7 Best Broiler Pans for Oven In 2024

Best Broiler Pans for Oven

In addition to being cookware, broiler pans offer you a symphony of flavors that will make any roast, steak, seafood dish, or veggie dish perfect. Chefs who roast meat and fish under the broiler or oven are often known as the unsung heroes behind those juicy dishes you keep returning to over and over.

With its perforated top, the lower tray stands guard and catches every flavorful drip, ensuring no mess or hassle as the magic unfolds in your oven. The top tray also serves as a perforated shield.

It’s like having your favorite foods, minus the unwanted fat. And if you’re wondering why everyone is raving about broiler pans lately, they combine affordability with versatility. Every kitchen can use a pan of any size and type, whether it’s a petite pan for quick roasts or an expensive pan with nonstick wonders.

1. GE WB48X10056 OEM Broiler Pan with Rack for Oven

GE Appliances Broiler Pan with Rack for Oven

As a result of a superb non-stick finish, this pan ensures no morsels are left behind. This pan has more than just a utilitarian function. It is your knight in shining armor, actively protecting you from wayward fat and oil drops.

Carbon steel is used in the construction of this broiler pan to ensure that it screams quality without weighing you down on your shelf. Cleanup after your culinary conquests is a breeze. Whether you wash by hand or in the dishwasher, this pan has you covered. And if a stubborn stain persists, steel wool will eliminate it.

You’re not limited by compatibility worries anymore with this GE WB48X10056 OEM Broiler Pan. The pan nestles in most ovens, so you can explore your culinary abilities to the fullest.

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2. Whirlpool 4396923 Genuine OEM Premium Broiler Pan

Whirlpool Genuine OEM Premium Broiler Pan

There’s the broiler pan, sizzling away, promising tender, mouth-watering steaks. A roasting tray matches the broiler pan, perfect for roasting golden-brown chickens or the majestic turkey.

It’s all about simplicity with this Whirlpool Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid. There’s no need to struggle with tools or read tedious instructions, with the Whirlpool 4396923 Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid, everything is simple.

Additionally, when you are done feasting, you can find its real MVP feature: its Grids that effortlessly drain away grease, making cleanup a breeze. Oh, it’s a dream for any dishwasher, ensuring a sparkling clean without the need to scrub.

3. Range Kleen BP106X Small Air Fry and Broil Pan

Range Kleen BP106X Small Air Fry and Broil Pan

You can use this Range Kleen Broil and Bake Pan in a variety of ways. Whether you’re grilling sizzling steaks, steaming vegetables, or baking flaky fish, the two-part porcelain steel masterpiece offers endless possibilities.

With the innovative grill, you can say good-bye to excess fats! It not only ensures wholesome meals, but can also cook both sweet and savory dishes.

Whether you’re grilling with friends or family, this versatile pan is sure to please. Cleaning is a breeze too! Simply pop the Range Kleen BP106X into the dishwasher and you’re good to go.

4. Frigidaire 5304442087 Oven Broiler Pan

Frigidaire 5304442087 Broiler Pan

Besides its high quality, we also love this broiler pan. Using the slotted pan, the food is cooked and drippings are collected in the bottom pan. The sleek blue finish is quite attractive. Most kitchen ovens should be able to accommodate this 15″ long broiler pan.

With the Frigidaire 5304442087 Stainless Steel Broiler Pan, you won’t be disappointed by its usefulness or its amazing features. It has a thick nonstick ceramic surface and smooth design, making it ideal for cooking high-quality meals on a gas stovetop or oven. Because of this feature, the Frigidaire 5304442087 Stainless Steel Broiler Pan is ideal for thorough cleaning. Therefore, you can rest assured that its upkeep won’t be a problem.

In addition to being easy to remove from the oven, this broiler pan can withstand extremely high temperatures. Therefore, you need not worry about burning your hands. You can cook your meat at very high temperatures without worrying about it warping. In addition, you can easily clean this pan with steel wool if any stubborn char remains after cooking.

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5. Norpro Broil/Roast Pan Set

Norpro Broil & Roast Pan Set

There is also another set of pans right here that has options for roasting and broiling. This set from Norpro features top pieces that are perforated to allow oil and fat drippings to flow onto the pan below. In order to improve your health, you must eat healthier, food that is great for your heart and digestive system.

These pans are made from stainless steel, so they are long-lasting; therefore, you should prepare yourself to use them for many years to come. Additionally, you can clean them by dishwashers.

