The 8 Best Bread Cloche To Purchase In 2022

The 8 Best Bread Cloche To Purchase In 2022

What is your love for bread like? It is a food that can be found almost anywhere in the world. Everyone is tempted to eat some freshly baked bread when it smells and tastes yummy. Everyone agrees on that point. Bread can be eaten at any time of day in a variety of ways.

Making bread yourself is not always straightforward, especially when the tools you’re using make it tricky. There’s a possibility you’re searching for the right tools to make some professional-grade bread. We can assure you that you’re at the right place.

You can indeed determine how well your bread turns out if you bake it under a baking cloche. Thus, we searched the market for the best bread cloche for you. Having reviewed a few products, we compiled a list of all the baking cloches you would need to bake some delicious bread.

What is a Bread Cloche?  

How does a bread cloche work? Cloches are stoneware domes soaked in water that is placed over dough to create the same baking results as professional ovens.

The cloche uses trapped steam to produce a golden-brown, crackly crust on the bread. People used to rely on and love cast iron bread cloches because they had the ability to capture enough steam to produce professional-grade bread. The cast iron bread cloches also had an amazing bottom crust.

However, we had thought. Might this be possible only with cast iron? Honestly, we weren’t expecting the results. There are other materials that can produce the best bread cloche besides cast iron.

As you can see in our reviews, we have included some fantastic silicone cloches, clay cloches, and cast iron cloches. We have provided a variety of cookware with different sizes, depths, construction materials, as well as many other options. Let us begin.

1. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven
Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven

Professional bakers or anyone who dreams of making professional bread should consider this work of art.

The cast iron used is enameled, a great material that is ideal for meeting your needs when it comes to cooking as well as food preparation. A wide range of tasks can be accomplished with this tool. A slow cooker, stir-fry, a baker, or even a sear will do. The choice is yours.

This cast iron construction ensures that it can be used with any heat source, including induction cooktops, grills, and ovens.

To avoid ruining your glass cooktop or the pot’s base, you should lift the Dutch oven instead of dragging it as you use a glass cooktop.

Also, it can retain heat for a long time. You can therefore use lower temperatures when cooking. Your food will remain at a constant temperature until it is time to serve once you have finished cooking. The same is true of cold food. Cold food will remain cold even on a hot summer day if you place it on it.

Cooking with gas flames requires you to keep the flames from extending outside of the pan. There is a risk that the handles or the exterior could be damaged.

The pan must be allowed to cool before being washed. Put it in cool water rather than cold because thermal shock could damage it.

  • You will love how appealing it is
  • A Dutch oven can be used for a variety of meals
  • Family-sized meals
  • If you expose it to high temperatures suddenly, it might break.

2. LoafNest: Incredibly Easy Artisan Bread Kit. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

LoafNest Incredibly Easy Artisan Bread Kit. Cast Iron Dutch Oven
LoafNest Incredibly Easy Artisan Bread Kit. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

There has never been an easier way to make bread at home. Make bread using this revolutionary method and be proud of the results. With its nonstick interior, none of your food will stick to it. The perfect shape gives you a loaf that you will enjoy.

This cloche is very easy to use. Bread does not need to be shaped. There are also no messes to deal with. Thus, you can clean up within a short period of time. LoafNest cast iron Dutch oven will offer you an awesome time when you bake bread.

Healthy and delicious are the things we seek. Using less butter or oil while cooking makes our food healthier and more delicious. You can expect a soft airy crumb and a crunchy crust when you purchase this product. A starter recipe should include flour, salt, water, and yeast. You can add additional ingredients to make the bread more flavorful.

The cloche provides you with amazing results every time you bake with it, so it is a reliable product. With it, you won’t need to guess when you bake. Most of the people that have used this bread baking pot have improved their baking skills as a result.

  • This appliance will serve you for a long time
  • Beginners can easily use it
  • The nonstick coating is very effective
  • This price is too high even though it is proportional to the quality.

3. Emile Henry Crown Bread Baker

Emile Henry Crown Bread Baker

The distinctive color and bold design of this bread cloche make it stand out from the crowd. Emile Henry Crown Bread Baker comes in three colors and is made of ceramic. There are three options for Burgundy, Charcoal, and Linen.

