weight (8.6 ounces), this knife produces a better slice and chop than the Sky Light. These chef’s knives were better suited for rocking cuts.

The scalloped divots on the Mad Shark’s blade were quite helpful in preventing wet vegetables from sticking to the blade. Will weakening the blade make it less effective?

While it was relatively durable, the chromium-stainless knife was less so than the other cheaper knives we tested. Although it was claimed to be hardened to Rockwell 56-58, we found the edge to be relatively fragile. As before, you are exchanging wear for price.

  • Price.
  • This knife is affordable and does the job.
  • Edge doesn’t hold up comparatively well.

10. Orblue 8” Kitchen Chef’s Knife

Orblue Kitchen Chef’s Knife

Our last knife is again something that stands out in our roundup. It has a cool, clean look that is suitable for a modern kitchen, with 100% stainless steel.

It is seamlessly connected to a hollow handle made of stainless steel, which is textured for a comfortable grip. Wet, though, it did become more slippery. For bigger hands, the grip was more comfortable. Your hand seems to puff out as if to fill up and prevent fatigue. In contrast, this knife is already a light one (6.4 ounces), and the hollow handle makes a difference only in the weight and power of the cuts.

It held its edge well, as you’d expect from a knife in this price range. Stamped blades are flexible, so they had difficulty making straight breadcrumb cuts through hard vegetables. Soft materials, such as tomatoes and meats, performed better, thanks to their flexibility.

There is an exceptionally sharp heel on the blade. With a grip similar to the Global blade, your hand is prevented from sliding forward. However, if you are using a pinch grip, be careful! A hollow handle also does not have the same weight as a Global knife. Float it in a sink full of water and it will float to the top!

  • One of the cheapest knives we saw, it’s definitely an affordable option.
  • Stylish with the look needed for a modern kitchen.
  • Light and flexible and so not suited to heavy chopping.
  • Blade didn’t stay sharp as long as we would have liked.


Best Chef Knives Guide

Our reviews for individual knives have now been seen. Having compiled the best options for chef knives under 100 dollars, we’ve come up with this list. Nevertheless, several great options are available, so how do you choose?


Can you tell me what your budget is? Are you spending as much money as you can on a professional knife?  Have you considered your options, or are you just looking for the most value for your money? Cheaper knives tend to dull, rust, and break faster. You may want to choose whether you prefer to spend more time or more money on sharpening.


Adding carbon and chromium to steel prevents rust, staining, and fading, keeping the blade stainless. The addition of molybdenum and vanadium increases hardness as well. Chef knives for kitchens usually have a hardness of 55-65 Rockwell. Hardness determines the length of time an edge stays sharp. The blade will also be brittle and prone to chipping with increased hardness.

Grip Comfort

Best Chef Knives Grip

Your knife is going to be used a lot. Because it will be your primary kitchen tool, it had better feel good. The grip of people with larger hands tends to be thicker. Those with small hands may find something too thick unwieldy and uncomfortable.


How does it feel up and down? How does it feel when you move it forward and backward? Chopping through thick veggies and meat cuts requires a heavy blade. It can also be exhausting to cook for long hours with the weight on your back. Nimbleness can be increased by using a light blade. Alternatively, it may seem too insubstantial. Once again, let your own style guide you.

Clearance and Balance

Again, Best chef knives with larger hands need deeper blades to keep their knuckles from hitting the cutting board as they chop away. Blade-heavy knives can be balanced by using wooden handles with full tangs so the weight is shifted more to the grip. The right knife balance allows you to control cutting while reducing fatigue.


Chef knives with sexier looks tend to be rarer. A stylish design with smooth lines and graceful curves. You can consider all this when selecting a tool. It should excite you and make you want to pick it up from the kitchen.


Best Chef Knives Safety

Having a bolster at the point where the handle meets the blade will keep your knife hand from slipping onto the sharp blade heel. Non-slip grips reduce the risk of a knife slipping or being dropped.

There is no greater safety risk in the kitchen than a dull knife, which is, of course, the most important safety rule. An accurate knife cuts straight and does not slip, reducing the risk of accidents.

So, what are the Best Chef Knives under $100?

This was a tricky decision. It’s fascinating to watch the Global blade in action. This Henckels knife will take a beating like no other. The price of some of these chef knives was reasonable. Nevertheless, as an overall choice, we’re going with…

Dalstrong Gladiator Series 8” Chef’s Knife

A knife of this quality is both beautiful and durable. A great deal, and well worth the money, considering the quality you receive. All users will enjoy the handle and utility of this knife, and it performed best across a wide range of materials.

Here’s the best offer out there, we think. If you choose a knife, keep it safe and sharp as well as enjoy cooking!

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