There is no guarantee that the pots and pans will emerge immaculately clean when using only some elbow grease to clean broiler pans. Dishwashers guarantee that all traces of food are removed. This set is ideal for anyone who enjoys rib or loin cuts, fish, boneless chicken, vegetables, fish, and bread because the bottom pan can hold a substantial amount of oil and fat.

6. Wilton Non-stick Broiler Baking Pan Set

Wilton Non-stick Broiler Baking Pan Set

It is probably a good idea to acquire this Wilton Nonstick Steel Broiler Pan Kit if you are a beginner in the kitchen. Besides being easy to use, this broiler pan also has a multitude of practical uses. Its size allows you to use this pan in most regular ovens since it is the perfect size. Once you have placed all the meat, vegetables, and fish on top, it should be baked.

Considering that it is primarily made of steel, the Wilton Nonstick Steel Broiler Pan is highly durable. Therefore, you do not need to worry about damaging it in the dishwasher. Because the Wilton Nonstick Steel Broiler Pan includes holes on the bottom through which oil, juice, crumbs, and fat can escape, it can be used to cook a healthy dinner.

Aside from its extra-large handle, the Wilton Nonstick Steel Broiler Pan can be easily removed from the oven after the meal has reached the desired temperature. As yet another wonderful feature of this product, a limited warranty is provided for the first five years.

7. DCS Deals Disposable Aluminum Broiler Pans

DCS Deals Disposable Aluminum Broiler Pans

Its small size makes it ideal for individual meals or sweet desserts. If you are on a tight budget, the Chicago Metallic 26639 Petite Roast Pan with Rack is a good option. In addition to warming meals, it can also be added to regular countertop ovens or toasters. Due to its superior durability, this pan is a worthwhile investment over the long run. Its thick carbon steel allows it to conduct heat extremely well.

Additionally, any food cooked in the Chicago Metallic Broiler pan won’t warp from the excessive heat. Wire rod reinforcements and folded corners prevent the pan from warping-even when heavily loaded.

This pan has a silicone covering so it is nonstick and dishwasher safe. Hand washing prolongs its life. You may wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. Regular hand washing is shown to extend its life.

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What to Look for When Purchasing Best Broiler Pans for Oven

To find the most suitable broiler pans for your individual requirements, you need to take a number of other factors into account beyond that of which are the best. Here are some of the most important things you should consider:


There are many different materials that can be used to make broiler pans. The most common materials used in cookware are carbon steel, aluminum, ceramic, and stainless steel. Each of these materials has its own unique ability to heat, warm, and hold food. It is also common to see stainless steel in cookware.

Besides revealing if you are able to cook in a healthy way, you will also be able to determine if you are able to control heat effectively and whether the cooking equipment is safe to use. If you want to find the best balance of advantages and disadvantages, you only need to experiment with a few different materials.


The broiler pan’s size determines whether it can be used in your oven. Furthermore, the amount of space it offers for cooking is also an important consideration.

There is no doubt that the broiler pan is a convenient carrying accessory, but it is not sufficient for cooking a substantial meal. As a result, specific features should take precedence over others.

Nonstick Surface

A nonstick pan’s surface should be nonstick. You don’t want to waste time cleaning up the broiler pan full of food once it has been cooked. You also don’t want your gorgeous meals to fall apart in the oven.

Nonsticking surfaces must have scratch- and peel-resistant coatings in addition to scratch- and peel-resistant properties to ensure a long life.


The advantage of broiler pans is that some of them are designed specifically for preparing meat. There are some that are suitable only for cooking snacks, while others can be used for virtually any type of cooking.

For those seeking a broiler pan that is designed specifically for cooking meat, you can narrow your search. However, if you want more, you should educate yourself on the many qualities it has.

Easy To Clean

The process of cleaning is an annoyance for most people, so we tend to put it off whenever possible. Maintaining a clean broiler pan is not only an issue of convenience in this situation. To consume food without putting one’s health at risk, proper hygiene is crucial.

Most broiler pans can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher. The broiler pan may be cleaned in a dishwasher, however, this can shorten its lifespan. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended that you wash the goods by hand, even if they can be cleaned in a dishwasher.


Despite having a good appearance, some broiler pans are not as sturdy as they should be. You should choose a broiler pan that is corrosion resistant as an investment. The best course of action would be to choose something that you can count on. It must also be able to withstand wear and tear before it becomes obsolete.

A broiler pan needs to be approved for use in dishwashers in order to be considered safe. If not, you will wind up with a piece of equipment that breaks.

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