Because it is so distinctive, it is perfect for making bread rolls. In the bread cloche, there are eight large cavities that enable perfectly formed bread rolls to be created. In the bread cloche, you can easily fill the cavities, and your bread can be proofed directly within the cloche.

Modeled using all-natural materials, this product does not contain potentially toxic materials. The product was designed and manufactured in France with high-quality clay. Steam is trapped inside the tightly fitting lid, ensuring a perfect loaf rise every time.

It is easy to clean this bread cloche with its natural glaze by hand, and it is dishwasher-safe as well. This warranty gives you the confidence to use this model for a long time to come. Even though it is scratch and crack resistant, it can be taken directly from the freezer to the oven.

The bread cloche may not be your best option if you plan on baking large loaves of bread. Rolls, brioche buns, scones, and more can all be created using this recipe. As a bonus, you’re given a special recipe book so you can enhance and perfect your baking skills.

  • Includes recipe book.
  • Washable in the dishwasher.
  • Rolls out bread and bakes biscuits.
  • Suitable for small loaves only.

4. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven with Loop Handles

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven

Because of the robust construction, you can rely on this model to do the job for a long time. Pre-seasoned vegetable oil comes pressed into the Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven out of the box. That means it’s ready to use when you get it.

This model is powerful and can be used for all types of heating sources. You are able to bake your bread in the oven, cook dishes on the grill, or cook them on the stove. Even cook bread and other dishes over a campfire while you’re enjoying the Great Outdoors.

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You can use the lid on this model for a large and durable skillet as well. There’s a 10.25-inch cooking surface underneath the lid. You can fry foods using the lid while other foods bake in the body of this model.

This model features thick cast iron construction that provides fast and even heating. Making sure your bread rises properly and cooks evenly all the way through is essential. Your bread will be fluffy and light with a crisp crust and no areas that have been burned.

The bread cloche’s weight is not exactly the lightest of all out there, at 13.8 pounds. The model may be difficult to lift into the oven and out of it. With its outstanding durability and versatility, it is not easy to beat this incredible model.

  • Easily converts from lid to skillet.
  • Compatibility with all sources of heat.
  • Strong and large side handles.
  • Constructed to last a lifetime.
  • Bulky and rather heavy.

5. Emile Henry Burgundy Italian Bread Baker

Emile Henry Burgundy Italian Bread Baker

By storing two pounds of bread in the cloche, you can bake large loaves of bread. Emile Henry Italian Bread Baker features an oblong design and tight-fitting lid. This baker releases dough smoothly and rapidly for the ideal bake.

A loaf of this bread cloche is sure to satisfy your taste for traditional Italian bread. This model works well for doughs with high hydration levels, such as no-knead doughs that tend to flatten as they bake. High sides of this model shore up the dough, causing it to rise upward and produce a light and fluffy bread.

Natural clay has been used to create this bread cloche, which is entirely safe to use. There is no risk of potentially toxic chemicals making their way into your bread while it bakes. The range is oven safe up to 500 degrees and comes in Burgundy, Charcoal, and Linen.

A tightly fitting lid in this model seals in moisture so you won’t need to spritz the dough. Despite the large handles on the lid and base, the model is heavily constructed. By doing this, the bread cloche can easily be removed from the oven when wearing oven mitts.

That might be the case. Regardless of whether you are just beginning your bread baking journey, this bread cloche simplifies it for you. This bread cloche comes with an instructional recipe booklet. This will surely motivate you to experiment with new techniques and sample different kinds of bread.

Approximately 13.4 inches long by 5.3 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep, this model has an overall dimension of 53 inches wide by 5 inches deep. Because of this, it will likely be impossible to fit in convection ovens. However, if you have a lot of hungry mouths to feed, this is the best way to go.

  • Fits tightly.
  • Suitable for ovens up to 500°F.
  • Contains no lead or cadmium.
  • Suitable only for large convection ovens.

6. Romertopf Classic Series 4 Quarts

Romertopf Classic Series 4 Quarts

The bread cloche in this bread is a great choice if you appreciate conventional cookware and bakeware. Made entirely from natural clay, the Romertopf Classic Series is a great choice for bread cloches. An elegant design on the exterior lends the baking experience a touch of rustic charm.

Natural clay construction enhances chewy bread with a crisp crust by capturing and absorbing moisture. The deep, elongated shape makes a beautiful loaf of bread ideal for making traditional country bread. It has a tightly fitting lid with a dome design so that you can give your bread room to rise.

Bread cloches are made with a natural glazed base that releases baked goods quickly and smoothly. Additionally to its use in the oven, this model can be used in the microwave. You can throw the bread cloche straight in the dishwasher after use, while the sturdy handles lend added stability.

This model has been designed to only bake certain types of bread due to its overall design. However, you can also use this model for many other purposes beyond just baking bread. Having a tightly fitting lid also means that it can be used like a Dutch oven to cook a variety of different dishes.

Along with this cloche, you will receive the Romertopf cookbook. There are 450 different recipes inside from all over the world. With this powerful cooker, you can cook a variety of delicious fish dishes, roasts, stews, and pasta dishes.

  • The design is versatile.
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.
  • Base with a robust glaze.
  • Some types of bread only.

7. Emile Henry Ceramic Bread Cloche

Emile Henry Ceramic Bread Cloche

Emile Henry’s reputation among bakeware and cookware manufacturers is strong. Around the world, professional chefs and bakers take advantage of this brand. There is no doubt that Emile Henry Ceramic Bread Cloches are one of the most popular products in its collection.

Besides being entirely ceramic, this bread cloche features a natural glaze on both the inside and outside. Using this method, your bread will release smoothly and avoid scrubbing pieces from the interior. The thick ceramic build provides excellent heat distribution and retention, while its large handles facilitate easy handling.

Featuring a large knob in the center, this bread cloche looks incredibly impressive. Sealing in heat and moisture will greatly increase your bread’s ability to rise. It will result in bread that is both light and nutritious, as well as having an evenly baked crispy crust.

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The bread cloche is an excellent choice if you love baking bread and want a device that can take the strain. Additionally, it’s backed by a comprehensive ten-year warranty for additional peace of mind. Although it may only last a decade, the overall design of this model ensures it will last much longer than that.

In some ways, this cloche is limited in its versatility because of its overall design. As opposed to some models, this bread cloche is really best suited to baking bread. Despite this, the accompanying recipe book may provide some inspiration to try baking other types of bread.

  • Warranty of 10 years.
  • Side handles are large.
  • Includes recipe and instructions.
  • Not particularly versatile.

8. Lekue Silicone Bread Maker

Lekue Silicone Bread Maker

This bread cloche has a compact and versatile design that is perfect for home baking. Throughout the entire Lekue Silicone Bread Maker, platinum silicone is used as the primary construction material. The product is shaped like a large bowl in which you can knead and prove dough directly it.

Whenever you are ready to bake your bread, you can cover the sides of the cloche with clip tops. As your bread bakes, the sides of the cloche will remain open so that steam can circulate inside. By doing so, the dough will stay moist as it cooks so the bread won’t dry out as it bakes.

The bread cloche can be used in the oven and in the microwave up to 428 °F. When you don’t have a conventional oven, you can make delicious bread in your microwave. You can even place this model in the freezer and it can also be washed in the dishwasher for extra convenience.

Regardless of whether you have baked bread before or not, you can be sure you will be able to use this model. Several types of instructions are provided so you can learn and master the bread cloche. By learning and mastering this method, you can achieve perfect results each and every time.

We have only one complaint: the instructions are small and may require a magnifying glass to read. In spite of that, it is only one pound, making it the perfect travel companion. This product is covered by a ten-year warranty and can also double as a salad bowl.

  • Construction is 100% platinum silicone.
  • Safe to microwave, freeze, and dishwash.
  • Temperature safe up to 428°F.
  • Simple instructions.

Guide to Choosing the Best Bread Cloche

There are a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and functions available for bread cloches. Finding the right one may not be as straightforward as it seems. A bread cloche has the most significant impact on the quality of your bread.

Hopefully, this buyer’s guide will help you make a wise decision. It is imperative that you consider all of the following factors when you buy a bread cloche so that you can get the best cloche for your needs.


A bread cloche can be round or oblong. Bread’s shape is influenced not only by its shape but also by the distribution of heat and moisture. Cloches with a deeper opening will circulate moisture more efficiently.

The shape of a cloche is no right or wrong. Despite their traditional appearance, round cloches are not necessarily better than oblong ones. Your loaves of bread can have whatever shape you prefer.

Capacity To Survive High Heat

The cloche will have to be heated to bake bread. It is therefore important to always purchase a cloche with the highest heat resistance potential. In some cases, low-quality products cannot withstand heat beyond 200o F, and they will break when you bake for long periods.

Generally, it is best to buy a bread cloche that can withstand heat up to 350o F. However, there are many good-quality products that will tolerate heat up to 500o F.


Choosing the right material for your bread cloche makes a big difference in how heat is distributed when baking your bread. Furthermore, the cloche’s material has an impact on the taste and aroma of the bread.

Clay or ceramic cloches are the best ones. However, they can be hard to maintain and very delicate. Also available are wrought iron pans, but they are usually reserved for professionals. Silicone cloches are also excellent if you need something that won’t break.

Compatibility Of The Oven And The Microwave

Using a stove to heat a cloche is not always the most convenient option. Cloches that are oven and microwave-compatible will save you extra time and provide you with more versatility.

A cloche that is oven and microwave compatible allows you to easily bake, but it also allows you to heat your bread whenever you like.

Retention Of Moisture And Heat

If you’re shopping for a cloche, the way it keeps steam is the most important factor to consider. Cloches that are capable of retaining as much moisture from the beads as possible are ideal. No one wants soggy bread.

It is the heat retention that determines the bread’s crust. Crusts with better heat retention are likely to be crunchier. Crusts that are crunchier will yield chewier crumbs. As such, you should only choose cloches that can retain heat and moisture well, such as clay cloches.

Easy Cleaning

You may be familiar with how sticky the dough can be if you have ever baked bread. While the perfect loaf should leave a little sticky residue behind, you will most likely have to deal with a challenging cleaning task.

Some excellent bread cloches feature dishwasher compatibility or glazed surfaces for easy cleaning. This will reduce the amount of time and effort you have to spend on cooking and make it enjoyable.

Comparing the Dutch oven and the Cloche

The principles for loaves baked in a bread cloche are similar to those for loaves baked in a Dutch oven. The two methods have much in common.

How do Dutch ovens work?

Meanwhile, a Dutch oven is a pot in its truest form.

A flat lid holds a large base on a very large base. A pot certainly resembles it, except it’s an incredibly versatile pot, absolutely ideal for baking bread.

If you’re looking for the best bread cloche, you will find that this is not an inexpensive item either. The cost can be well worth it though, so there is no doubt about it. Do you think that the Dutch oven with its remarkable versatility is the better option?

The purchase of a cloche will elevate your baking to a professional level. This is a total game-changer.

Buying the best Dutch oven is also important. Learn more about the versatility of Dutch ovens by shopping our collection of Dutch oven cookbooks.

How does a bread cloche work?

A classical bread cloche has a small base, which means that it’s not very tall.

Its bell-shaped dome is tall and thin.

Due to the base being so short, the bread needs space to expand during baking, which is why the dome is so tall.

You can see how that looks in a bread cloche.

A cloche traditionally made of ceramic is also available. It is possible to preheat an empty ceramic container with the lid on, without worrying about the material cracking under extreme conditions.

But, Which One Deserves The Title of Best Bread Cloche?

There is one model that stands out from the pack in terms of durability and versatility. That would be…

Lodge Double Dutch Oven

All heat sources are compatible with this device, including induction stoves. With its 5-quart capacity, this model is capable of making large and crusty loaves of bread. This lid can be used as a skillet, which makes it perfect for camping and compact kitchens. It is not only excellent for baking bread, but you can use it to create a variety of tasty dishes as well.


For a better understanding of cloche baking, let’s take a look at what are the most relevant questions.

2. Do you use a cloche to keep the bread from sticking?

It is easiest to use parchment paper when baking. You can also use flour to prevent the dough from sticking to the pan when baking.

3. Can Emile Henry be used for sourdough?

Emile Henry is known for manufacturing the highest quality bread cloches that can be used to bake all kinds of bread, including sourdough.

1. How do you pre-heat a bread cloche?

Preheating the cloche for 20 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended. During the process, the dome is always on to facilitate the process. Likewise, most Dutch oven models that can be pre-heated empty are suitable for preheating.

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